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Inside the watch is a base automatic movement which, and this should be no surprise, has been heavily modified so as to accommodate the unique dial system. Beyond the way the indications work is another unique feature to Ressence: its movements are operated not through a crown, but by turning the crystal on the case back. Therefore both the winding, and the setting of the movement happens by rotating the crystal to different positions, dedicated to either the winding or the time-setting functions. It is an interesting solution and the fact that it makes for a perfectly rounded, more unique case design definitely justifies the extra effort that it must have taken to create this unique system.

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The tourbillon, caged beneath a small seconds sub dial, commands the lower portion of the dial adding the intriguing motion of Abraham Louis Breguet's mechanical mechanism beneath a stolid bridge. Originally designed to counteract the gravitational effects on the movement of a pocket watch, the current attraction of the tourbillon is not in its original function proposed by Breguet, but rather as a recognized feat of horological expertise. The assembly of a tourbillon is quite complex, as the balance and escapement is placed within a cage performing one revolution per minute.

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The watch itself is a relatively handsome creation that emphasizes mechanical interest as well as Bovet's more eccentric take on elegance. Complex features are minimized in favor of a more simple movement that is nonetheless pleasant to look at with welcome convenience features. The movement is the Calibre Virtuoso II (13.75-70-A1) and it is a new base movement that does something interesting. The seconds hand pin goes straight through the movement giving it the ability to have a seconds hand on both sides of the dial or offering a view of the seconds hand mechanism from both sides of the movement. In terms of thickness the Virtuoso II is 3.9mm thick. The Recital 13 watch also uses this same base calibre for a similar effect.

It should not come as a major surprise that a year after the successful debut of the original limited edition Hublot MP-05 LaFerrari watch, Hublot returns with two more versions. When I last checked (early July of 2014), the aBlogtoWatch video of the original Hublot LaFerrari watch had over 450,000 views on our YouTube channel. Say that you will about Hublot timepieces, but the brand "still has it" when it comes to creating ultra-high-end timepieces that demand attention.

So, what are the new models for 2013? They are the Seiko Astron SAST015 in titanium on a bracelet, the SAST 025 in a black IP steel case on a strap with orange trim, and the SAST100, which is the limited edition Kinatro Hattori Special Limited Edition that we will cover in a separate aBlogtoWatch article. The SAST015 is probably my choice of model with its titanium and ceramic case. Ceramic is used not only for the bezel, but also for the middle link on the bracelet. The dial is accented in red. Though both of them are a good choice depending on your style. I just happen to like titanium and bracelets. There is also the SAST019 version with blue ceramic and titanium or the SAST017 with black ceramic and gold accents.

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The Rolex Bloodhound SSC Speedometer is electronically controlled via a high-precision GPS. That system measures 20 positional points per second in order to measure the speed of travel. Thus, rather than using on-board systems, the Speedometer is really measuring speed data via GPS, which is very cool. The Speedometer is also crucial to helping the Bloodhound stop, and in the event there is a power outage on-board, it has a backup battery meant to last for 30 minutes.

Do you see the six small dots on the hourglass part of the dial? Those are ten minute indicators. As the glass "fills up" you count the dots to learn the time to the closest 10 minute mark. There is a traditional dial that indicates the hours at 6 o'clock on the dial. No, this isn't the type of watch that will indicate the time to the nearest minute (or second for that manner). It is intended to be novel and interesting versus a piece for precision. Eventually we will probably get a chance to offer a video that demonstrates how the Carpe Diem watch operates because it is cool to see in action.

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Allow us to take this opportunity to not just review a unique version of the TAG Heuer Monaco, but also to review the collection as a whole. The Monaco is one of TAG Heuer's most famous watch families, sporting a cushion/square case which was originally debuted in 1969 - an important year for watch making, and an important year for Heuer. The Monaco watch gained fame when actor and driver Steven McQueen wore one in the 1970 race movie Le Mans. More recently, the Monaco was very prominently featured in the television show Breaking Bad. The watch was worn by the lead character Walter White (played by Bryan Cranston) in the last two seasons of the show.

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Blancpain is not Lamborghini's official watch partner, but they do sponsor the car maker's private race series known as the Lamborghini Blancpain Super Trofeo series. I am here with the two luxury brands at the Mazda Raceway at Laguna Seca (which most people still just call Laguna Seca) near Monterey, California for the second time the Super Trofeo series has been held in the United States. It made its American debut last year at Lime Rock in Connecticut and later at Sebring.

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A consistent tenth of a second can be worth millions of dollars and the speed of a pit stop (where a lead can be just as easily torched as it can be protected) is based not only on the pinpoint placement of the car, but also the coordination and speed of a team of people with a very specific set of goals. So yeah, they make their own jacks.

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There are different ways to achieve a black color on a metal watch case. Most of them involve some form of PVD coating. It isn't possible to make a blanket statement on the quality of these processes as many of them are different. They are based on a number of variables such as the machinery, coating, and skill of the shop doing the process. Some are excellent, and some really suck. It really depends on the overall investment made by the aftermarketer.

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People often ask me whether or not I acquired a fondness for watches from my father or grandfather. Each were men who wore watches on a regular basis, but neither was per se an aficionado. Having said that, I did learn an important lesson about watches from both of them - that a man wears a watch because a watch represents responsibility.

What is your opinion regarding the new entry level hacking and handwinding Japanese automatic movements from Seiko (4R35B or NH35A) and Citizen (Miyota 9015) compared to the Swiss ETA 2824? Obviously, the ETA movement is a proven reliable and accurate movement, but the initial reviews of the Seiko and Citizen movements are also very reliable and accurate but at a much lower price.

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In many ways, I had to agree. While I am used to knowing about the often-obscene figures asked for some watches, some part of me rejects the notion of them existing and of having to cost so much. Accordingly I was reminded again of the importance of spending within one’s means, not just personally, but in terms of how one relates to one’s environment and one’s community. After all, it is self evident that there is waste in luxury, which is mainly concerned with the over-allocation of resources for the benefit of only a few people.

ABTW: What would you tell watch lovers in other cities that watch lovers in Sydney are like?

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Breva needed to rework a few things on the Genie 02 in order to make it suitable as a flying versus skiing watch. Aside from the hip, dark color scheme, the altitude scales have been adjusted for a wider range. The Genie 02 has a scale that goes up to 5,000 meters while the Genie 02 Air has a scale that goes up to 15,000 meters.

It will be some time before traditional watch lovers find (if ever) a smartwatch product to replace their traditional watches, though I have observed many watches lovers rocking both a mechanical watch a fitness band such as a Fitbit or Jawbone. You can check out the full Amazon Wearable Technology store here. Amazon Launches Wearable Technology Store For Smartwatches Watch Industry News

I first held a Pebble watch in my hands in January. I've had it on and off my wrist since March. Since that time, it's undergone considerable refinement in how it behaves as a smartwatch. But is it a good watch?


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