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You can purchase them here via a special page on Teenage Grandpa's Etsy page.

Harry Winston Histoire de Tourbillon 4 Watch Hands-On

We recently had an opportunity to do an interview with Oliver Ike, the man behind the Ikepod, as well as the resurrection of the A. Manzoni & Fils brand which is among the highest-end watches being funded on Kickstarter. Oliver's watches have become instantly recognizable, and he looks to be shaking things up a bit in the luxury watch industry with his new launch. In the interview, we cover a variety of topics, including how Ikepod came to be, what Oliver has done since Ikepod, and insights into his new A. Manzoni & Fils Canopus Planner watch.

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Frank Muller Aetenrnitas

We first debuted the IWC Portuguese Chronograph Classic here. In that previous article you'll get a better understanding of what separates the IWC Portuguese Chronograph Classic from the standard IWC Portuguese Chronograph. In short, the two models are different sizes, with different cases and dials, as well as different movements. To be honest, both are good choices if you are a Portuguese lover - as each as its high-points - but the Chronograph Classic should be considered a higher-end item given the more sophisticated in-house made movement.

Performance-wise the Magrette Moana Pacific Professional has a lot of juice. Over the dial is an AR coated sapphire crystal. The case is water resistant to 500 meters and it contains and automatic helium release valve. Will most people use these functions? I think you know the answer to that, but I like that Magrette is upping the value proposition of their watches without really thrusting up prices.

Many people use GMT watches to know their local time, and some other time zone that is usually not GMT. Thus, GMT watches are typically used to know the time in any two time zones (not necessarily your local time and strictly GMT). In addition, many GMT watches have a rotating 24 hour bezel. Assuming there is a GMT scale on the dial as well, this rotating bezel can be used to track a third time zone (you just need to do a little math).

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Frank Muller Revoluton

Linde Werdelin did a great job on the case detailing and machining. The satin-finished and brushed titanium looks great with extremely precise edges and a really high-quality look. Most of the hex screws use matching yellow o-rings for an added and welcome splash of color. On the rear of the case is a titanium case back etched with the timepiece's octopus logo. An amusing vision of the "wrong end" of a giant octopus if it was swimming toward you. Compared to the original Oktopus, the Oktopus II has less water resistance. It is now 'just' 300 meters versus 1,111 meters. That honestly doesn't matter to me. It is still a dive watch and will go as deep as I ever wish to descend.

TAG Heuer Formula 1 Calibre 16 Automatic Chronograph Watches Watch Releases

These two timepieces are part of the Breguet Tradition watch collection. This is not to be confused with Breguet's Heritage watch collection. Easy to mix up those two of course. Breguet's notoriety started long ago and for good reason. Having personally inspected antique Breguet pocket watches I can attest to their excellent design and quality. They really were something ahead of their time. Today's Breguet brand under the Swatch Group attempts to retain the magic and aesthetic of traditional Breguet movements with pieces such as this reference 7047BR (7047) and 7067BR (7067).

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Breitling Avenger

Bovet Pininfarina OttantaTre Tourbillon Watch Hands-On Hands-On

Rolex famously uses plain casebacks on its watches. The Rolex Submariner's screw-in caseback is devoid of any markings. The watches I have for review were loaned from our friends at the Rolex boutique nearby in Beverly Hills. We agreed not to remove the protective plastic on the sides of case, which you'll probably see in the pictures. There is also a type of bar code on the side of the case which is a serial identifier. That is removed when people buy the watch. Rolex uses a grade of steel called 904L. Most steel watches use 316L steel. The differences are minor, but involve more corrosion resistance in 904L steel from what I understand. So if your Rolex Submariner spends a lot of time in saltwater, then it will look better.

Listen to the HourTime Show watch podcast episode 135 here.

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Rado Thinline

I’m generally skeptical about smartwatches, because they generally don’t work that well and are not that “smart”. However, I will acknowledge that the idea behind them is exciting, just that the execution, as of now at least, is flawed. Samsung is the latest to take a crack at the smartwatch genre and here is all you need to know about their new Galaxy Gear smartwatch.

