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Grand Seiko Spring Drive GMT Watch Is Japan’s Rolex GMT Master

Grand Seiko Spring Drive GMT Watch Is Japan’s Rolex GMT Master

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For a watch enthusiast, the movement of a watch is a first priority of inquiry. The Citizen Campanola is a quartz movement, which is inherently not "mechanical." Most people investing in watches such as this will demand an entirely mechanical watch, as there is a premonition that quartz watches are cheap. This may be so for the most part, but Citizen was correct to use a quartz movement in this watch. The reason is the level complications. A mechanical watch that does everything the Citizen Campanola Grand Complication can do would be at least ,000. A brief list of the main complications are: time indication, full perpetual calendar with leap years, 12-hour chronograph, moonphase indicator, and a chiming mechanism that tells the time in a series of chiming sounds if you can read the simple code. All these features together are possible in a mechanical movement, but are rare and very expensive.

This is not to say that all watch companies are like this. Many newer or more progressive companies have embraced the power of the internet to spread word of their watches and reach ever wider audiences. Many watch companies even sell direct to the consumer, which is a practice that legacy makers would not dare to engage in. "Leave it to the sales people to sell watches, they should be lucky we grace their stores with out product." This is seriously how I envision many watch companies' feeling given their behavior and attitude toward Internet sales.

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