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Orient designed the rotating diver's bezel with a quirky style, but it gets the job done. The bezel rotation is on par with the higher-end timepieces available at this price level. The bezel clicks in a satisfying manner with minimal jiggle. It is aligned properly and there is a lume tip on the "60" minute mark. I do think that the numerals are a bit small on the  bezel though, and the intermittent notching on the grips is odd looking. Still, it does make the watch stand out, and you don't easily confuse it with the legion of other Japanese made diver's watches from competitors such as Seiko and Citizen. Orient is certainly the more interesting and the less mainstream of choices among the group.

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Union Glashutte Noramis Watch: Poor Man's Chopard L.U.C Slim Watch Releases
New Mens Chopard LUC Pro One 15 8912 Watch 42mm Case Size Complete
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Union Glashutte Noramis Watch: Poor Man's Chopard L.U.C Slim Watch Releases
Vintage Chopard LUC Ladies Watch
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Union Glashutte Noramis Watch: Poor Man's Chopard L.U.C Slim Watch Releases
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Union Glashutte Noramis Watch: Poor Man's Chopard L.U.C Slim Watch Releases
Chopard LUC Tech Twist Ltd Ed of 50 500 Model 8490 Box and Manual
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Union Glashutte Noramis Watch: Poor Man's Chopard L.U.C Slim Watch Releases
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The dial is similar to the classic Speedmaster layout. The font of the numerals is "futurized" a bit, and the result is nice. Makes it feel more at home in modern aircraft. In addition to updated look and carbon fiber dial, the watch also features a date (on a black date disc) as well as a 24 hour GMT hand that is independently adjustable. I really like how the GMT hand is done. Omega makes it easy not to confuse the hand by labeling it as such. It might sound silly, but I like how the GMT hand looks - a good concept. There is also the orange color trim on the dial and tachymetre scale that adds a little reminder that this is not your average garden variety Omega Speedmaster watch. The sapphire crystal is AR coated on both sides.

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Jorg Gray JG1900 Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Breguet is probably the widest user of guilloche engraving on watches these days. Sure you have a lot of brands that do it a bit, and boutique watch companies that specialize in it - but as a mainstream (relatively speaking) luxury watch brand, no one is known for more guilloche engraved decorated dials than Breguet. Inside the watch is a movement that fills the entire 41mm wide case. It is actually a pocket watch movement, a Frédéric Piguet caliber 506.2 (most likely manually would). Piguet is a name you here as applied to movements a lot, and it is just a Breguet quirk to use it here. I would have preferred an automatic, but then again it would have not look as good all decorated up. For the Q-Bert look and the Breguet luxury you'll pay between ,400 and ,300 for the Ref. 5967 watch depending on whether you get it in 18k yellow or white gold (respectively). It should be out Fall 2009.

No doubt the dial of the watch is going to be a polarizing design. You either love the artsy, architectural, mechanical look, or you don't. There is nothing inherently wrong with it. The dial is not very easy to read, but that isn't the point. This is a "look at me watch." It wants you to spend more time admiring it, than caring about what time it is. There is a ballsy masculinity to it, which is does not try to hide. At the end of the year Avakian is going to release more watches using the Watch Concept 1 format, as well as some new women's watches. If they catch my eye, I will be sure to share them with you.

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The dial on the BR-03 92 Phantom is surprisingly easy to read. The painted hour markers are thick and wide, therefore raised over the dial. They consist of a healthy dose of black photo-luminescent paint, which makes the watch even easier to read when the lights are turned off. I have found in similar watches from other companies that the black markers take longer to "charge" then light colored ones. This means that if you do not hold the watch directly under a light source for five minutes it does not glow in the dark very well. The BR Phantom dials, on the other hand, have a strong, green glow even after regular wear during the day.

The Idiot's Allure Of The Rolex Daytona Watch Feature Articles

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Listen to HourTime Show Podcast Episode Nine here.

Traser H3 Aviator Bücker Watch Collection Watch Releases

A domed sapphire crystal over the case completes the slight bubble look that I have come to enjoy in Magrette Regattare watches. I previously reviewed the Magrette Kupe's Voyage watch that shares the case design. Unlike the Kupe's Voyage which has beautiful ornate engravings on the bezel, the Moana Pacific has a more simple polished case - that I understand some people actually appreciate more. For me each watch is nice in its own respect. Actually, it surprised me how seemingly little details like hands, straps, and dial designs can drastically alter the feeling of a watch. While I keep the Kupe's Voyage watch on a black strap, the Moana Pacific is on a nice light tan strap (you can also get it on a black strap or darker brown strap). The leather strap is really great. It is thick and wide (24mm), and very supple feeling. Aside from being very comfortable, it has a really nice "substantial" look to it - but it also feels very soft to the touch. The polished steel buckle is Panerai style in design and as wide as the watch case itself. It makes for an interesting and unique look where the buckle is as wide as the watch - again enhancing the large instrument-like feel that accompanies the character of the Moana Pacific timepiece.

