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You’ll notice the new texturing in the middle of the watch display. It looks pretty nice, but I can’t tell if it is trying to emulate wood grain or a topographical map? Probably wood, but you can never be too sure with watches based on navigation! The KonTiki is a classic looking watch with a high degree of legibility. Classic enough to sit on anyone’s wrist, but it has enough character to stand out. It is really the little touches on the watch that add to the appeal. Take for instance the cross stitching on the fabric strap and the lovely blued hands and indicators. With hands the right size and finely applied hour markers, it is really a refined look. The small dash of red color of the seconds hands is a nice touch as well.

Jorg Gray JG1060 Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

In addition to the special features each watch will have, there will be a number of different materials used in the watch including at least some metal, plastic (ideally on a marginal amount), nylon, and rubber. Hopefully enough metal to make them feel a bit bulky (a good thing). There will be different sizes for the watches as well. The pictured Boba Fett watch looks pretty tall, and comes in a 44mm wide case with a 22mm wide strap. Alternatively, the two different Storm Troopers watches will be 48mm wide and come with a 24mm wide strap - big and totally bitchin'.

Frank Muller

Orient Mako CEM65001M Automatic Diver Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Attached to the watch is the requisite metal chain attached to the belt loop clip. You can remove the chain easily if you like. I tried to think about gripes I had for the watch. I really can't think of too much given the price. There are a few things about the pocket watch that make it feel different compared to other pocket watches. Such as the shape of the entire case and of course the size. Plus, you'll need to see how to incorporate a pocket watch into your life. But those are part of what the watch are, not really a problem with it. The dial is clean, easy to use and attractive. As a first manually wound mechanical movement, the caliber is just fine, and the fit and finish on the watch is good for the price of about 0 (retail is 0, but all prices online are closer to 0 or less). Also, even if you don't see yourself getting a pocket watch, apparently they make good gifts.

There's a little about men's fashion dos and don'ts, and Ariel admits to hosting a support group for men who wear white slip-on shoes.

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Lots of interesting little details highlight the nautical theme of the watch. The small seconds hand has a compass like style, and the gold colored hour and minute hands add to this theme. The distinctive style of the hands is also present in a compass like relief on the black face of the watch. One problem I noticed after using the watch for a few days is that the gold colored hands are hard to read on the black face in bright sunlight. There's also no lume whatsoever, so as far as legibility goes the watch doesn't score top points. Still, under normal conditions its perfectly fine and certainly not bad enough to be annoying. On the chapter ring is a tachymiler instead of a tachymeter. I'm guessing this ties in with nautical miles. On the back of the watch, you can see the balance wheel of the movement trough a little porthole. A map of the world's oceans finishes the nicely detailed steel back.

To be perfectly honest it is hard to write about a watch after you have been writing about ,000 watches. On the one hand, it is hard to be fair to the watch, and on the other hand it is hard to make a case to the watch market for a ,000 watch that itself may just tell the time. In writing this review I needed to metaphorically step back a few paces and review the Timex Classic Camper as though it were in a vacuum. I actually like the watch for what it is - a dead simply, sort of retro themed, basic timepiece. No frills, nothing fancy, and easily disposable if need be. Cheap, not very big, and a watch. Exactly what you need many circumstances. See what I mean?

Omega Aqua Terra

Would you consider Q-Bert part of pop culture? Aside from the weird drawings of the characters the game was more or less forgettable by today's standards - though it was fun at the time. Regardless, I think it would have been cool to see the "Dr. Seuss character gone wrong," bouncing around on the dial of this new luxury Breguet Classique Ref. 5967 watch. Someone in Switzerland right now - likely working at the Swatch Group - just spit in my general direction. Can you do anything but picture that right now? Talk about a new kind of complication! OK, maybe you don't know about Q-Bert or don't care. This is still a new "visual dial enhancement" from Breguet. This is their new "Art Deco Damier" guilloche machine  engraving pattern and is first used on this new Ref. 5967 watch. Boy does it look handsome right?

Technical specifications of the Horological Machine No2.2 direct from MB&F:

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Reading the chronograph is pretty easy as well because Mondaine kept the chronograph used hands all red, while the time hands are all black. The seconds for the watch is at the subsidiary dial at 3 o'clock. You know how most Mondaine watches to have a seconds hand with a large red tip? Here they sort of did the opposite with the chronograph seconds hand. They moved the red orb that would normally be the tip to the end of the hand making it the counterweight. This makes more sense, and I like how they kept the "spirit" of the original Swiss Railways watch in this timepiece. Another "improvement" over other Mondaine watches is the addition of tritium gas tubes in the hour and minute hand. These tubes light up in the dark with out needing to be "charged" with light. Mondaine is sort of connected to Luminox, which prides themselves on basically always using tritium gas tubes. Having the gas tubes in the hands adds another layer of smart functionality to the watch that is very nice to have. While it would have been interesting to have each of the hour markers use tritium gas tubes as well (as there is clearly space) it is not a detriment that they are simple applied black markers.

Winwatch, based in Switzerland and has several pending patents on this technology. They have just announced the release of a stater test kit for watch makers who want to experiment with the new products. The kit will arrive with: 1 EPC/RFID Reader + 1 testpiece with watchcase/crystal/RFID-gasket + 10 samples RFID-gaskets + 1 demo software. It isn't free, but the cost should be very aggressive given that Winwatch is trying to encourage adoption of the technology. The starter sets should be available in a few months.

