IWC Replica 8-Day Power Limited Edition Watch Hands-On

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Breguet Type XXII 3880ST High Frequency Chronograph Watch Hands-On

Breguet Type XXII 3880ST High Frequency Chronograph Watch Hands-On

What do I really like about the Anchar? Two things really. The design and the feature set. But having both of those things together makes for a really interesting watch. It isn't the best piece ever made for sure, even at this price range. However, the unique and well-conceived design make it worth your attention. The Vostok Europe Anchar is a big watch. Not too large for me, but for some people the 48mm wide case size will be overwhelming. The case is in sandblasted steel and it looks a bit like titanium due to the finish. The edges are soft, but the case still retains a tool-like persona. At 150 grams it isn't incredibly heavy either.

March LA.B AM3 Legionnaire Watch For Collete Watch Releases

Hamilton Khaki Navy Pioneer Watch Hands-On Hands-On

Rolex GMT-Master II Ref. 116713 LN Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

We talk Fortis and Christophe Claret and never get to one of our topics. The TokyoFlash watch winner is announced and we spend some time discussing magnetic balls.

TAG Heuer MikrotourbillonS Watch Watch Releases

While each version of the WW1 Heure Sautante watch has the same movement, you can tell that the dials are totally different. It is hard to choose a favorite because they are both so different. The 18k pink gold model has blued steel hands and I think baton hour indicators. The jumping hour window is framed in gold with a white face. Legibility is perfect given the attractive high-contrast dial. The power reserve indicator helps even out the dial. The only thing missing is a seconds indicator. On the platinum model you have something totally different. The power reserve indicator is mounted the other way around using a disc rather than a hand. Most of the face is gray, with a white inner dial separated by a textured border. This face actually looks more characteristically "Bell & Ross" if you are familiar with some of their older model designs. Attached to the watches are alligator straps.

No one who has or will buy this watch will use it as their sole timepiece. If by chance someone does, I'd like to meet that person. This is a status watch for watch lovers. You need to appreciate mechanics and find the tourbillon interesting to look at to even consider this watch. You also need to appreciate the Recital 0's slight avant garde design concept and family theme. With a bold look and optional diamond bezel, this is also a show-off watch. And for those who appreciate the wide range of Bovet watch aesthetics, you'll agree that most of their timepieces fit into this category. Not that there is anything at all wrong with that. If you are spending 8,000 on a Bovet Recital 0, you want as many people as possible to notice it.

WINNER: Marvin Malton Cushion M119 Watch

WINNER: Marvin Malton Cushion M119 Watch

Jaquet Droz "The Writer" Automata: Awesome Antique Android Watch Releases

Ladoire RGT "Origin Of The Sun" Piece Unique Watch Watch Releases

To my knowledge Sinn hasn't hard-launched the new 857 and 857 S watch collection yet. Though, the pieces are right up there on their website. These are a more simple version of the existing 857 UTC models which contained a small central GMT hand. What the 857 really is however is an upgraded and larger version of the 657 and 657 S - a watch I proudly own but simply do not wear any longer as it is too small. Overall the 857 is going to be a very solid seller for Sinn based on its design and upgraded features over the 657 family.

The hardness of titanium is lower than some steels, so it scratches easier than most steel. However, titanium is much much harder than gold, platinum and aluminum. Coatings can improve the hardness of titanium as well, and there are many coatings out there that we might cover in another article. Grade 5 titanium has around 35 Rockwell C (Rc) hardness. Steels have a range of hardness from low values all the way up to 55 Rc for hardened carbon steels to 65 Rc for tool steels and even higher for special steels used for knifes (e.g. D-2 tool steel, S30V knife steel). Gold, platinum and aluminum are so soft that they are usually not even shown on the same Hardness scale (there are many hardness scales).

De Bethune DB25 IX Maya Watch Hands-On Hands-On

Ulysse Nardin Black Sea Chronograph Watch Hands-On

Ulysse Nardin Black Sea Chronograph Watch Hands-On

In my opinion Rolex needed more time to build a dial around this interesting complication. With Rolex you expect absolute perfection and consistency. The Rolex Sky-Dweller offers something truly intriguing for Rolex brand lovers, but misses the ball a bit when it comes to offering a truly universally lovely design that the brand is known for. Prices in the middle are about ,000 perhaps and up for the Rolex Sky-Dweller watch in gold.

Rolex Sky-Dweller Watch Watch Releases
Time Remaining: 54m
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Rolex Sky-Dweller Watch Watch Releases
ROLEX Datejust 79174 Ladies Watch Pink Shell Dial Stainless Steel WG
Time Remaining: 1h 2m
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Rolex Sky-Dweller Watch Watch Releases
ROLEX Datejust Thunderbird 1625 Mens Stainless Steel WGBezel
Time Remaining: 1h 2m
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Rolex Sky-Dweller Watch Watch Releases
ROLEX Rolex Datejust 116200 Silver Dial Men with guarantee
Time Remaining: 1h 2m
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Rolex Sky-Dweller Watch Watch Releases
ROLEX datejust 116233 Mens black character board YG Stainless
Time Remaining: 1h 2m
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Rolex Sky-Dweller Watch Watch Releases
ROLEX Datejust 116234 Mens Watch Stainless Steel WG Random Guarantee
Time Remaining: 1h 10m
Buy It Now for only: ,410.00
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JS Watch Frisland God Special Edition With Eyjafjallajökull Ashes Watch Releases


You can see the movement through the sapphire crystal exhibition caseback on the rear of the watch. Thankfully the mechanical movement is an automatic and has a very attractive 18k rose gold rotor. Further, the in-house made caliber 25JD movement has a power reserve of a full seven days. The design and decor of the movement is also quite lovely. I don't think that Jaquet Droz will have much problem moving these nice timepieces in their stores. Despite having a petite seconds, this JD Tourbillon is a "Grande" looker.

