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2.The group picks a dial from several that I’ll post ….I can post up to 20 dials…

This is important as it greatly affected the future of dive watches, so let's briefly discuss what this new equipment was. The aqua-lung was the first open circuit breathing apparatus that allowed dives up to depths of 60 meters (or around 180 feet), all without direct connection with the surface. The most important consequence of it was that it helped accelerate developments in the fields of both professional, scientific, and hobby diving, hence making them more widely available around the world. As a result of World War II, warfare and the following popularization of diving, more refined and more durable accessories were required, items such as depth meters, compasses and, of course, wristwatches.

Like many a watchnerd, I have a fondness for the Omega Speedmaster. We love it for its history, its connection with NASA and the Apollo program, and for the fact that it's still made today. Come to think of it, do you have any idea just how many Speedmasters there are to choose from today? My lazy count on their website found 13 lines that cover everything from the Professional and Dark Side to rarer models like HB-SIA and the Z-33. With countless limited editions and special models produced in it's 57-year history, the Speedmaster is one of the few watches to have undisputedly earned the status of an icon.

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Produced as a special order and sold for Count Carlo Felice Trossi, the president of Scuderia Ferrari, not only is this watch rare, but also has the important added value of a prominent owner. It is also a rarity to have a photograph from such early times of not only the first owner, but of him actually wearing the watch. Seen in the background on the image above is the president of Ferrari, proudly wearing his custom made, 46mm Patek single button chronograph on his sleeve, where he presumably wore it for the benefit of easier access as he was timing laps. Sold by Sotheby's in May, 2008 for .24 million, this watch is yet another proof of the massive interest in important and unusually large watches of the past.

The Rarest And Most Expensive Patek Philippe Watches ABTW Editors' Lists
Patek Philippe Rare 1591 as featured by Christie's on their Catalog from November 12, 2007

13. Reference 1591 Perpetual Calendar- ,240,714

Last year in 2013, aBlogtoWatch was there when Bulova announced that they would be the official watch sponsor and timekeeper of England's Manchester United Football Club. At the time, there were no particular watches ready to show that honored the new relationship, but at Baselworld 2014 Bulova introduced the Manchester United Treble within their new Percheron collection.

Hublot and Ferrari: The Art of Fusion Watch Releases

IWC Ingenieur Double Chronograph Titanium Watch Hands-On

IWC Ingenieur Double Chronograph Titanium Watch Hands-On

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FK:  Firstly the name - being Scottish, I was curious and proud that there was a timepiece associated with my country! Then, when I saw the images of it, I was even more drawn to the piece because it's an object with which I had an emotional connection. It made me think. It was beautifully crafted with intricate and meaningful decoration and engravings.

For myself, I've always enjoyed seeing Bell & Ross pieces pop up in articles, and I do rather like the style. They take something familiar (the aviator watch) and have turned into something that's uniquely their own (in large part due to that case) that all at once lets you know what marque's name is going to be gracing the dial. Limited to an edition of only 500 pieces, I have a feeling this ,900 BR 03-94 will be a model that moves pretty quickly off the shelves.

Available in steel, 18k white gold, or 18k red gold, the case is 35mm wide at its widest point. Depending on the version, the case is decorated with various amounts of diamonds or brown garnet stones (for the red gold version), and a unique material is used for the smaller part of the "8." This is actually one of the most interesting and tactile elements of the design.

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First, when you're still at home, the solid hour hand covers the hollowed-out one, and no one's the wiser.  When you're traveling, though, the solid hand will draw your eye much more easily when checking the time at a glance, meaning you'll stay on schedule.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Diver Watch In White Ceramic Hands-On Hands-On

However, while innovation alone would assure Blancpain its place in the annals of watchmaking, after all, dive watches are some of the most popular models (even today, when most dive watches hardly see any water but the stream from a faucet), in this collector's opinion, Blancpain deserves respect and admiration for its extraordinary efforts to help preserve the world's oceans and the rare endangered species that call this blue landscape home.

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In two days, the first aBlogtoWatch Instagram-based giveaway for THREE Ancon watches we have undertaken in partnership with Canadian watch retailer Matt Baily, will end. The giveaway involves people uploading images to Instagram with the #anconatmattbaily tag and then people voting on their favorite pictures. The top three pictures (that follow the rules) will each receive an Ancon watch.