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There is literally a long laundry list of positive points about this watch. I rarely do this, but I pasted below words directly from Dievas on this new Vortex watch because I think they did a good job at summing the watch up. A lot to like here. Not the most original watch around, but that is not Dievas' style. They prefer to pick and choose from popular themes and come up with nice mixtures. The Vortex is a combo between a dive and aviator watch. It also takes from certain popular German functional watches like Sinn. Actually the Vortex is all made in Germany, which is not the case for all Dievas watches.

Easily my favorite new Panerai of SIHH 2010 is an unexpected model. The brand that made it a point to "hide" the tourbillon complication on their first tourbillon watch has now made an about face. This is the first skeletonized Panerai watch that I know of, and does not let down. It is actually the same movement from their normal tourbillon watch but skeletonized. This is in contrast to what some makers do by making a watch movement specially designed to be skeletonized. Good that the watch movement leneded itself nicel to the "open" treatment. The watch is really stunning and exactly what you would expect from a Panerai watch if it was skeletonized.  Called the Radiomir Tourbillon GMT Ceramica 48mm Lo Scientziato PAM348 (PAM 348), this piece is truly unique in the brand's current watch line. Most of the other new models of 2010 are minor variations on existing models to differ broaden an established brand feel, but retain its strict identity.

See Vulcain watches on Amazon here.Vulcain Anniversary Heart Cricket Watch For President Barack Obama: Thoughts Watch Releases

Vulcain Anniversary Heart Cricket Watch For President Barack Obama: Thoughts Watch Releases
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Longiness LA Grande Classique

Living with the Orient Automatic Diver Ref. CFD0C001B I can easily recommend it as a daily wear. It is comfortable, attractive, a workhorse, and functional. The best part is that the retail price of ,800 is often discounted. Such as right now on Orient watches' website as per a father's day promotion (this particular watch is discounted by 40%). I don't know how long this promotion will last. See the Orient Diver Automatic CFD0C001B watch here.

Movado Master Collection Watches: Readable Museum Watch Face!

Movado Master Collection Watches: Readable Museum Watch Face!

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Marvin M103 Watch Review

Marvin M103 Watch Review

Ladoire RGT (Roller Guardian Time) GMT Watch Watch Releases
Ladoire is a new Swiss watch makers with an interesting timepiece called the RGT. That is supposed to stand for "Roller Guardian Time," which makes no sense to me, but I will just smooth past that. The watch is unique as a regulator. I think maybe they missed the point of what a regulator watch is supposed to be, as the minute dial is really small, but that is OK. Interestingly enough, on this watch, the major dial along with the biggest hand is dedicated to a second timezone indicator (the GMT hand). If that watch reminds you of Hautlence and MCT watches, that is because they share some of the same engineering DNA.

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Mondaine is obviously type cast a bit with the Swiss Railways watch, and it shows in all of their timepieces. It is going to be a while until you see a lot of totally original watches, but that is ok, because the look they have going for them works, and they are among the most affordable Swiss watches out there next to brands like Swatch. Mondaine timepieces are even mostly less expensive than Tissot timepieces. You also have to agree that Mondaine watches are world's easier to read than any most most Swatch or Tissot watches (not all, but most).

TX 400 Series Perpetual Weekly Calendar Ref. T3C301 Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

My Favorite Ball Watches At JCK, Big And Lots Of Lume Feature Articles

Replica Panerai Radiomir 1940 Watches

Episode three of the quickly evolving podcast how HourTime (starring myself and John Biggs) is now online.

Angular Momentum Crown Jewels Of Nature Watches: Three Cockatoo Birds + One Watch Releases

Whoa there Gerald Genta (and I speak to the company, not the man - as he isn't part of the brand any more). What is going on here? Where did this come from? Last thing I expected from you was a highly sophisticated sonnerie watch. You say that you have been doing this for a while (making sonnerie watches), but the last one that you released was in the mid 1990s? I am confused. Well forget all that, the watch is really cool. Looking at it, I can tell that the watch is Gerald Genta in form, but really dark in feel. Looks like something that H.R. Giger would wear. He is the artist that designed the aliens, from the Alien movie series. This is because the watch combines a sense of machinery with the biometric forms that the artist is know for. I suppose Gerald Genta is also known for that. Did you know that H.R. Giger is also Swiss?

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Welcome to the next Free Watch Giveaway. This time around you have a good shot at winning a Magrette Moana Pacific watch, by sponsored by Magrette watches of New Zealand. the Moana Pacific is a very pretty watch, which is easy for me to say because I am a proud owner of one. It has an automatic movement and is part of a limited edition of just 500 pieces. I am not the only person loving this watch, everyone that seems to get their hands on a Magrette watch is impressed. See my initial article about the Moana Pacific here, as well as my personal Magrette Moana Pacific review here. Click the links to read all the nice details about the watch. The Magrette Moana Pacific has a retail price of 5.

Written by Marco who sells Bell & Ross Watches at Matt Baily.

HourTime Show Podcast Episode 7 – Our 2009 Holiday Buying Guide

HourTime Show Podcast Episode 7 – Our 2009 Holiday Buying Guide

The reasons why people want to blacken their watches varies, but it usually comes down to being able to have a unique watch. People with large collections often alter watches that they have stopped wearing to revitalize them and bring back the joy of wearing them. Others envision what some of the watches we have in stock would look like in black and purchase them for that reason. Watches who's styles have faded into the fashion archives can be modernized with the treatment.