Uniform Wares 351 Series 351/RG-01 Watch Review

Uniform Wares 351 Series 351/RG-01 Watch Review

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Practically, METAS operates several commercial cesium clocks and has collaborated with the Laboratoire Temps et Fréquence of the University of Neuchâtel (previously known as Observatory of Neuchâtel) for many years. All these – and also much greater, albeit in our case, quite irrelevant – efforts are made, as METAS is responsible for the dissemination of the official time in Switzerland. In watchmaking country, that is quite a big deal, and goes to show the institute's involvement in scientific undertakings related to timekeeping. On a basic level to see a luxury watchmaker work with a government scientific organization or certify its mechanical watches in this day and age is pretty cool.

When I hear the term "tool watch," I inevitably think of one of two archetypes - a vintage Rolex Submariner (tool watch genesis) and modern Sinn models like the U1, the 857 UTC or this Sinn EZM 9 TESTAF. The Sinn EZM 9 TESTAF's specs speak for themselves, starting with a 44 mm titanium case with TEGIMENT scratch resistance and a bead-blasted finish. The Sinn EZM 9 TESTAF is 200m water resistant and DIN 8310 compliant, along with being shock resistant to DIN 8308 and anti-magnetic to DIN 8309. Both the crystal and the bezel insert are sapphire, and the bezel itself uses Sinn's captive system that secures the bezel from being knocked off or rattled loose.

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Reality struck when I was on the road back to the lodge - back to my real life - and a glistening Pagani Huayra pulled into a gap I was building for the traffic ahead. The Huayra, while different in so many ways, competes in the same circles as the Bugatti Veyron, and seeing one on the road was a stark reminder that I was nothing more than an interloper in this existence.

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With the Tissot Chemin Des Tourelles Squelette, it looks like a sort of compromise has been arrived at. You can see portions of the balance wheel and mainspring, and a portion of the gear train that drives the handset is on display. Tissot has done something, though, that I've not noticed at this pricepoint - they've gone with fairly large bits of metal (call them bridges, plates, or what have you) that obscure some of the less-interesting parts of the movement (read: they do not move a lot), cutting down on some of the visual clutter.