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It's worth noting that the way Baume and Mercier have designed this 24-hour track is simply stunning in terms of readability and subtlety. Using this watch on a daily basis, it is easy to ignore the 24-hour track, yet be able to refer to it easily when required.

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Israeli watchmaker Itay Noy presents these two new Hyper Scape collection watches for 2013. The Hyper Scape collection includes the Hyper Cityscape and Landscape watches, each in positive or negative color tones - that roughly translate into being a day and night feel for the look. The watches further contain a new movement used for the boutique brand, as well as a brand new case design.

We will likely need to wait until Baselworld for a brand new Carrera - which is not guaranteed but certainly likely. So what is this Carrera CMC watch all about? Essentially it is an 1887-powered chronograph with a Mikrogirder bullhead-style case -  which is actually the point that deserves most of the attention. The case has been carefully crafted from Carbon Matrix Composite, a material used in Formula 1 and aerospace applications due to its lightweight yet exceptionally strong construction. A version called the Carrera Jack Heuer is a more "metallic" version of this watch. Crafted from carbon fibers that are just 0.007 mm thick, CMC is processed, heated and compacted into a defined shape. The end result is very strong and very light, so much so that the entire case assembly on the Carrera CMC Concept (excluding the crystal) weighs only 19g. For reference, I have leather straps that weigh considerably more than that. Total weight as shown in the photos is 76g, still a massive achievement for a chronograph that is likely ~45mm across.

Presentation Box
● Individually crafted box in svepask technique of birch wood
● Colored with natural pigments mixed in linseed oil
● Covered with high grade natural wax and polished to a deep finish
● Protection box of black&grey hard paper
● Guarantee certificate, two years guarantee

Glam Rock SoBe Tachymeter Watch Review

Glam Rock SoBe Tachymeter Watch Review

Earlier this month HYT shared with us a picture of the rear of the HYT H2's movement here. Looking like a robot face, the image was a prelude of a technically marvelous watch to come that was as much about design and style as it was about horology. HYT worked with APRP's Giulio Papi to help design and produce the H2's movement. In short, the movement actually has less complications than the first (with the removal of the subsidiary seconds dial). However, with an increased power reserve and more complex architecture, the H2's movement is much more of a technical challenge.

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1920s Gruen Tank-Style - Vintage

In terms of aesthetics this new Limited Edition is a fresh, modern take on the very traditional first two editions and is a proper evolution to the third model in DLC titanium. This time, the 45mm case is made from tantalum, a metal usually used in the chemical, electronic and aerospace industries because of its durable, malleable and corrosion-resistant properties. While the special configuration of the bridges is the same for all four editions of Bi-Axial watches, now however there is something different to them: on all three previous models they were crafted either from pink or white gold, but now they are cut from sapphire. Creating complex shaped elements from sapphire is very difficult and hence it is a speciality only seen from the top manufactures. Furthermore, the bridges now have 'a metallic black finish that accentuates their volume for a striking visual effect': a little treat from GP that highlights their expertise when it comes to working with modern materials.

ABTW: You said you never could afford the grail of your day. Did you ever get a grail from an earlier time?

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"One of the most common things I steal are watches" says renowned pickpocket Apollo Robbins. The famed master thief talks to New Yorker writer Adam Green in a new video and article discussing his honed craft. In the video Robbins demonstrates with incredible ease and agility how he is able to deftly remove a man's watch right off his wrist without suspicion.

Probably the stand-out version of the Son of Sound watch so far is the "English" version with the Union Jack motif on the dial. It is going to be hard for aging British rockers to resist those pieces. The dial has a large minute hand, and a disc to display the minutes. There are rather small chronograph subdials, as well a centrally mounted chronograph seconds hand. The lower part of the dial has the date. At least on the Son of Sound Chronograph models ArtyA promised that each of the tuning peg crowns has a function.

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The Breitling Avenger Seawolf Code Yellow watch is available with two rubber strap options. First is the popular Breitling Diver Pro II strap with a buckle, and second is the Ocean Racer strap with deployant clasp. The latter is has little portholes and is going to be more desirable as it comes with the fantastic deployant - both again are rubber. Breitling will produce 1,000 pieces of the limited edition Avenger Seawolf Code Yellow Watch with a price of ,720 on the Diver Pro II strap or ,420 on the Ocean Racer strap.

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Ball Engineer II Annual Calendar

The luminal space where emotion ends and where business begins is perhaps what this law aims to make concrete. Lots of economic interest rides on it, both for the Swiss and for foreign watch companies wanting to get a piece of the "Swiss Made" action by routing some of their production through Switzerland. Basically, it is a protective measure on behalf of the more "Swiss Made" brands to push out or reduce the relevancy of the less "Swiss Made" brands.

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18th Century Unique Vintage Skull Pocket Watch On eBay

18th Century Unique Vintage Skull Pocket Watch On eBay

There really isn't an answer to this because as is the case with all things, personal style and what you want to communicate coincides with how you dress and carry yourself. We shared an Esquire article back in 2008 that discussed what they felt wearing your watch in certain ways said about you. It was just one take on the matter, of course. When it comes down to it, you will look your best when you wear what you like, comfortably.

I first encountered Dominique a couple of years ago at Baselworld upon the announcement of his new eponymous brand "Loiseau." His debut watch was the 1f4 that we offered a hands-on look here. The plan was to produce just two a year, and the 1f4 was to be the most complicated watch in the world. The double-sided uber-watch was a mere taste of the man's accomplishments. More recently, it was announced that he signed on with Girard-Perregaux for a series of unspecified projects related to the introduction of new mechanical watch technologies (and of course products). I knew there was trouble though when Girard-Perregaux reported to me recently that Mr. Loiseau was not well.

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The cleaned up and closed dial of the Quadruple Tourbillon isn't half bad looking. Perhaps Greubel Forsey produced this watch just to see what it would look like. On the dial you have hands for the two four minute tourbillons, a seconds counter, the time, and a power reserve indicator. The delicate level of finishing along with all the textured details on the dial are hard not to love. Though one thing does concern me. Being able to visually see all the intricate details of the movement likely has the side effect of reminding you to be careful while wearing the watch. Maybe with the clean and closed dial you won't be as careful with this piece as you'll forget there are quad tourbillons to take care of? Just a thought.

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This is under the assumption of course that nothing else is done. Practically speaking, this time is spread out as other tasks are done concurrently. The finishing process has to be the part of the creation of each watch that is the most time intensive. Every part, aside from functioning correctly, has to be beautiful as well.

Necessary Data
>Brand: Breitling
>Model: Chronomat 44 GMT
>Price: ,820
>Would reviewer personally wear it: Yes
>Friend we'd recommend it to first: Someone with at least one professional vehicle license who wants a handsome daily wear.
>Worst characteristic of watch: Hard to keep polished steel case 'mint' looking
>Best characteristic of watch: Sensible all-around luxury watch that doesn't make you feel like a one percenter.

Second Of Happiness “SoH” Concept Watch

Second Of Happiness “SoH” Concept Watch

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