The SOLO/WH-SI has been fitted with a series of luminous elements including chapter markings, markers at 12, 3, 6, and 9, as well as large aviator-style hands. The hands do a very good job and glow a lasting cool blue while the smaller markers fade much faster than the hands. I had no trouble checking the time in movie theaters and the hands and markers all have a bright chrome-like surround so you can easily turn the face towards any available light source to see the position of the hands. The twelve o'clock marker and the seconds hand have a dark red accent that works well with the otherwise monochromatic dial design. The date window blends in next to the three o'clock marker and is a very close match to the white of the dial.

Christophe Claret Soprano Watch Hands-On Hands-On

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Replica Breitling Transocen

2013 will add another 2,500 Hublot Big Bang Ferrari watches into the wild. Hublot is and should be proud of the accomplishment. While the relationship with Ferrari is still relatively fresh, it seems to be going better than Ferrari watches we have seen in the past. On top of that, the timepieces are still very cool whether or not you care at all about the Ferrari relationship - which is saying a lot when a timepiece (or any other product for that matter) has dual-branding on it. Prices for the Hublot Big Bang Ferrari watches are ,800 for the Ceramic model, ,100 for the Red Magic Carbon model, and ,600 for the King Gold Carbon model. hublot.com

Perrelet Turbine Chrono Watch

Perrelet Turbine Chrono Watch

If you’re in London, it’s certainly worth your time to come by to have a look, and just let them know that aBlogtoWatch sent you. bremont.com

So, who's this watch for?  I think it's targeted much the same way those breathalyzers are in the Sharper Image catalog - as a gimmick to use at a party.  Frankly, if you need a device like this to tell you when to stop drinking, a watch is the least of your worries.  It's a sort of interesting watch, but I think it's falling a bit flat, and is definitely not my favorite of what they've created over the last year or so.  tokyoflash.com

Grand Seiko 44GS Limited Edition Watch Hands-On

Grand Seiko 44GS Limited Edition Watch Hands-On
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Breitling Navitimer watches

Source: aBlogtoWatch

When Ariel emailed me on January 2nd to congratulate me on winning, I thought I was the victim of some cruel Internet hoax. Luckily it actually was Ariel and not a Nigerian diplomat or the UK Lottery, and he assured me that this was real. We made plans for the dates to visit the manufacture, and Frédérique Constant graciously allowed my wife to come for the coolest wedding anniversary trip ever. Sylvie at Frédérique Constant was a great help in arranging travel and preparing me for my first-ever visit to Europe. After the longest 4 1/2 months of my life and a red eye flight (and the accompanying jet lag), I was in Geneva!

Service-polished watches don't always look like newly polished watches as different techniques are used. We believe that often times, cases are polished by default when sent in for servicing. If you don't want your watch to be polished then it is often best to request that the polishing service is not done.

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Replica Hublot Watches

What I noticed about the Altiplano Date is that despite it having some design errors I still like it a lot. The hands again are too short, and the date looks odd on the far left side of the case. Speaking of the hands, I wanted them to be the right size on the original Altiplano 43mm Automatic that we did a "Watch What-If" making them the right size digitally here. It is quirky looking albeit very useful dial and design.

ArtyA Son Of Sound Guitar Watch Hands-On Hands-On

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Replica Breitling Galactic

Nixon has long been mostly a fashion brand, with bold, oversized designs and quartz movements. (Also good for presidential candidates!) With the launch of their Elite collection, they are moving into mechanical movements and higher prices:

What you see in the pictures are both the standard and limited edition versions of the Marine Chronometer Manufacture. Ulysse Nardin wanted to create a more exclusive model to showcase the new movement. The Limited edition version has a white enamel dial, as well as an engraved gold automatic rotor. You'll also notice that the limited edition version comes in a hefty 18k rose gold case (with optional bracelet). Unlike the standard Marine Chronometer Manufacture watch, the limited edition version has a "UN 118" label on the dial. Detailing is pleasing, and of course the whole point of the Marine collection of watches is to have a dial that looks like traditional marine chronometer ship clocks.

Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon NEDU Diver's Watch Watch Releases

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