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The success of the Speedmaster Dark Side Of The Moon watch (reviewed here) is no joke. Omega is perhaps 12 months or more backed up with production and many major Omega retailers have a waiting list of a few dozen people. Even Omega employees who want to purchase one must wait a long time before getting one. I've spoken to retailers who feel "lucky" to have received three Dark Side Of The Moon pieces since its debut over one year ago. It is thus both surprising and not surprising that the year following the all black-cased ceramic Omega Speedmaster Omega would follow up with something new.

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Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Grande Tradition Tourbillon Cylindrique a Quantieme Perpetuel Watch Hands-On Hands-On

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AkriviA was established less than two years ago by two young watchmakers, Rexhep Rexhepi (formerly of BNB Concept) and Etienne Deschamps. Despite the fact that they are at relatively early stages of their watch making careers, they both have gained invaluable experience during their apprenticeships at the prestigious manufactures of Patek Philippe and Chopard respectively. Rexhep, following the four years he spent at Patek, went on to work with BNB Concept (which went bankrupt in 2010 and whose best assets were acquired by Hublot), F.P. Journe, and presently at MHC (Manufacture Haute Complications in Geneva). Etienne left Chopard to pursue his studies in management. They established AkriviA in 2012 but their first watch, the Tourbillon Monopusher Chronograph debuted in Baselworld earlier this year.

In an effort to justify the substantial premium in their pricing, as well as prove the performance of their products, luxury watch brands go out of their way to prove that they can live up to consumer expectations in what is an extremely competitive industry. A more tangible way of proving their claimed superiority is by providing certificates which, through a series of tests, ensure that each submitted timepiece complies with strict accuracy and-or aesthetic standards. Timelab's new watch certificate program is called "Observatoire Chronometrique+" and it offers a certificate claimed to be more thorough and comprehensive than that issued by the established COSC (the Official Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute) and more widely available than the Geneva Seal.

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Introducing The Rubber B Rolex Deepsea Glidelock Watch Strap

Introducing The Rubber B Rolex Deepsea Glidelock Watch Strap

The watch is brass, not bronze, though personally I don't much care; both metals will patina as you own them with a variety of color and pattern. What you see here is the result of about six weeks of wear; no attempt to force-age or polish it. It's dulled a bit, not a lot. I do find that owning a watch that is guaranteed to rust changes my view of it: Might as well go adventuring, because even if you leave it on a shelf it'll age, so why not go wear it hard? "Wear without care," as an Australian blogger memorably put it.

The unpretentious nature of my dad's Seiko was kind of incredible, and it was exactly like his own personality. Staring at the design I see something inherently classic, handsome, functional, and yet completely devoid of ostentation. It wasn't a simple watch, as it had some interesting design features and a nice bracelet, but it was understated. It fit in anywhere, but never demanded a lot of attention. It was the type of watch meant to blend in, and that was how my father preferred to be (until he chose to speak that is). I find it interesting how neatly such a simple thing like his watch mirrored his social sentiments. Did he so carefully choose this watch, or was it a mere serendipitous connection?

Wrist feel is excellent and aside from the Ar system on the side of the case, you could almost mistake the 144 Jubilee for new old stock of the original 144, which was produced for many years and is occasionally found used on enthusiast forums. The bracelet feels great and tapers nicely from the 22 mm lugs.

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In 2014 Bulova actually relaunched the Accutron name with the Accutron II. The Accutron II Alpha (hands-on here), is designed to look like many of the original Bulova Accutron Spaceview watches, and is a wonderfully affordable and new way to enjoy what many people loved about the originals. The Accutron II Alpha watches do not contain standard quartz movements, but rather Bulova Precisionist movements that are more accurate than standard quartz movements and also have sweeping seconds hands like the original Accutron tuning fork watches from the 1960s and 1970s.

