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The GMT model comes in at a hefty 48 mm and uses the Calibre 04 in-house movement that allows quick adjustments of the hour hand (forward and backward) while traveling. Like the new 46 mm model, this one also includes a transparent case back and comes in a red gold limited edition of 200 pieces.

For a long time Glashutte Original has been one of my favorite brands. I personally own one of their watches (a Sport Evolution) and I am eager to see what they come out with each year. A new development at the brand is their ownership of the dial maker they once used as a supplier. What does that mean to the consumer? A lot actually. Having control over the dial maker means that little details on each dial can be attended to like never before. For example, on this watch, the color of the numerals in the big date indicator match the numerals on the rest of the dial. Such custom work is often not possible or feasible unless you actually own a company. So having their own dial maker really helps. It is also a very positive thing for collectors who are annoyed by color inconsistencies, which I can sympathize with.

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So, in simplifying the LM101 what did they do? If you recall, the first Legacy Machine LM1 (hands-on here) had two dials for the time and a neat "vertical" power reserve indicator. Going much higher-end, the Legacy Machine LM2 (hands-on here) featured a much more complex movement with dual balance wheels. So how is that all simplified? The LM101 has just one dial for the time, one balance wheel, and a more traditional power reserve indicator.

Pricing is the last big differentiator in these model lines. The Benu starts at around ,700, Benu Reserve at ,000, and the Atum at ,500. I say start at those prices, as much of it depends on the material (white or rose gold, or platinum). While these are beautiful pieces, it could be a bit of a gamble jumping into a fairly new brand with an as-of-yet unproven track record. Then again, with in-house movements right off the bat, you could also be getting in on the ground floor of a new luxury brand.

Why Are Serial Numbers Blurred Or Blocked Out On Some Watches For Sale?

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Thus far, we have been looking at the price changes of the Rolex Submariner, so now let's examine other models the brand has repositioned since their debut decades ago. On the chart above, you will see the Rolex Daytona in stainless steel and how its prices have changed. Again, in black, is the actual price of the Rolex Daytona, while in red is the original price adjusted for monetary inflation. If we look at the chart at the 2012 mark we will see that the watch, priced at ,250 was nearly six times as expensive as it "should have been" based on prices merely adjusted for monetary inflation, which came in at ,996. So, has the Rolex Daytona in steel become six times as expensive as it once was, in 1973?

Junghans Meister Telemeter Watch Is Going For Distance!  And Going For Speed! Watch Releases

MCT Sequential Two S200 Watch Hands-On

MCT Sequential Two S200 Watch Hands-On


Christopher Ward W61 Trident Pro Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews
Christopher Ward W61, side view
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One of the most complicated features we built from the ground up is a lot of new search functionality. Sure the handy search bar will always be where you want it in the top right-hand corner of each page, but that assumes you know what you are looking for. Whether you are browsing ALL ARTICLES, delving into FEATURES, or researching REVIEWS, you'll find a new assortment of search options and filters to help you find what you are looking for - faster. aBlogtoWatch has almost 3,400 published articles as of the launch of the new for 2014 website and it is our goal to help readers discover content they didn't know existed but really want to see.

ABTW: What drew you to this particular watch?

Seiko Prospex Kinetic GMT Diver's 200m Watch Hands-On Hands-On

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Piaget Dabcer

DOXA SUB 300T-Graph Chronograph Watches Hands-On Hands-On

“Giles and I still cannot believe that it’s happened. Holding the original and invaluable muslin used to cover the 1903 Wright Flyer is incredibly emotive. The Wright family has been wonderful to work with and it was inspiring to see their passion for the project. Does the creation of a special aviation-inspired watch really get any better than this? Probably not. The combination of this amazing material and our new BWC/01 movement has resulted in a truly mind-blowing timepiece.”

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Steven Holtzman founded Maitres du Temps (i.e. Masters of Time) in 2005 to create a brand that enabled some of the most acknowledged individual watchmakers to overcome their own technical and aesthetic limitations and collectively develop timepieces that they never would have conceived on their own. So far, six master watchmakers have worked under the aegis of his initiative designing three different base models - or Chapters, as they like to call them. With the new 'Chapter One Round Transparence' the brand offers a new version of the original by giving us a different perspective on their very first movement.

