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Mechanical Swiss automatic movement (28,800 vibrations/hour).
Power reserve: 42 hours.
Functions: hours, minutes, seconds, date and time under water on the bezel.

Popular these days with ceramic is non glossy finish. The Chanel J12 watches of the world got the industry a bit exhausted with ever shiny ceramic. Plus, it doesn't always look good for men. So these days more and more ceramic is stealthy looking. Panerai calls the finish matte, which it is. The deep brown case in the subtle tone helps keep the 47mm wide size compact looking enough, and the traditional style Panerai case is benefited from the vintage feel of the piece. As high-tech as the watch is, it still feels like a throwback model. Also, the case is water resistant to 100 meters.

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It is called Tissot Reality, and is a method of using what is known as "augmented reality." The term applies to programs that create visuals over real-life images. Tissot has created a downloadable application that allows you to try out their entire T-Touch collection family of watches from home in your underwear. The system isn't perfect, but the first attempt is really cool. You need to download the software, print out then cut out the watch shaped strap for your wrist, and you must have a webcam. Finally, I can try out new watches in my underwear - dream come true.

Even with all the decor and skeletonization, the watch dial itself isn't hard to read. Chalk that up to large, lumed hands and a dedicated hour marker ring around the dial. Using the watch as a pocket watch or table clock isn't going to be very common I suppose. But Bovet is all into the "multi-purpose" luxury watch when you are spending the big dollars. I do find it interesting that the watch is totally reversible, and attractive on both sides. Bovet claims that the process of "changing" the watch is pretty smooth. This mostly involves removing the straps or re-attaching them. The Pininfarina Tourbillon Ottana watch will likely dazzle enough collectors, and is certainly a good addition to Bovet's collection that needs a few more "modern" pieces in its lineup. Price is going to be about 0,000 - to 0,000.

Inside the watch is a Swiss ETA 2824-2 automatic, which should do nicely. Both watches have similar caseback engravings of the original KonTiki ship for which the watch was named. Eterna fitted the watch with a great mesh metal bracelet with a special deployment clasp for micro adjusting it. They all offer an extension segment for use when diving. Being a limited edition, the Eterna Heritage Super KonTiki 1973 watch will be limited to just 1,973 pieces (for the year it was originally introduced). It should be available this fall for about ,300. I really want one of these and am happy to see collector demand high enough for Eterna to price the Super KonTiki back.

The aviator inspired calfskin leather strap is black and custom made for the MB&F. It really does complete the theme of the watch which starts with A-10 airplanes. The finish on the case is a combo of polished and satin finished sections. You can tell that the polishing was very difficult. MB&F informed me that their case finishers laughed at them when they said they wanted satin finish on the case. It has to do with the tiny spaces that need to be polished and the size of the satin finishing brush. Somehow there were able to get it done, and I have a feeling they will continue to perfect the process. It is nice to know that this watch isn't just some limited edition - but rather a new permanent part of the MB&F timepiece family. Though the brand will only make about 2 of them a month. The waiting list for one is already many, many months long, even with its price tag of 8,000. Even at that entry-level Ferrari cost, knowing the competition, the HM4 Thunderbolt seems like a good deal.

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Bridge chamfers Sunburst decoration

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Casio Dee & Ricky G-Shock GA110DR-1A Watch Watch Releases
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Alas, for all my hope of wearing this watch and gazing longingly at a future vacationing on the moon, the piece might be sized too small for my tastes. While it is cubic in appearance (often looks larger) a width of just 34.4mm in diameter seems lacking. There is zero mention by Sinn of this watch being intended for women, but it isn't a large piece. Aside from some modern pieces, Sinn is a brand that doesn't go large. Those looking for a more petite, but good looking (and original feeling) timepiece will find a good companion here.

MB&F With Boucheron Present: The HM3 JwlryMachine Watch Watch Releases

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Essex La Primera GMT Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Bridge chamfers Sunburst decoration

The timepiece of the minute is the Maurice de Mauriac Chronograph Modern. It comes in all sorts of styles, but the basic look and case is going to remain the same (unless you really want to go wild). While the piece I have is an excellent combo of parts, I encourage you to visit Maurice de Mauriac's website to see more of the Chronograph Modern possibilities. The watch is available in three case sizes, 39mm, 42mm, and 45mm, with several dials, case finishes, bezels, straps... you get the idea.