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Finally, I want to comment on the "new vintage" watch, as my relationship with this type of product has evolved over time. At first I thought that the re-release of classic designs, models, etc., was a cheap way for brands to leverage their past. Then the vintage watch kick started to get popular in a major way, and I felt that brands were merely riding the wave of collector interest versus really doing anything original. In some ways, I still feel that but I also am much more sympathetic to the concept of a "new vintage watch," which actually describes many of the timepieces in this list. I will tell you why: The idea of owning a classic or vintage design can be very appealing from a nostalgic or stylistic perspective. Many of the "original" designs people seek are too rare, expensive, fragile, small, etc. to own or wear today. Brands who focus on offering high-quality and internally modern timepieces that emulate success from the past allow the watch lovers of today to experience some truly fantastic designs and experiences in a skin that often utilizes a modern movement and case construction. For that reason I am a bigger fan of "new vintage" watches that allow us to buy a new watch that seems to exist in a space of timeless desire and appeal.

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One look at the dial and the watch is immediately recognizable as a Monaco Historique piece, but there are many changes to be found there as well. My favorite addition is use of black-coated hands filled with lume versus standard polished metal hands (even though Chopard does them very well with a diamond polish). Against the lighter dial the black hands ought to offer an excellent level of legibility. In fact, the mixture of yellow, black, and white/silver tones on the dial should make for a very easy to read timepiece. Another new element are the hour markers. Now Arabic numeral minute markers intersect them for a novel look. The dial also has a brand new flange ring and other minor details and upgrades that are all welcome. In my opinion, Chopard almost always does a good job at making its Classic Racing collection watches conform to traditional rules of proportion and legibility, while also making them just so darn refined.

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Rolex 50th Anniversary Cosmograph Daytona Platinum

In combating magnetism, watchmakers have traditionally resorted to insulating the movement with a soft iron cage. This is a tried-and-tested method and it works well. However, to take things further required radical thinking and pointing the way forward is Omega’s new Aqua Terra >15,000 Gauss watch. Instead of a soft iron cage, the movement in this watch was made using non-ferrous materials which makes it almost impervious to magnetism. Just so you know, unless you find yourself in an MRI scanner, you are not likely to experience anything near 15,000 gauss of magnetism.

Alpina Alpiner GMT 4 Watch Hands-On Hands-On Alpina Alpiner GMT 4 Watch Hands-On Hands-On

Revised Weiss Standard Issue Field Watch Now Packs More US-Made Key Components Watch Releases

What else will the Bulova Accu-Swiss Percheron be used for? Last year we announced that Bulova was the new official timer and timepiece partner of Manchester United. The Percheron case will serve as the base for the first round of timepieces Bulova makes for the famous English football (soccer) club (team). In fact, Bulova will put the Manchester United logo on the dial of the Percheron 24k gold watch if the client wishes. I believe some of the Manchester United players have already ordered this.

FK:  I have one of each of my watches, the SKULL and the BLACK SKULL. I love them both. They are like my children, each with very different personalities.

Seiko Astron Kintaro Hattori Special Limited Edition GPS Watch Hands-On Hands-On

Panerai Luminor 1950 PAM557 Destro 3 Days Watch Hands-On: A Lefty PAM372

Panerai Luminor 1950 PAM557 Destro 3 Days Watch Hands-On: A Lefty PAM372

As a vintage inspired timepiece, the Eterna Heritage Military watch is a modern version of a timepiece from 1939 that Eterna produced for the Czechoslovakian army. On the rear of the original 1939 model was an engraved statement of "Majetek Vojenské Správy," which roughly translates to "property of the military" from Slovak to English. Further, some (but not all) of the original 1939 watches had a small set of crossed daggers engraved into the upper left lug of the case. These military property watches where apparently used by pilots and other important soldiers in the Czechoslovakian army.

The brand debuted in 2012 after Fabian managed to gather his team of experts in the dozens of different trades and crafts related to watch manufacturing. The concept behind Julien Coudray 1518 – and this is the reason why he chose to make watches under this name – was that he wanted to make watches what we could call "the old-school way," so old-school in fact, that his watches would not incorporate any glued or painted components (other than enamel painting).

The basic Ulysse Nardin Marine Chronometer watch never simply relied on an ETA movement, but rather used ETA movements (mostly the 2892 automatic) as a base. They would then install their own modules over them. In comparison to many other independent brands, Ulysse Nardin was actually in a pretty good position to try and fully produce in-house made movements. The UN-118 automatic contained a technology Ulysse Nardin acquired known as DIAMonSIL. A contraction for "diamond and silicon," it is a diamond-coated silicon which has the benefits of silicon without the fragility and brittleness.