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Vintage Speedmaster Mark II Buyer's Advice

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Angular Momentum Eglomisé The Animal Portrait & Exotic Birds Collection Watches Available On James List

Angular Momentum Eglomisé The Animal Portrait & Exotic Birds Collection Watches Available On James List

Gustafsson & Sjögren Blizzard and Aurora Watches Are So "Metal" Watch Releases

All-black is the new black. Bell & Ross was a pioneer in this respect, and helped make the low-contrast style as popular as it is today.

To attain legendary –IWC Replica Watches

Diamonds for diamonds sake? Maybe not. Don't overlook the importance of ludicrously gilded timepieces in the haute joaillerie watch category. While such timepieces might wreak of excess, they are often times as complex, or more complex than the mechanical creations we so love. The process of choosing and cutting diamonds (not to mention setting them) is in credibly time consuming. All that in a white gold case with a automatic tourbillon mechanical movement - and you might just start saving up gold bars for this over .3 million impulse buy.

Parmigiani Bugatti Tourbillon Watch + Bugatti Galibier 16C Car Watch Releases

Orbita Futura Watch Winder Review Luxury Items

The Countdown Started

I have been pondering how I should think about this watch for a while. I want to like it, and a big part of me does. Another part of me questions the wisdom of the watch. Is it wearable? Does it makes sense? Would you be considered akin to an alien from outer space for wearing one? The watch is a new piece from the Confrerie Horlogere, a watch making arm of the popular watch movement maker BNB Concept (that is about the declare bankruptcy). The model is the La Clef du Temps Tourbillon, and there will only be 24 of them ever made. Apparently one for each timezone. One of these watches was auctioned off in the Only Watch 2009 watch auction in September for well over 0,000 which was close to its retail price. As a limited edition of just 24 pieces, the watch can justify itself. Still, I feel the need to evaluate it as though they were going to me 24,000 of them.

Nubeo Black Mamba Kobe Bryant Watches In The Flesh Wrist Time Reviews

Bid now Movado Master Collection Watches: Readable Museum Watch Face! Watch Releases
Movado Museum Swiss Quartz Stainless Steel Black Dial Mens Watch 84 G2 1886
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Movado Master Collection Watches: Readable Museum Watch Face! Watch Releases
Ladies MOVADO Museum Black Dial Gold Tone Bracelet Quartz Watch 87A18171
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Movado Master Collection Watches: Readable Museum Watch Face! Watch Releases
Movado Museum Watch Mens
Time Remaining: 3h 5m
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Hands-On Omega Speedmaster Mark II Review

Linde Werdelin 3-Timer Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Congratulations to Rok from Slovenia who won last month's watch giveaway. This was the first international reader who got randomly chosen to receive the the giveaway prize. This makes sense as only half of readers are in the US - a truly global readership. Rok opted to win the 2CAN model Sl1536cch Chronotron watch from the selection of 2Can watches that the giveaway sponsor had. You can see more details about the 2CAN watch pictured here.

The Swarovski Octea Sports Lady features their beautiful crystals encircling a 39mm case! That's pretty big! It's solid - hefty - stainless steel with crystals... You must be a strong woman to wear this. And an adventurous one at that! With a traditional diver's watch as its inspiration, the Swarovski Octea Sports Ladies' Watch is complete with rotating bezel, to keep track of your dive, and a very easy to read date indicator.

Gold Speedmaster Professional BA 145.022

Orient Mako CEM65001M Automatic Diver Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

The look of the dial is simple, but evocative of the era and easy to read. Truly a 70s design that isn't obnoxiously 70s. The lume covered hands are a bit simplistic - reminding me of those on an Omega Speedmaster Professional, but are accurate representations of those that were popular in the 1970s. The 30 minute chronograph looks easy to view as well. Each of the two models will be available as a limited edition of 1,860 pieces each. Not sure about price, but it has been rumored to be pretty high at ,500 per watch for the limited edition Tag Heuer Silverstone. Release is due in February of 2010. You can likely get one of these Tag Heuer watches at The Watch Gallery, who seems to get most new Tag Heuer watches very soon after they are released.

Casio Baby-G BG5602-9 Ladies’ Watch Review

Casio Baby-G BG5602-9 Ladies’ Watch Review

This article was contributed by Marco at Matt Baily, a Canadian watch retailer. My thanks to him. See the article below:

OMEGA Speedmaster CK2998-5 | Fratellowatches

This watch has been made to go down to the depths, which it surely does. I've taken mine down to 42m which it takes as a walk in the park as it should with a 200m WR rating. Large dial makes the watch easy to read even in perfect darkness since the lume is amazing and long lasting to my experience. But here lies the weak part of the watch as well. Since the bezel which looks stunning, thin and makes the watch appear elegant and balanced, is so thin that the lume tip is actually rather small one and out-shined by dial lume in darkness. So I wouldn't count on this watch as sole timing device under water, specially in situations where there's near perfect darkness.

The dial is pretty easy to read, but I feared it might be a bit too black on black for optimal legibility. Inspecting the watch I can say that it is quite easy to read. This all depended on how well the hands stand stood - you get some idea seeing the watch in the video. There is lume on the hands. The chronograph subdials and date and day windows are all very cool in design and clearly inspired by modern weaponry and instrumentation. The standard version actually has a slightly tinted sapphire crystal that darkens the dial a bit. Overall the look is almost a perfect analog of the ideal in such weaponry genres. After checking out the watch I can say that I really like it. Totally the type of fun watch I would wear. Yes, the watch isn't cheap, but at least it is fact a hardy timepiece that is more than just a style impostor. With its hardy automatic movement and steel case (100 meters water resistant), it should put up with more than enough.

Speedy Tuesday – Ken Mattingly’s Omega Speedmaster

To get your Red Cell watch or learn more, check out Rogue Warrior Watches here.

Sinn U1 White Limited Edition Watch Available On James List

Sinn U1 White Limited Edition Watch Available On James List

As an entry level watch, this is still a hell of a timepiece from Bathys Hawaii. You get the great looking case done in a specially hardened metal, the iconic dial, a Swiss movement with a big date complication, and the durability you've come to expect from all the hype. Plus, you get all the brand persona that Bathys has worked hard and deservingly, to get. At 0 you start with this Bathys 100 Fathoms watch and can easily work your way up.

Casio Baby-G BG5602-9 Ladies' Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

New Options for the IWC Portofino Replica

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Last Chance To Enter For Free Magrette Moana Pacific Watch

Last Chance To Enter For Free Magrette Moana Pacific Watch

Aside from what you see on the dial and through the caseback window, the watch has two other very important complications. One is sort of a novelty for fun, and the other is an important part of the watch's ability to keep accurate and reliable time. The latter is a constant force escapement which is also known as a remontoir. This complication is used to control the force that is moving from the mainspring to the escapement and then to the watch. It makes sure that the force moving through this train is constant, regardless of how tightly wound the mainspring is. What happens with a mainspring, is that the force it releases when it is tightly wound, is more than the force it releases when it is almost unwound. This effect the rate results of a watch making it less accurate. A constant force escapement helps remedy this issue, which makes having a remontoir nice in luxury mechanical watches. You don't necessarily need a remontoir to have more accurate mechanical watch, but it is one good means of going so.

F.P. Journe Tourbillon Souverain With Constant Force Escapement And Dead Seconds Available On James List Sales & Auctions
Image Credit: Antiquorum Auctioneers

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