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Now just imagine the same "snapping" happens but at a level of extremely fine mechanics, i.e. with silicon blades that are a fraction of  a millimeter long and outright incomprehensibly thin. To make any material do this–propelled by the negligible force that is supplied by the mainspring–you really have to craft them with incredibly minor tolerances at a level of micro-mechanics.

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BEST FROM: aBlogtoWatch & Friends July 4, 2014

BEST FROM: aBlogtoWatch & Friends July 4, 2014

So that means economic booms are attractive to luxury watch companies and they look all over the world to find them. Since starting aBlogtoWatch, I've seen this happen in the United States, Russia, Brazil, the Middle East, and of course, China and other parts of Asia. As one economic zone collapses (think Dubai), luxury brands such as watch makers pack their bags and head to the next fertile pasture. China was a pretty massively impressive feeding ground, and it is still very important. Actually, let me rephrases that, Chinese people are what is important, China itself is less important.

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That independence has translated into a brand that makes watches starting at around ,000 all the way up to over ,000,000. There are very few brands that have such a wide price range in their collection - and Ulysse Nardin makes it work. I find their entry-level models often as interesting as the ones at the top. Many people agree that Ulysse Nardin designs verge on the avant garde. They did release the Freak after all. This sense of design experimentation is rather unlike a solidly Swiss company, but understanding more about where the brand is most popular has helped me appreciate how the watches are designed.

Artya Son Of A Gun Dancing Skulls Watch Watch Releases

Zenith El Primero 410 Watch: Another Ode To The Past Watch Releases

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The DSTB case is 43.5mm wide in 18k red gold only. No steel version this time around, but perhaps that is coming later. Arnold & Son is releasing this as part of their 250th anniversary collection, and that fact is rather clear on the dial– something that I am not sure needs to be there. Still, the Arnold & Son style dial for the time is easy to read and the overall piece is attractive, even if it doesn't feel quite as compelling as some of the brands' other models. Arnold & Son will release the DSTB watch as a limited edition of 50 pieces. Price is 44,928 Swiss Francs.

REC Watches Mark I M2 Chronograph Review Wrist Time Reviews


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Rolex Begins Using Silicon "Syloxi" Hairsprings In Caliber 2236 Watch Movements Watch Industry News

The PRG270 employs the latest V3 Triple Sensor technology that not only improves the accuracy of its measurement, but also the speed at which the measurements are shown. The compass now shows a continuous reading for 60 seconds (up from 20 in previous models) and the time required to measure altitude has been shortened from five seconds to just one second and the altitude reading now boasts a resolution of one meter (down from the five in previous models). Finally, the PRG270 also sports an alarm that can signal a rapid rise or fall in barometric pressure, suggesting an imminent weather change.

Increasingly, watchmakers are trying to reach that important female demographic. Advertising campaigns for much of 2014 from major watch brands will heavily appeal to women, and more and more brands are looking to reach women watch lovers online. I suppose they feel that us men are already well served? While it is true that men and women tend to differ in what appeals to them about watches, each is an important market. What many people don't know is that some of your favorite men's watchmakers make most of their money by selling ladies watches. The best selling watch at Rolex? A two-tone ladies' Datejust. Patek Philippe makes pretty amazing and complicated timepieces for men but their most important sales segment is diamond-decorated quartz watches for women. In a sense, many of the most interesting men's watches are funded by timepieces for women.

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Hublot Sponsors The Exosuit Diving Suit Wearable Submarine Watch Industry News

Girard-Perregaux Neo Tourbillon With Three Bridges Watch Hands-On Hands-On

When Journe wanted to make the Sonnerie Souveraine it was his goal to produce the best minute repeater possible - that if operated by an eight year-old child would not break. The weakness inherent in most minute repeaters is mechanical fragility (they break), and the sound (it is often quite weak). It honestly isn't that big of a deal to produce a minute repeater anymore, but to produce one that can be worn and operated a lot is something quite different. Released in around 2005, the Sonnerie Souveraine isn't F.P. Journe's only minute repeater nor his only sonnerie, but it is his crowning achievement in combining them both.

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The Gc-3’s bezel – which is very reminiscent of that of an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak – and the unusual shape of the case and crown guard, makes the whole watch look slightly larger than the dimensions would suggest. You could describe the Gc-3 as being a bit ‘bling,’ but this is largely down to Gc’s fashion heritage, and it certainly is not ‘too much’ – for me, at least.

