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Victorinox Swiss Army Watches To Reach Customers Via iPhone App Watch Industry News

What drives my passion for watches is not only the representation of time - and the complications - and the intricate dials - but the faces of those who feel the same. Especially when you get them talking. No matter what they do for a living, or who they are day-to-day, their interest in watches shapes them and their professions in so many intrinsic, unifying ways.

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Exemplary Swiss-Made Craftsmanship

Aside from the brand name on the cufflink, you have the red and black motif of a butterfly, which is sorta feminine, but in masculine colors. It is applied by hand using an enamel champleve technique. When you take the image with the who execution of the watch, it makes sense. Which leads me to the blue enamel image on the rotors themselves. These display a couple in the Kama Sutra "butterfly" position in all its "R" rated glory. You'll have to search harder for more graphic luxury horological timepieces, but they are out there. Save that for another article. So now the butterfly name makes sense right? In one respect the erotica component of the cufflinks is not necessary to make them cool watch movement-esque cufflinks. On the other hand it adds an interesting character to a neat little item.

A. Lange & Söhne Factory Trip Part 2: The Luxury German Watch Manufacturing Process Inside the Manufacture

Blancpain opted to go with a light weight titanium case for this large 48mm wide watch. Added to the case is a helium escape valve, which might be useful for a handful of you out there. The original watch is the Blancpain 50 Fathoms (actually not that deep). The newer watches retained the 50 Fathoms name, but Blancpain felt it was a good idea to up the values. I don't recall how deep a fathom is, but forget about it. The 500 fathoms is water resistant to 1000 meters. So don't go trying to make a value conversion from fathoms to feet now.

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Time For A New Lucien Piccard Watch

For such a classy watch, though, I would have expected greater options for the bracelet for the 2009 release. While I understand that a rubber strap can be deemed the most versatile, it is definitely not always the most appropriate. A watch like this, I would want to wear day and night. And for serious events, a rubber strap does not fit. I trust that it is top-notch, high-quality rubber - so good thing that a leather strap is available as an option.

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Most Beautiful Watch Not At Basel?!

Most Beautiful Watch Not At Basel?!

In particular I like how the crown is not actually pulled out much, but has a fold-out flap that allows for adjustment and manual winding (if necessary). This is done to allow for the crown to be flush with the case. The look is very uniform and instead of just looking like an instrument watch, the whole design has a very technical feel. Watching the turbine in action is a high point, and I think I would sit there and shake my arm around just to see the automatic movement winding itself. Overall, this is going to be one of Perrelet’s flagship designs of 2009 and 2010, and will be available in about October.

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An Indispensable Time-Keeping Ally

Breitling Airwolf Raven Chronograph SuperQuartz Watch Watch Releases

My favorite is either the brown of silver faced version, but each is really nice. The brown has a cool retro mod feel, while the silver toned dial allows you to really appreciate the textured engraving well. The 3-Timer line will eventually also include a DLC coated steel version as well. I predict that the collection will be of the most popular for Linde Werdelin in the next few years due to its unmistakable character as a Linde Werdelin Timepiece, as well as its good looks and easy functionality. Of the steel models the brown dialed version is going to be the most rare at just 22 pieces. Other steel versions are also limited editions but with 222 pieces. Watch for them soon and check Linde Werdelin here for more details on the 3-Timer watch line.

Louis Moinet Tempograph 10 Second Retrograde Watch Hands-On

Louis Moinet Tempograph 10 Second Retrograde Watch Hands-On

A. Lange & Söhne Factory Trip Part 2: The Luxury German Watch Manufacturing Process Inside the Manufacture

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breitling knockoff watches

The watch keeps good time, within a few seconds per day. Handwinding is a bit rough, and the crown had a bit of a burr that I removed with a small file. A bit rough around the edges, you might say.

While I started a few weeks ago, my first watch review is now up on here - on the Guepard RetroSwiss watch. This is the newest venue to feature my writing and I want to first thank for their gracious inclusion of my thoughts on watches. I'll be writing several reviews each month. Their editorial process requires that all watches to be reviewed be confirmed by their editors. So the choice of watches to review is really a joint effort between the two of us.

Credit to film's cinematographer here.

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The Rise of the Omega Speedmaster Reduced

Piaget Polo FortyFive Chronograph Watch + Video Watch Releases

MM: What was your first watch, and who gave it to you? What was significant about this piece, and how did it, and does it, fit into your collection?
DP: My father bought me my first watch in the first grade — a big, sturdy Seiko. He taught me how to wear it and regard it as a valuable object and tool. I then bought my first chronograph with a solid rubber strap by selling seeds and Christmas cards through a promotion on the back pages of Boys' Life Magazine. That started my love for watches, and I have since marked moments throughout my life by purchasing fine watches.

Watch Talk with David Pittsinger : Opera Singer - Broadway Star - Watch Collector ABTW Interviews
Pittsinger's Rolex GMT II Dualmaster

The Royal Oak Offshore Survivor however may not suit quite everybody, being to my mind just a little over the top macho-wise. A rather butch sort of creation complete with its video hype style. It may only be 42mm wide, but add in the great button cage style protectors bolted on to the side of the very deep case which at over ½” will not suit the small wrested, it perhaps looks dare I say a touch cumbersome and certainly unlikely to be seen in the dress circle at the Opera. It also portrays itself as, and certainly in looks like a “divers” watch, yet at 100m water resistance this is the bare minimum for a true Divers watch and I’ve seen no mention of the divers standard ISO 6425 in any of the literature or of the "divers" logo stamped anywhere.

