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In the song, the three members of Migos actually display a significant amount of horological knowledge well beyond their faux-platinum peers. As expected, they clearly espouse a passion for all things bling -  a diamond-heavy case is "flooded like Katrina" in Migos' slang similes. However, Migos' lyrics also exhibit an understanding that watches' value comes from the prestige of a mechanical movement.

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At 41mm wide, this is among the larger "classic looking" Patek Philippe watches out there. Most other watches of this ilk in the Patek Philippe collection are more historic and smaller in size, being under 40mm wide. This is the first "modern sized" classic looking Patek Philippe watch that was on my radar and I like how it feels on the wrist. As a dressier style watch, it looks really lovely and it doesn't feel too small on the wrist, given my tastes. I think Patek Philippe hit a sweet spot here for classic watch lovers that normally feel Patek timepieces aren't quite exciting or modern enough.

Let's put things into context. Hong Kong isn't just the "gateway to the Asian watch market," but is one of the world's most important places for the watch industry. In an article on this exact topic, John Revill at the Wall Street Journal reports that exports to Hong Kong alone represent between about 15-20% of the overall global sales at corporations such as the Swatch Group, LVMH, and Richemont. Hong Kong represents a huge part of their business.

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The black strap combines leather and textile in very cool way. It is one of those things which is easy to miss, but once you notice it and understand that it isn't a simple off-the-shelf item you can get from most watch stores, you begin to understand why people like to experience a boutique brand such as this. You can buy a big brand watch anywhere, but there is something genuinely cool about the less straight-forward process of getting a Maurice de Mauriac watch.

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Christian Bedat: I was born in the industry - I'm the son of the late Simone Bedat, who founded Raymond Weil and then helped me manage Bedat & Co. I grew up in the industry and spent my youth in factories and the worldwide market. The passion grew slowly to become part of my personality. I can now say that, at the age of 50, I have over 40 years of experience.

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JW: For the FJ, it would be the Bell & Ross BR03-92 Phantom. We were in discussions with the team at Bell and Ross about designing a pairing, but they never followed through, unfortunately. I was really looking forward to that!

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This is all part of the in-house made and designed Ulysse Nardin caliber UN-205. For me, this is the most desirable Freak movement to date, as it successfully combines a slick design with the features you should expect in a Ulysse Nardin Freak watch at a good price. The movement features one large mainspring barrel which offers a full 7 days of power reserve. Flip the watch over, and on its rear you'll see small cutaways offering a view of the mainspring. While not as precise as a dedicated power reserve indicator, you can more or less know if you need to wind the watch by seeing how tightly wound the spring is.

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Feldmar Watch: Movie stars, great weather, and terrible architecture. We tear everything down! I think people should see the Santa Monica Pier and/or Venice boardwalk.  The Griffith Park Observatory and Griffith Park are a great oasis in an otherwise busy city.  There are a great deal of cultural areas that have amazing food these days, like a myriad of Korean BBQ places, like Soot Bull Jeep. Grand Central Market is new to the scene, but great as well. Places like Eggslut and Horse Thief are quite good.  Typhoon, in Santa Monica, has a great view of the runway and a nice mix of Pacific Rim cuisine.  I send a lot of adventurous clients and tourists to my favorite dives, like Mario's Peruvian Seafood, Honey's Kettle, The Kitchen, and Baby Blues.  As a born and raised local, I love some places that are near and dear to my heart, like the Bob Bakers Marionette Theater, the George C. Page Museum, and Carroll Avenue (old Victorian homes).

This stylish element is either "cool" or "infuriating," depending on your perspective. Although the lack of indicators of any kind on the bezel removes most of the timepiece's "tool watch cred," it does admittedly make for a high-fashion look, with available bezel inserts in colors such as red, orange, and blue. The bezel insert material is something called "HyCeram," a Swiss-made material that is said to chemically bind high-tech ceramics with polymers for a durable, colorful result. So, can you handle a Swiss watch with a "clean" rotating diver's bezel? Actually, you can order one with a traditional diver's bezel, if you so desire...

Ernie Romers: That was a long and slow process. I believe I was lucky, starting the site at a time when there weren’t many sites like Watchuseek focused on watches and the discussion of watches. The major force came in the last 5 years, but was built over the last 10 years. I started to realize the importance of Watchuseek when (finally) brands like Bell & Ross, Zenith, Ball, Tissot, Maurice Lacroix, MB&F, Bremont, Hamilton, etc. came on board.

Authentication is the final major consideration when pursuing a private trade. Between anyone but experts, fair private trades involving watches depend on the good faith of the individuals and their willingness to “show all cards” concerning originality and origin. In contrast, major pre-owned dealers with BBB standing and professional reputations are unlikely to misrepresent a watch intentionally. Also, a dealer’s experience and resources are more likely than private owner’s eyes to weed out questionable watches before they reach the trade market. When individuals trade, the entire responsibility and liability lies with the participants. Errors – even honest ones – concerning watch value and originality are more likely to occur.

Most Romain Jerome "DNA" watches contain some pieces of something related to the subject matter of the watch. This all started with the RJ Titanic DNA watches (hands-on review here) that contained small amounts of metal collected from the sunken Titanic ship. This concept continued into other areas with watches that contains small amounts of dust from the moon, and to watches like the Romain Jerome DeLorean DNA watch that contained small amounts of metal from an actual DeLorean car.

Welcome back to an original aBlogtoWatch feature, "My First Grail Watch." In this series, we ask prominent people in the watch industry about the first timepiece that they lusted after. Today, we're speaking with Kari Voutilainen, a watchmaker who owns his exclusive brand, Kari Voutilainen.

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Today, Omega has announced some very exciting news in regard to how it will certify the performance and accuracy of their timepieces with in-house produced movements. In short, Swiss Omega will continue to submit its chronometer designated movements to COSC Chronometer certification tests but, after casing up the COSC certified movements, it will put these Co-Axial Master Chronometer watches through a series of in-house tests which received a comprehensive certification by the Swiss government controlled METAS agency. One major reason for this is that moving forward more and more Omega watches will contain the company's Co-Axial Master Chronometer technology which includes both a unique type of escapement as well as anti-magnetic properties. According to parent company Swatch Group, Omega is about to offer what possibly is the most comprehensive and extensive way of certifying a mechanical watch. Let's see what all this means in practice.

The answer whether in 2014 the glass of wine was half full or half empty for the luxury industry is a moot point. It was, indeed, a challenging year. Obviously, geo-political developments occurring in the Middle East, Ukraine, Hong Kong, or China impacted business. Also, lower than expected economic growth rates in the BRIC-states, plus the still sluggish economies in Europe had a negative influence.

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The popping light blue base color of the dial really is highly unusual – it was my first encounter with a watch that featured this color – and yet it looks cool in the metal, without appearing to be trying too hard. For fans of historical motor racing, the color scheme may be familiar: Ernst Benz notes that the inspiration is coming from that industry, certainly referring to the famous Gulf painted Porsche 917K and others. This color palette of course may not be for everyone, but it sure is a nice design element that takes a few steps away from the traditional white, silver or black colored faces. In fact, this color is the centerpiece of this release that makes it special – and also what made me pick this one up from a box of at least a dozen other pieces.