See that pusher located near 10 o'clock? It is used to turn an inside rotating bezel in one hour increments. The pusher has a switch over it that you can turn. It locks the pusher in place or allows you to turn the inner ring to the left or the right. One direction implies that you are changing the time zone when traveling east, and turning it the other way implies you are traveling west. It is a nifty system and the pusher and switch is done in titanium. I only wish it would be something I'd use more, though if you did want to use this ring as the second time zone indicator you could do that just as easily too.

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WATCH GIVEAWAY: Torgoen T32 Automatic

WATCH GIVEAWAY: Torgoen T32 Automatic
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The centerpiece of this novelty is indeed the dial and the large flying tourbillon, as highlighted in a substantially sized, silver-outlined opening at the 7 o'clock position. The dial is cut from solid silver and sports polished beveled edges and flame-blued steel hands that indicate the hours, minutes, seconds, the 72 hours of power reserve and the  selected function of the crown. The tourbillon is more traditional than the rather industrial-looking dial: it lacks any sci-fi inspired materials in its construction and makes a full rotation at the traditional pace of 60 seconds. What makes it rather unique, however, is the fact that it actually hacks, meaning that upon selecting the time-setting mode on the crown–there is a reason why I chose not to say "pulling out the crown"–the balance wheel, and in fact the entire tourbillon cage, are stopped.

Bathys Cesium 133 Atomic Clock Watch Now On Kickstarter Watch Industry News

So, what this watch is not: Your run of the mill, boring Lange 1 Tourbillon Perpetual Calendar (ha!).

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JEANRICHARD Nocturnal Adventures Watches For 2014 Watch Releases

Not willing to let the rather svelte grey Zenith El Primero 410 Limited Edition get that sweet movement all to itself, Zenith has launched another new 410 model which features a silver sun ray dial. The new Zenith 410 ref 03.2091.410/01.C494 shares most of its design and technical attributes with the 410 LE we showed you back in October. With a 42mm steel case and sapphire on both sides, the 410 forgoes the contrasting white-on-grey coloring and star markers at two and ten seen on the limited model, opting instead for uniform silver dial design.


Hublot Big Bang Unico Bi-Retrograde Chrono Is Official Watch Of 2014 Brazil FIFA World Cup Watch Releases
The Hublot Big Bang Unico Bi-Retrograde Chrono for the FIFA World Cup 2014 will be available in King Gold and ceramic.
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A lange Sohne Homage to FALange watches

While the color tones of the JeanRichard Terrascope Aluminum watch may be Fisher-Price, the quality is the same as on other JeanRichard Terrascope models. Though, the toy-like nature of the hues do make me want to call it "My First Wrist Watch." When just seeing the Terrascope Aluminum in pictures I was inclined to feel it was a bit garish. In a sense it is, with its unfashionable collective of clashing colors.

Grieb & Benzinger Blue Merit Customized A. Lange & Söhne Tourbillon Pour Le Merite Watch Watch Releases

This Datograph Up/Down is the stuff grail watches are made of. A sublime Teutonic expression of watch making perfection so timeless it escapes all notions of era, style, or trend. A watch for all times and ages, pieces by German A. Lange & Sohne are what many watch lovers strive to acquire. Sounds lofty? That statement isn't so unreasonable considering our monitoring of what colleagues and your fellow readers have said and felt about A. Lange & Sohne watches over the years. Not to mention my and the team's own feelings about A. Lange & Sohne as a brand. What it comes down to, is that Lange has a unique formula that attracts watch lovers like bees to honey. So before I get to the actual review I feel it is a good idea to discuss more about what we feel about this brand and why we feel it.

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TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre 36 Racing Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

PJ: My first grail watch was a Zenith Chronograph when I was 14 years old.

Inside the watch is the very useful in-house made Jaeger-LeCoultre caliber 757 automatic chronograph movement. A real beauty of a complicated work-horse movement, the 757 combines a chronograph with second dial zone (complete with day/night) indicator, as well as the date. The movement operates at a modern frequency of 28,800 bph, and has a long power reserve of 65 hours (which was upped just a few years ago). In many ways the movement offers functionality similar to those in other timepieces but with Jaeger-LeCoultre there are added features such as the second timezone and day/night indicator (for the second time zone).

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