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At its core, the Eco-Drive Dome watch has a Citizen light-powered Eco-Drive quartz movement that is atomic clock radio controlled (not sure how many bands, I would guess 5-6). Functions include the time, date, 1/5 of a second chronograph, alarm, world time indicator plus GMT time indication, and a power reserve indicator for the battery. The fun is all in the design and the case. Strap is a polyurethane black that is like rubber and uses a push-button butterfly clasp. Probably fine, but I hate straps like this where you have to physically cut it to size.

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I tend to prefer the version that have black mixed with steel. These help bring out the design of the case best. This also works for the gold versions. On the rear of the watch is a vertical slit that is RSW's version of a sapphire exhibition caseback window - where you can see the Swiss ETA automatic 2824-2 movement inside the watch. You might be asking yourself "what is up with that crown?" RSW likes to use their proprietary fold out winch style crown. The mechanism literally fold out for winding, and then can be pulled out for adjusting the watch. It would be a bit of a pain with a manually wound watch, but it is really fun to have. My apologies for not thinking to take a picture of the folded out crown.

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Also worth mentioning is the new clasp and deployment system that is beautiful. Ball spent a lot of time on this element of the watch as well, and you certainly won't be disappointed by it. The rotating bezel on the watch has navigational markings. Used by some people I suppose. I would have preferred a standard dive style bezel though. The compass indicators on the bezel are however applied with lots of blue luminant. Actually, Ball seems to want this watch to be a navigational instrument. There is a lot of emphasis on the compass theme. The dial has a traditional compass looking design on it, and both the flange ring and the bezel have compass degree indicators. Compass lovers rejoice.

Amazing what a visual redo can do to one's perception. The light weight Pathfinder watch never looked so fresh. All of its many features right at your finger tips, and the added point that people will notice this item on your wrist much more. When wearing the watch I pretty much think about Star Wars, specially Endor. What better scene than a forest battle for a green colored watch? Tell me that this gadget wouldn't have worked well on the wrists of the Endor Forest Rangers (aka, Endor Rebel Troopers). See the included images and video. This watch would have fit in well, given of course that it existed 30 years ago... Yes, nerdy/geeky it is, but a lot of 'watch love' is about emotion. And if wearing a watch and thinking about a movie series I enjoy makes me happy about wearing the watch - everyone is happy.

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While most watch cases feel like more cohesive chunks of metal, the MH4 is a more open, skeletal design. A major function of the case is to provide a view into the movement. Aside from the transparent sapphire crystals on the case, MB&F designed the watch to have movement views from all angles. You can't help but immediately notice the large sapphire crystal piece in the middle of the pods section. This large section of sapphire is extremely tough to make, and costs more than many types of in-house made mechanical movements cost to manufacture. There is one supplier in the world that MB&F goes to to get this exotic cuts of sapphire crystal. It might be a pain in the ass for them, but the results speak for themselves. I think this trend should be carried over to cars - such that they have transparent hoods over the engine.

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Limited to 4999 pieces, the T-Race Nicky Hayden 2010 is an interesting piece that shows how the T-Race is maturing gracefully. Before Tissot redoes the design (which I think will come soon), this is their stock watch used as a base for its motor sports limited edition pieces. The case bezel and crown guard is meant to resemble a brake disc and rotor. The bezel actually rotates and can be used to indicate the GMT time when set properly. While the case is "unique looking" it is actually quite comfortable.

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Maurice de Mauriac Chronograph Modern Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

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What really sets this watch apart from most aviator watches is the unique way of incorporating contemporary military styling into classic aviator dial. And it's not a simple cosmetic chance since it improves the readability of the watch quit nicely. For me this is one of the easiest reading watches out there, simple, clean and most of all utilitarian. Just what aviator watches should be about.

After the change is complete the Arabic numeral dial for the hours is now replaced with Roman numerals. This dial and the minute hand still tell the time. The seconds hand is now a seconds hand for the chronograph, and the date display is now used for the chronograph minutes - which is quirkily labeled 1-31 for obvious reasons. I must admit that the chronograph minutes dial gives me the biggest problem visually as it feels like an Escher painting to my eyes. The chronograph is operated of course by the monopusher button in the crown.

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It is an interesting framework for watch making in general. While new inventions and innovations are regularly announced from around the world, it is at its heart, a super retro industry. So for ultra developed America (relatively speaking) to finally come out with a complication it could have mastered a long time ago if it put effort in it is rather ironic. It speaks about our efficient and practical minds as Americans (before you go on a rant just think about it and how we have more or less rejected a lot of the "why do they do that" traditions of other countries"). This mentality often results in shunning fancy artisan work on a mass level like tourbillon movements that are more or less made solely for the sake of beauty, complexity, and tradition. A tradition that America has lost long ago, and is slowly regaining in certain communities.

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Functionally, the watch has all the little features you'd expect (that are feasible in an e-ink display). Perpetual calendar, world time in 32 cities, dual time function, and alarms. It even has an LED light so that you can see it in the dark - another first for e-ink watches I believe. Notably missing? A chronograph (stopwatch) feature. There is a good reason for this. Ever seen how fast numbers move on a digital stopwatch? E-ink can't move that fast. Well it probably can, but it would kill the battery. A current draw back of e-ink is the ability for the screen to refresh very rapidly. As such, you can't have information on the screen the needs to change more than one a minute or so. A small price to pay for the tech in my opinion. The future will see all sorts of cool things with e-ink I am sure. Including color screens, and the ability for them to "refresh" rapidly. You can see the tech spec list below for the full list of features.

Case dimensions
- Diameter : 43.50 mm
- Thickness : 16.11 mm
Water resistance of the case
3 ATM - 30 M - 100 FT