Tissot T-Race Nicky Hayden 2010 Limited Edition Watch Watch Releases

Terminating relationships with third-party retailers also solved a few other problems. Because there was no more wild card authorized dealers selling unsold stock into the gray market, the gray market would eventually not include their brands, or only include pre-owned models. This way pricing was much better regulated and you could feel more confident that there was price consistency. Also, you could have a very linear marketing approach. Advertise online and the ad could link directly to e-commerce site, and consumer could buy a watch right away. No longer would you need to rely on a consumer to proactively "call for more information."

Again, the case, caseback, crown, strap, buckle, and other external features of the watch are great. Even the super thick 12-sided sapphire crystal over the dial is cool. Then again, the dial itself isn't bad or anything, I just feel a desire for a bit more, and I know that Corum can give it to me. The Deep Hull 48 isn't a bad watch, or a bad buy, but I feel that given Corum's new found effort on design and polish, they can do a bit better. Any I have no doubt that they will. With just 500 pieces in titanium, and 255 pieces in black titanium, this limited edition set will set the stage for better and more beautiful Corum dive watches to come in the near future.

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Movement dimensions
- Diameter : 36.40 mm
- Thickness : 11.51 mm

The case is large and quite nicely finished at 50mm tall by 38mm wide. Though as you can tell, the soft curves and tapered edges don't make the size stick out much. Notice the organic way it adapts to life on one's wrist. The custom leather strap (with the iconic red colored underbelly Marvin watches are known for) is very wide at 28mm between the lugs and tapers down to 22mm wide at the Marvin signed steel buckle.

Minutes on second cone

The motion of this winder is the gentlest of any I've ever owned. It takes five minutes for the watch to rotate through 180 degrees and then it swings back and forth a few times and rest for another five minutes. All of the watches I put on the winder had ETA 2824s in them and they all continued to run for as long as they were on the winder. I wondered if there would be enough movement, as according to Orbita's web site, my watches with the 2824s in them need 650 revolutions/day. This Orbita's motor only makes 144 turns/day, but every 10 minutes the watch does swing back and forth. None of my watches stopped, but perhaps they were running down and eventually they'd stop... [Ed. note - Myself and Orbita have done lots of testing to ensure that the motion of the Orbita 1 Sparta Mini fully winds watches. It is true that it appears to wind watches less, but this is not actually the case. The momentum created when the weight drops is actually without and jerkiness, and results in a significant amount of force for the rotor to wind a good deal.]
I took one of my watches (the Glycine Lagunare 1000), shook it for a few seconds to get it going and set the correct time. I never manually wind an automatic watch, but simply get it going and then wear it. That's always worked well for me. I put it on the winder for 48 hours and then stopped it. The watch still showed the correct time. I then let it run until it stopped and it ran for about 26 hours. Perfect. The winder is slowly winding the watch. I know an automatic can't be overwound, but I'm sure there's more wear and tear happening if you're spinning the watch so quickly so that it gets fully wound in a matter of hours (like some I've seen) This winder would probably take a bit more than three days to fully wind this movement when it's completely unwound.

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As you saw in the previous article, the partnership with Adventure Ecology and Plastiki led to IWC developing a limited edition Ingenieur watch in steel. IWC has now released an addition piece, but in platinum. It will be auctioned off for charity to support the efforts of Adventure Ecology. With a reserve price of 30,000 euros, it is unclear just how much the solid platinum Adventure Ecology Ingenieur watch will go for. Bidding is now open, and you can enter a bid yourself at the Plastiki website here. The auction will end on August 7th, 2010. Visit the site for more details and to bid.

Devon Tread 1 Watch Hands-On

Devon Tread 1 Watch Hands-On

You know what Oris makes a lot of? Diver's watches. The brand just makes a ton of these things. So many models, lots of weird iterations on the theme, after a while I just sort of stopped paying attention to their new models. I mean they came out with a regulator style diving watch. Why? I mean you really need to like regulator watches to be into one of those. There are small seconds, GMTs, all sorts of chronographs, and just a number of other interesting models. In my mind, no one else has as big a variety of mechanical diving watches as Oris. So sifting through all of them I wanted to look for the basic diver that they made that was good ol' dive watch goodness. I came up with the simply named Oris Divers Date watch.

Big Pilot + Perpetual Calendar watch? Yes please! I personally think it is great. IWC did a good job with this orange and black beauty. But a limited edition only? Well, maybe we will see more of them in the future. Actually we have seen a lot of IWC watches in limited edition skin lately, and I won't complain when it is in Big Pilot form. Price isn't horrible given the movement at ,000.

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