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Omega Seamaster

The Pro-Hunter Military Single Red DeepSea is different than the version without the term "Military Single" in it that it comes with military style NATO straps. The other version has a matching black steel bracelet. There are also some minor differences on the dial. The black applied material is DLC (diamond like carbon). You all know me for going ga-ga over this coating compound for its look and scratch resistance. Here it is done in a nice shiny manner. Pro-Hunter made just 100 of these watches.

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Angular Momentum's newest timepiece collection is based on something very Japanese. Maybe Seiko or Citizen will be pissed? Angular Momentum's Urushi watch collection uses just that, the ancient natural Japanese lacquer. Urushi actually comes from a tree and is likely a specialized sap from a tree native to Japan, sometimes called the Varnish or Lacquer tree. For centuries, it seems that the compound has been used for various purposes, and still used today for decorative purposes. Angular Momentum has taken Urushi and created a series of watch that embody various manners of Japanese symbolism on them. The sap dries to be very hard (like plastic), and is very smooth. The sap itself is not black and red naturally when it dries as you see on the watches. Instead it is colored with iron or ferric oxide often for the black and red colors you see. It is quite an amazing natural compound, and is hard to believe it is not synthetic.

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BR-01 Passes the Phantom Torch to the BR-03 92 Watch

BR-01 Passes the Phantom Torch to the BR-03 92 Watch

I was further impressed with the watch strap and buckle. You tend to see watch makers just forget about the buckle or pay minimal attention to it a lot of the time, unless you spend ,000 on a watch. I a was pleasantly surprised to see a simple, but nicely crafted steel buckle on this Marvin watch - as is the face with all Marvin watches. It is a nice solid and well polished piece of metal, with the Marvin crown logo on it in relief (this is more expensive to do than engraving). The strap is in a more or less matte black toned, thick leather. The underside is done in a bold red that has a wealth of positive brand character to the watch line. I also really like the quick release pins on the strap. They are done so that you can change straps easily and without using any tools. I am always happy to see these on watch straps.

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Free Orbita Sparta 1 Mini Watch Winder Giveaway

Free Orbita Sparta 1 Mini Watch Winder Giveaway
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To get people excited about new products (or at least aware of then), watch makers need to advertise. This is clear. How they advertise varies greatly. Most of it in my opinion is rubbish. Never really does a good job of getting people excited about the products. At least not people like me. I prefer to see items in their "natural environment." Otherwise watch makers actually do something that is really funny, or just plain odd. Which is amusing because they are typically so conservative. At least Cartier is. Well Cartier is gonna hate me for saying this, but I have a feeling that their new Panther ad for the Les Must collection made a big oops. I refer to the ad at the top.

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Rolex Yachtmaster watches

Silicium PVD coated titanium; limited edition of EIGHT pieces

This is probably my favorite Richard Mille watches for daily wear. That is of course, if I owned one. I have worn one though, and I must admit its charms beguile me. The name of the watch "Extra Flat" is also sometimes known as "Ultra-Thin." No one can agree! But what I can agree on is just how interesting the watch is from a mechanical and design standpoint. There are a few versions of the RM016 (RM 016) watch. Titanium with white gold, or rose gold. There are also a few limited editions.  The easiest way of noticing the limited editions is look at the font on the dial. The stenciled font versions are usually the limited editions. I like the more bold type of font seen here better. These are actually quite easy to read (as far as Richard Mille watches g0), and adeptly communicate the technical high style the brand is going for.

You can see much of the movement in its skeletonized glory through the face of the watch as well as the caseback. Richard Mille does a good job giving the movement decoration and build a very high tech look that feels more modern than traditional - but that is what they are going for. It feels like your - 0 grand is well spent. They don't bother too much with traditional polishes. They prefer you think that space-age robots are making and assembling the movements individually in some underground secret facility somewhere in Switzerland. Best of all, the robots will work for peanuts - gold and titanium peanuts!

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Patek Philippe Grand complications watches

Specifications Blizzard - GoS 010:

Bathys Benthic Ti Watch Collection Watch Releases

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Rado watches

This watch has been made to go down to the depths, which it surely does. I've taken mine down to 42m which it takes as a walk in the park as it should with a 200m WR rating. Large dial makes the watch easy to read even in perfect darkness since the lume is amazing and long lasting to my experience. But here lies the weak part of the watch as well. Since the bezel which looks stunning, thin and makes the watch appear elegant and balanced, is so thin that the lume tip is actually rather small one and out-shined by dial lume in darkness. So I wouldn't count on this watch as sole timing device under water, specially in situations where there's near perfect darkness.

Cargo will feature a few Fortis watches in the movie, but these two limited edition ones are the most interesting and have the name of the movie in them! The more basic watch is the Fortis Cargo Limited Edition Spacematic. It comes in a limited edition of just 2012 pieces and has the title of the movie right on the dial. The watch is in sandblasted steel and 40mm wide. Movement is a Swiss automatic, and probably the ETA 2836. It has a sapphire crystal, rubber strap and 200 meters of water resistance. The revolving Arabic numerals are large, and Fortis here is at their best when it comes to that black/white high contrast dial look that makes them easy to read. An attractive watch fit for a spaceship crew member.

Bear Grylls Sticks With Casio: Wears G-Shock In Current Man Vs. Wild Season Watch Releases

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