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Omega Speedmaster Mark II 327.10.43.50 (Re-introduced)

See Nautica watches on Amazon here.Nautica NMX 300 Watch Should Be For Ghost Rider Watch Releases

Nautica NMX 300 Watch Should Be For Ghost Rider Watch Releases
Mens Watch NAUTICA NMX 1500 NAI22507G Chrono Leather Blue Sub 100mt Black
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Nautica NMX 300 Watch Should Be For Ghost Rider Watch Releases
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Nautica NMX 300 Watch Should Be For Ghost Rider Watch Releases
Nautica NMX 300 Mens Titanium Watch with glass guard A36006 Luminous Dial BNIB
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Nautica NMX 300 Watch Should Be For Ghost Rider Watch Releases
Mens Watch NAUTICA NMX 1500 NAI22506G Chrono Leather Black Sub 100mt
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Nautica NMX 300 Watch Should Be For Ghost Rider Watch Releases
Mens Black Nautica NMX 1000 Solar Power Watch N28509G
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Nautica NMX 300 Watch Should Be For Ghost Rider Watch Releases
Nautica Mens Mega Pro Diver NMX 650 Black Dial Resin Watch N18630G
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The Chapter Two watch will retail for ,000 and features the 18 rose gold case (white gold will likely be available in the future as well) and automatic movement with triple date complication (big date, day of the week, month). I've written about the Chapter Two watch pretty extensively, and covered it here, which includes the original video of the watch by Maitres du Temps themselves. I still get excited seeing how decorated the stylized rotor is visible through the back of the watch.

This is pretty cool actually. For those of you who have an Amazon Kindle e-ink device, you can now get sent directly to your device. Many people rely on their Kindles for reading material when they are not at home and when they are on the go. The ingenious device uses wireless phone network signals to send and receive data from the devices. In fact, that part of the system is free once you get a Kindle. In addition to books, the Kindle has magazines, newspapers, and now blogs available. You can browse the catalog on the go, and get whatever you want delivered to you automatically, all the time.

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Which modern Speedmaster is closest to the original Moonwatch?

My Modern Design Classic Watches Article On Watch Style

Staying with Daniel Roth’s personality as a watch company, the watch is not too large at 41mm wide by 44mm tall — very reasonable. You’ll notice the unique location for the chronograph mono-pusher at 7 o’clock on the case. The watch is available in two materials. First is something called 4435 Staybrite Marine Steel. This special grade of steel is specially designed to ward off corrosion, which is especially an issue with steel that is near or in saltwater. The other available case material is a black coated titanium. The watch is water resistant to 100 meters.

There is of course the large crystalline structure on Mars that Dr. Manhattan creates. See small image above. I see this also as a nod to watch making. While it doesn't do anything, it is like a large mechanical movement toy. Futuristic gears and shapes moving together like only something a master watch maker can create. Dr. Manhattan being the master of matter can do anything, with anything. Able to take things apart and put them back together with no limitation and an impeccable understanding of their function. I took this structure to be his mechanical Martian toy. Even in the graphic novel it is not really explained at all. So it is all up to interpretation. So go see Watchmen, you will enjoy it - but read the graphic novel first if you can. It is a quick but memorable read. Also, the soundtrack is well chosen with affect filled songs equally emblematic of the time periods this era jumping film needs to keep the reader grounded.

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Omega Speedmaster Plaisted Polar Expedition 1968

New Season Of Man vs. Wild Has Bear Grylls Wearing A Casio Dynamic Wave Ceptor Watch Feature Articles

What is different about this Hamilton Seaview Automatic Diver watch? I thought about this question for a little while before writing anything down. I know I have seen the nautical almost art deco themed font used for the numbering before. The font is sort of an amalgamation of everything ocean-worthy and futuristic from 1920 -1970. Gently shaded, the large applied number totally make the watch. Without them it would be just another passable for forgettable Hamilton watch. The watch is pretty big too at 46mm wide, and the relatively small numbers on the rotating diver's bezel don't help the large wrist footprint. But that is OK, you want a nice looking watch like this to standout.

I am not convinced that the size of the dauphine hands is big enough for me. They are the perfect size for the smaller dial that appears on the machine textured dial when you open up the shutter, but when closed - they look stubby, really stubby. I'd have a feeling that they might look more odd if they where larger. On the sometimes hidden dial is a clever second time zone hour hand. Use it with the standard minutes hand for the other timezone. This is to be distinguished from a GMT hand, which shows the time on the 24 hour scale. The main dial is black via a PVD application, with the applied gold numerals that make for a very pretty face.

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Androgynous Watches

The movement is one of the best in the industry. It is the Blancpain Calibre 1315. There is also the GMT model with the 5215 movement. The automatic mechanical movement is specially made for sports watches. This basically means that it has lots of shock resistance. It further has a whopping 5 days (120 hours) of power reserve through three mainspring barrels! That is a lot. well over 2-3 times what you see in most similar movements. Rare for a 1000 meter water resistant watch is the sapphire movement window on the caseback. The rotor you will see is styled after a boat propeller, which is appropriate. The movement also features a fast date adjust at midnight. This basically means that the date window immediately moves to the next date at midnight, rather than slowly move over an hour or so. You can also manually adjust the date both ahead and behind. A nice touch for a luxury watch.

Exclusive: New Marcello C. Diavolo Automatic Watch Watch Releases

Other notable features about the watch are that the case is nickle-free (for people who are allergic to the metal), and that the sapphire crystal uses one of the best AR coatings in the industry. Let it be known that this is a serious tool watch, not merely something trouncing around as one. It will serve you well and focus primarily of getting the job done right. If you like how it looks, admire it gracefully, but Sinn watches don't like to be pampered. Price will be around ,500 - ,000 when it comes out in May.

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