Rolex was a young brand when the original Rolex Oyster watch was released, but it was not until later in Rolex's history did the brand focus on the Rolex Oyster concept almost exclusively. Hans Wilsdorf, German born and living in London, entered the watch industry in 1905 doing timepiece distribution in Britain and the British Empire. He went on to produce his own watches a few years later, and the Rolex name came about in 1908. In about 1920 he moved to Bienne, Switzerland to open Montres Rolex S.A., which is when everything really begun. Just six years later the brand's hallmark product family would be released. The First Rolex Oyster Watch From 1926 Feature Articles The First Rolex Oyster Watch From 1926 Feature Articles One thing is notably absent from the 1926 Rolex Oyster watches. The trademark crown logo is missing. Rolex didn't come up with the crown logo until the early 1930s, but you can see that on one of the pieces the Rolex name was presented in the same font and style that it is in today. You'll also notice the fluted bezel, which is also a hallmark of Rolex design on today's Datejust and Day-Date models (among others) This was part of the patented water-resistance system employed in the Rolex Oyster. Hermetically sealed, the Rolex Oyster was innovative not just for being able to be taken into the water, but for resisting a range of liquids and particles such as dust from entering the case. The system was all about screwed-down elements. The original Rolex Oyster watch was innovative because the case back, bezel, and crown were all screwed-down. The fluted bezel was an important part of this because Rolex developed special tools which allowed them to tightly seal up the cases... more »

Omega Seamaster Bullhead Chronograph Watch Hands-On

Omega Seamaster Bullhead Chronograph Watch Hands-On

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The other side has the milled groove and a heritage mark.

Marvin Origin M125 Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews
Marvin Origin M125, off side

To track the two different time zones, Patek has actually gone with two hour hands.  The skeletonized one is for tracking your home time zone, while the solid one tracks the local hour.  This accomplishes two things quite handily.

The calibre used in these new Hi-Beat GMTs is new and features a proper jumping hour hand for travelling, allowing you to easily manage local time while employing the GMT hand to track the time at home. GMT complications are one of my absolute favourite functions on a watch, but many manufacturers design the feature backwards, applying the jump adjust to the GMT hand. This setup is good for timing phone calls in other timezones, but significantly less useful for travelling.

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Tudor Grantour

The democratization of watch enthusiasm is something we are keen to promote on a regular basis. As you can imagine aBlogtoWatch receives a lot of questions each week and we do our best to answer the salient ones in our Ask Us Anything section. Recently, the magazine, Men's Health, asked us for help with a section they were producing on style tips and hacks in regard to a range of things related to guys. Watches were among those things, so we were asked to make a simple list of tips for more novice watch lovers that should be of interest to enough aBlogtoWatch readers. So...

Official 24: Live Another Day Wrist Watch From Show Will Be Available Soon  Watch Releases

I traveled from the temperate climes of the people's republic of Vancouver, BC to experience a suitably outlandish event in the Lone Star state, the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Tour. My companion and partner-in-crime for the weekend is a cool-headed Oregonian named Andre who scored the trip by entering a contest sponsored by Maurice Lacroix. Andre actually posted a great comment on the ABTW contest post and even included a photo of him and his lady jumping off a cliff in Mexico. Lucky for me, Andre is an all-around good dude and a commensurate watch addict.

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Breguet Grandes Complications

As pictured above, the Health Mate app compiles the data received from the watch and uses it to analyze the wearer's daily activities. Beyond tracking the distance you covered that day on foot, it also has sleep monitoring – which I've found to be an interesting data point, and something I've not seen before – as well as swimming tracking. The latter is apparently supported with the Withings Activité Fitness Tracker watch's claimed 50 meters of water resistance, although we would not recommend using it for diving or other more demanding underwater activities. That's plenty of stuff for the watch to keep in mind and while it is said to switch between the different modes automatically, the wearer can also make the watch do so by tapping on the touch sensitive sapphire crystal.

Speaking of aesthetics first, the most unusual aspect to this novelty has to be the unicolor PVD dial, carrying on the tri-compax layout with the 60-minute and 12-hour chronograph counters as well as the running seconds. Omega repeatedly refers to the dial as being black and yet displays it as nothing but brown on all its official images. As an ironic turn of events, in person and under most lighting conditions it will actually appear as gray with an occasional brownish hue to it. With that said, this is a completely new dial that showcases a new manufacturing process, lending the monochrome look a most unique appearance.

PSM: During my period in London's Piccadilly when I developed a restoration workshop for antique and vintage pocket and wrist watches.

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While this meant a huge leap forward and major manufactures like IWC and Longines have used Borgel's cases for some of their watches, another major issue remained an unsolved mystery: the sealing of the crown. Humidity and fine dust could still find its way into the movement, albeit now at a slower rate, thanks to the threaded case design. The original idea–or at least the first patent–for a waterproof crown is credited to Paul Perregaux and Georges Perret. In October, 1925 they applied for a patent for a screw down crown, as seen on the extract from the patent above. As in the case of most breakthrough developments, the two watchmakers' design also showed some imperfections.

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When it comes down to it, that is what the Meta is all about - notifications. The new company slogan is actually "Art of the Glance." The idea being that the Meta serves to take your eyes away from your phone to let you know if you have new messages, missed calls, etc... Meta promises an improved lifestyle by being less glued to your phone and able to merely glance at your watch rather than pull something out of your pocket or purse to check for a new e-mail or text. I think it is a clever position for the product, but it also means that there really isn't any functional innovation with regards to the features of a smartwatch.

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