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I love Gucci - just not their watches. At least, not yet.
Gucci Marina Chain Watch Collection - Women's Cruise 2009 Watch Releases

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Update To Getting Articles Via Email

Update To Getting Articles Via Email

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Orient CDD00001W Pocket Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

The Grand Ocean Automatic Chronograph features an Edox 012 movement (based on ETA A07.211 Valgranges). This movement is a bit of a mystery since it's not listed in the booklet that comes with the watch, nor on the Edox web site. As far as I can tell it's a variation of their 011 chronograph movement. With a 48mm case diameter and 17mm case height the watch is quite substantial. It's definitely bigger than what you would expect from looking at the pictures. The watch features a natural rubber bracelet and anti-reflective sapphire crystal glass. The case is constructed from black PVD with gold colored PVD details and a fixed gold colored PVD notched bezel. Water resistance is up to 100 meters. Being an automatic chronograph, the watch has the standard set of complications: automatic self-winding movement, a 12 hour chronograph and date display.

The first thing you should know is that this watch winder is referred to as "programmable." Unlike some other watch winders it has more than an "on" and "off" switch. Rather, you have an interesting range of settings and options that are functional or aesthetic related. Part of the character of this winder involves all the controls being on an exposed circuit board. The two backlit LCD screens, lights, and buttons are all on the board itself. They are labeled though, and the Futura comes with instructions (that actually sound as though they were written by a human being) that explain how everything works pretty well.

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My Favorite Ball Watches At JCK, Big And Lots Of Lume

My Favorite Ball Watches At JCK, Big And Lots Of Lume

Bathys Benthic Ti Watch Collection Watch Releases

The efforts in the Microtor watch succeed in giving it a 42 hour power reserve which is on par with normally sized automatic movement rotors. The watch itself is an acceptable 41mm wide in steel, with sapphire front and rear crystals. The dials are beautifully done in either white or black enamel. Fancy! You can also get the watches on a leather strap if the metal bracelet is too sporty for you given the formal look of the dial. Which is really the appeal of this watch. Nothing to crazy for Universal Geneve. Just a really handsome looking, classic look, with an important piece of movement tech to keep the owner gleeful each time they show off the watch. Water resistance is 50 meters.

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Living with the Orient Automatic Diver Ref. CFD0C001B I can easily recommend it as a daily wear. It is comfortable, attractive, a workhorse, and functional. The best part is that the retail price of ,800 is often discounted. Such as right now on Orient watches' website as per a father's day promotion (this particular watch is discounted by 40%). I don't know how long this promotion will last. See the Orient Diver Automatic CFD0C001B watch here.

Movado Master Collection Watches: Readable Museum Watch Face!

Movado Master Collection Watches: Readable Museum Watch Face!

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Chef Anthony Bourdain And His Ernst Benz ChronoFlite World Timer Watch Watch Releases

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In addition to the rubber diving strap, the watch comes with a 24mm wide leather strap all in a Pelican brand (model 1030) travel case. I know, it is a bit gimmicky putting the watch in such a durable and hardcore case, but it is a nice touch.  Reminds you that your watch is not only a good investment, but an instrument in addition to being an accessory. Remember, it is a diving watch too. I am not sure if it is the specific model, but you can see an example of one of the Bathys branded Pelican cases in one of the images, in case you don't know what a Pelican case is.

Specs direct from Casio:

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Prometheus Ocean Diver Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

There are two models of the Chronoris watch. Both are in the same tonneau style case with the integrated lugs, and the retro looking pushers. The polished edging on the case works nicely with the brushed surfaces. Oris also did a nice job with the watch hands that aren't too thin - sometimes that was an issue in actual 70's watches. The basic Chronoris model has just a 30 minute chronograph and the time (with date). This is a stripped down version of the Swiss ETA Valjoux 7750 automatic movement. Then you have another version with a Valjoux 7750, but this time it has been added to instead of stripped down. This more elaborate version has a GMT module on the 7750 movement inside of the watch. Interesting design feature where the subsidiary seconds dial is just nakedly placed over some of the concentric circles on the dial. Further, while the dial might feel a bit busy and full of markers - they are actually all useful.

It also makes fantastic marketing sense for Cricket watches to be presented to Presidents by Vulcain. Talk about effective and easy marketing. What a sell that is if you know a few world leaders are wearing the same watch. It is certainly a step up in value from the Jorg Gray 6500 watch that Obama currently wears. The fact that he wears that watch shot Jorg Gray into the stratosphere of success. I don't think the same will happen to Vulcain - even if everyone knows about it. I don't know that Obama has even been seen wearing the watch as is the fact with the Jorg Gray, maybe once his second term in office comes he will switch it up a bit with the watches. The Jorg Gray watch means a lot. Mostly because it is a simple piece that most people can afford and relate to. That is not the fact with the Vulcain Cricket Anniversary Heart watch that doesn't go for lower than about ,500.  From 0 to ,500 (or more) is not an easy move for most people. So Vulcain has the tough task of convincing the more well-off segment that a luxury watch a President owns (and maybe doesn't wear) is a good personal investment. But you know what... at least here in America... Vulcain doesn't market at all. Not even a magazine ad. It would catch attention having a statement like "What can you and the President have in common? This fancy Vulcain watch!" No, they don't do that, and I have a feeling they haven't done things like that since the vintage French ad you see before you. Way to throw away a half-way decent marketing pitch Vulcain. I once visited a watch shop in Germany that sold Vulcain watches. They also sold like antique clocks that didn't seem to work. Those were much more prominently displayed than the Vulcain watches that sat in the back collecting dust. All I am saying is that Vulcain spent 50 years creating this well mannered trend, only to waste it in current times by not sharing it with potential American buyers (and others it seems).

A lange Sohne Homage to FALange

I don't feel as though the hands and dials on the face do the intricate look of the movement surface justice. The fine "brain patterning" doesn't seem to mesh well with thin green hands. I just think the hands could have been done better. They feel like an after thought. On the dial you will find a few functions. A watch face, a retrograde seconds indicator at about 4 o'clock, a power reserve indicator at about 8 o'clock, and a indicator for how fast the watch is running (fast, normal, slow). Another odd thing about the dials are how the numerals are printed. They are mirrored. Like the two hemispheres of the brain? