Azimuth Mecha – 1BMF Auction On eBay: Ends Nov-28-07 20:12:41 PST

Azimuth Mecha – 1BMF Auction On eBay: Ends Nov-28-07 20:12:41 PST

So what are we do to? Even those loved ones whom which we know so well can present a quandary when it comes to selecting unsolicited gifts. And when someone asks for a gift, is it really received in the manner in which you would prefer? No. The sense of gleeful surprise is merely emulated in the receiving party, upon which you have failed to accomplish the gift giving goal.

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At first glance, the Kobold Polar Surveyor is not much more than another time tool. Although closer inspection reveals a weighty and substantial element of design and class. A watch like this will look good in 100 years, along with watches like Rolex and Patek Phillipe. Many "showy" watches these dates will look dated quickly, but a watch like this never goes out of style. The idea is the simplistic functionality. When you merely polish what already works well, you enter the realm of "classic design." Don't get me wrong, I love innovative looks, but they often suffer from looking dated quickly. Something that looks familiar when you look at it is a design goal many strive for and fail. When you look at the Kobold, you know it instantly. You know what it does, and that it fits with anything you wear. This is a timeless piece of functional art.

While the chronograph is the main innovation of this watch, I am particularly impressed by the execution of the full annual calendar. The Patek Philippe reference 5960P displays in the most minimalist of manners the day of the week, month, date, AM/PM indicator, along with what I consider to be the best implemented power reserve indicator on the market. What is nice, is how the information if linearly displayed in simple symmetry. No gimmicky windows or dials, just what is simple, tested, and effective.

The shining point of this watch is the simple and effective integration of the perpetual calendar. Using as many black on gold contrast points as possible, Tiffany has made a full perpetual calendar look really simple! The thin black hands are simple like an Omega Speedmaster, and just as effective. You almost don't notice that this calendar has a moonphase, day, date, month, and leap year included on the face. Kudos to Tiffany & Co. for taking what is essentially a basic and classic look, and giving it unique flair.