Rado R-One "Tron" Watch Hands-On Hands-On

I appreciate that Linde Werdelin has decided it makes sense to explicitly state what many brands don't discuss - that they take peer review into strict consideration when finalizing their watches. It has been more or less promised to myself and other watch writers that whatever we view at watch shows such as Baselworld are unfinished prototypes. Brands like Linde Werdelin produce close to reality experimental designs that they share with reviewers and retailers before pieces are produced for sale. Suggestions and feedback go into the final products - which is exactly what happened with their Oktopus II Double Date Dive watch.

Porsche Design P'6540 Heritage Chronograph Watch Hands-On Hands-On

Shelby partnered with David Yurman for a special limited edition version of their Revolution sport watch called the David Yurman Revolution Shelby 1000 Limited Edition. Actually there are two versions of the watch. One is strictly limited, and the other will have a "limited production." The cool watch gracefully embodies the spirit of the Cobra and the famous sport's marque. Other brands such as MARCH LA.B have worked with Shelby before. This one however is specially made for the Shelby 1000 and the 50th anniversary of the car maker. At the same time it can live alone as a cool Shelby Cobra themed chronograph.

Habring² Doppel 2.0 Watch Watch Releases

While using the Nike+FuelBand might not go so far as creating a Tamagochi Effect, I have spent a lazy morning on the couch only to be prompted to get up and do something more physical after seeing that the NikeFuel meter had not moved towards my daily goal. The FuelBand can't track your heart rate or running route through GPS like some other fitness devives but the way it works without bothering you is a definite plus. It's just always there and always recording. This is geared more towards those who are currently active and want to track their activity as well as those looking to become more active and could use an additional nudge. While you might not necessarily feel like you let your Nike+FuelBand down by not reaching your goal it just might have you doing some last minute jumping jacks before bed to cross into Goal territory. Should you reach your predetermined Fuel goal, you are rewarded with an animated "goal" message. There are a few that it cycles through to keep things interesting day by day.

Engineers and scientist have worked for years to make ceramics tougher. And one interesting solution is “Zirconia Toughened Alumina” and “Yttria Stabilized Zirconia.” It is a special class of ceramics. When the ceramic is breaking under stress, it microscopically swells at the crack and stops the crack from growing. Thus improving the toughness. Still, their toughness is low with respect to metals. If you had a watch made of such ceramics, they would be much more impact resistant than usual ceramics watches.

This is a new model from Helson, the Titanium Gauge, and we have an exclusive first review . This one takes the cool look of their 3500m gauge, scales it down to a mere 1000m, and goes to a full titanium case for a more wearable design. Let's take a look.

  • Titanium case with helium escape valve between the top lugs and signed, inset & screwed 7.9mm crown opposite.
  • Sapphire crystal, double-domed with antireflective coating
  • ETA 2824-2 movement (note that the date function is not used here)
  • Lumed 120-click bezel.
  • 47.0mm by 16.8mm high (top of crystal), 53.6mm lug to lug.
  • 131g on the Isofrane-style strap

The NYC RLH event will be on May 2nd, 2012 in New York City - location and time to be determined and e-mailed to you a few days before the event. The invite will go out to all RLH members no matter where you live (because we don't know who will be in NYC on May 2nd). After you get the invite you'll be asked to RSVP if you are doing. If you are already an RLH member then do nothing but wait. New RLH members sign up by clicking the button below.

As a gadget lover, this all sounds pretty awesome. And the funny part is that as a watch lover, I have to meld my mind around the idea of wearing a non-mechanical watch. For the Astron GPS Solar I would heartily make the exception. Get this puppy on my wrist pronto, Seiko! Astron is the historic name of the world's first quartz movement-based wrist watch, released by Seiko in 1969. The brand brought the name back for a limited edition 40th anniversary piece, and now again for this very modern watch. Does this signal the return to the Astron name? Maybe a bit.

This Avanti 4 Vertical watch winder has spots for four Rotor-Wind watch winders. The Rotor-Wind system is something that I have reviewed several times before on A quick search for "Orbita watch winder review" will reveal how it works for those who are not familiar with it. In my humble opinion, the Rotor-Wind system is the best all-around watch winder module. It uses low energy, winds using gravity, and is silent. Some enthusiasts want programmable winders sure, but for most people the Rotor-Wind system works wonderfully. If you really must have a programmable watch winder - worry not - Orbita has you covered as well. Oh, and in this unit, the Rotor-Wind modules wind each of the watches once each 10 minutes. To learn more you can read this previous Orbita RotorWind watch winder review.