Hublot and Ferrari: The Art of Fusion Watch Releases

This also implies that Android Wear devices will link to local WiFi access or connected smartphones. Google has developed a lot of tools that help make a "connected life" more convenient, but for now it is the destiny of a smartwatch to remain a (perhaps vital, yet complementary) accessory to a smartphone.

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Traser H3 Officer Pro Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Most TV-related watches are cheap quartz junk. This is not. I like it because it is cool, clever, mechanical, and by an enthusiast for enthusiasts.

Oris Big Crown ProPilot Chronograph GMT Watch Hands-On Hands-On

Motorola Moto360 Smartwatch Design Contest Reveals 10 Superb User Interfaces Created By The Public

Motorola Moto360 Smartwatch Design Contest Reveals 10 Superb User Interfaces Created By The Public

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Musician John Mayer has been very vocal about his passion for collecting watches. Not only has he shared with (and perhaps confused) many of his fans when post images the high-end timepieces from his collection via social media, but he has also participated with the watch industry and news media as a sort of celebrity watch expert. Now John Mayer is suing Robert Maron, a former friend and trusted colleague over what he claims is fraud and the repeated sale of counterfeit vintage Rolex timepieces.

Visconti Abyssus Scuba 3000m Dive Watches Hands-On Hands-On

Rolex offered a teaser before the watch release showing the profile of a Deepsea case, bathed in blue lighting and hinted with two small drops of water. That was everything we had and nothing more. However, we felt that there had to be a reason for the blue lighting as we would not expect Rolex to use it merely for the purpose of distraction: and we were right, as the new watch is indeed the Rolex Deepsea Sea-Dweller D-Blue with a deep blue dial that gradually transforms into deep black, imitating one man's journey to the deepest place on Earth.

Panerai Luminor 1950

What is "Ultra Thin?" Nothing. It is just a marketing term and doesn't refer to a specific criteria or classification. It is also dependent on the type of watch. A chronograph can be ultra-thin at 8mm thick, but a manually wound movement at that thickness wouldn't be thin at all. Context is a really important part of understanding what these terms mean. I'd say that anything 9mm thick or under is going to feel pretty thin, and under 5mm thick is going to look "super duper" thin. Anyhow, how does all that relate to these two new Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Ultra-Thin watches?

Original Breguet pocket watches exist all over the world, in museums or in the hands of private collectors. A few beautiful Breguet pieces are located at the Musee International d'Horlogerie (MIH) in La Chaux-de-Fonds in Switzerland (visited here). They are very rarely sold, and when they are, it is often Breguet the company that purchases them. This is the case with the Breguet Ref. 2567 from 1812 that I got to enjoy hands-on and photograph for you among the pieces in this post. In 2005, Breguet purchased this watch via an Antiquroum auction for 253,750 Swiss Francs. Not record-breaking for a pocket watch, but for an original tourbillon produced in the workshop of Abraham-Louis, that is a pretty good deal for over a quarter million dollars. The link actually has some interesting history on the piece and its chain of ownership. Note that the ref. 2567 was originally sold in 1812 for the price of 1,800 Francs.

For 2014, Jacob & Co. returns with a rather amazing watch creation sure to impress everyone from traditional watch lovers to the public at large. Watch the video below of the new Astronomia Tourbillon and it is easy understand why "wow" is a typical response to this complex and very interesting horological creation. When and whether the Astronomia will actually be produced is another question, but even if the timepiece remains a digital video I would be happy at the creation of the mere concept.

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Hamilton Reveals The Khaki Pilot Pioneer Aluminum, A Hands-On With Their First Watch In Aluminum Hands-On

What you should be looking for is value for your money. You want to get a lot for your money, and if you aren't familiar with what to expect then again we recommend our watch buying guides that specifically cover the topic of what features to look for in watches of various price points. Nice watches are expensive. If you want a decent mechanical Swiss watch it is going to cost you about 0 on the very lowest-end. You should expect to spend ,000 - ,000 for most "entry-level mechanical Swiss watches, and mid-range mechanical Swiss watches can go from ,000 - ,000 (or a bit more) these days. The sky is really the limit from there.

What does the watch indicate? Actually just the time with seconds (via the tourbillon) and a power reserve indicator. To the left of the barrels are two turning drums that indicate the power reserve with what appears to be a drum for the days at the top, and one for the hours below. On the adjacent side of the dial are two drums for the time represented by a drum for the hours above and right below it one for the minutes. A thinner drum for the seconds is located near the tourbillon as part of its spinning cage.