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Omega is clearly prepared for BaselWorld 2013 and has announced three new limited edition models in advance of the show, which takes place in April of this year. The most interesting part of the announcement is the debut of a new gold alloy they call "Sedna". The first of their timepiece announcements is the Constellation Sedna, a ladies' sized Constellation crafted from this new alloy. A mix of gold, copper and palladium renders a case that looks very much like rose gold and exhibits a strong reddish hue. Being comprised of at least 75% gold, Omega is claiming that this Swatch in-house alloy will better sustain its rose gold tone. This sounds like Omega's answer (once again) to Rolex's Everose gold alloy. To match the case, the Sedna comes fitted with Sedna alloy hands, markers and tang buckle.

Coming to SIHH on the first day, I wondered who all these people who were walking around were. There was the press, contingents of dealers from around the world, as well as the brands parading in their Sunday best.  I was uncomfortable, slack-jawed, and awed by the spectacle of beautiful time pieces, beautiful people, and luxurious surroundings. Getting over these sights after the first day proved easier when I realized that this show was one of the engines of the watch industry. It was here where people came to see watches, make deals and eventually bring those watches out into the world for people to buy and enjoy.

One of the most modern IWC Portuguese watches actually has the term "Classic" in its name which is a very Swiss way of introducing a new timepiece. 2013 saw the introduction of this IWC Portuguese Chronograph Classic, that added a new "in-house" flavor to the iconic Portuguese collection. It was a quiet launch after SIHH as  2013 was mostly about the Ingenieur family of watches. Nevertheless IWC is dedicated to expanding not only this successful and historical product family, but also continuing to offer as many pieces with in-house movements as possible. Let's take a close look at it.

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Watch brands don't like it when people talk about discounting because frankly, it hurts their business. Price discounting is a sort of consumer epidemic as companies have long since relied on the ability to make consumers feel like they are getting a good deal by allowing for discounting to happen a lot of the time. That doesn't play out as well in the luxury business. And have no confusion about it, for the most part, watches exist in the luxury business. If you like nice watches you sort of have to get used to the pricing.

Q: What interesting pieces or brands (watches) will be at the Regional? A: Rolex, Omega, Vacheron & Constantin, Patek Philippe & Co, Meylan, Agassiz, Blancpain, Panarei, LeCoultre, and numerous other wristwatches and pocket watches.
Q: How can a watch collector or enthusiast benefit from attending the show?

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When the T-1000 came out a few years ago it boasted the world's longest power reserve at 1000 hours. You can see how far they have come with the design of the watch since the original. That is over 40 days of power, and beats the A. Lange & Sohne Lange 31 and the Jacob & Co. Quenttin. The T-1000 (no, sadly not the Terminator fiend) has six mainsprings for the job. They are wound in parallel using a chain system and are specially inclined to maximize precision. Nevertheless, this watch likely has one hell of a torque curve (meaning that the accuracy fluctuates wildly). I don't even want to think how long it will take to wind it by hand. Seriously, if this watch doesn't come with winder to attach to the crown and wind it, I would just say "there goes your lunch break."

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ABTW: You are using Kickstarter to promote and fund the initial Division Furtive watches. How is that going and how has that possibly changed your initial idea for the watch and what you eventually will be building? View the Division Furtive Kickstarter campaign here.

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Before it was called the 1815 Up/Down, it was called the 1815 Up and Down, or rather just the 1815 Up/Down. At least with the new version of the Datograph, A. Lange & Sohne offered a new name. What? No "Grande" to add to title? That former model (ref. 221.032) was just shy of 36mm wide - making it femme or kid-sized by today's typical standards. The new 1815 Up/Down is 39mm wide, and a slim 8.9mm thick. While this is still a smaller watch, it is certainly appropriate for the modern man. I'd wear it with pride for sure. The new and old version of the 1815 with the power reserve indicator and subsidiary seconds are very similar from a design perspective, but the new version does have a hint of red color in the power reserve indicator.

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In Switzerland basic watch making school is a four year program typically starting right after or during high school. Though there are people who enter the watch making profession later. Sadly, there are only a few watch making school in the United States. Probably the most popular one is Litiz in Pennsylvania. Another very popular one, especially today is the Nicolas G. Hayek Watchmaking School in Miami. I've heard that sometimes brands like Rolex and the Swatch Group will pay for your education if you work for them for a while after school. But I don't know the current details of the program. A good source for more resources and advice about US watch making schools is the National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors.

Starting with LED watches back in the 1970s, users needed to press a button to activate a light that would display the time. Constantly having a backlight activated would deplete the battery too quickly. The same is true today for phones, smartwatches, and other devices. We need to activate them so that the devices can save battery power when they aren't in use. The same would apply to an Apple iWatch, but they will likely borrow a feature that Casio has had on some watches for years. This feature would incorporate a motion sensor to activate the light on the screen at the flick of a wrist. This would remove the need to use your other hand to activate the watch. Alternatively, you could use voice control to yell "show me the time." A light sensor would likely be incorporated to ensure that the backlight does not go on in a sufficiently well-lit environment.

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Details from the piece's quasi-dive watch heritage are there as the Marine Chronometer manufacture has 200 meters of water resistance and elements like a rubber coated crown for easy grip. Style-wise there is that typical Ulysse Nardin quirkiness which on the standard models is something you probably didn't expect compared to the most classic limited edition dial with its painted roman numerals. The standard pieces get larger applied Roman numeral hour indicators and dive-style hands - which is a unique combo that is likely to grow on you. Luminant is placed on the hands as well as the flange ring on all models except the limited edition with its enamel dial.

Buckle: 18-carat red gold or white gold folding clasp

Interview With Watch Designer Eric Giroud

Interview With Watch Designer Eric Giroud

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Laurent Ferrier Galet Classic Micro-Rotor Automatic Watch Hands-On

Laurent Ferrier Galet Classic Micro-Rotor Automatic Watch Hands-On

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If anything, this fact alone shows the absorption and mastery of everything that George Daniels had to teach, symbolizing as it were, the complete transfer of skills from master to apprentice.

There is no shortage of this going on around the dial. Still, reading the time is very simple. Patek Philippe incorporates the day/date complications very smoothly around the subsidiary seconds dual. Toward the top of the dial is a power reserve indicator. At first I felt put off by the "8 day" label on the dial as being unnecessary. Then I realized that it was useful because the power reserve indicator is unmarked and it gives the wearer an idea of what the eight marks on the scale mean. The dual hints of red on the dial are elegantly inserted.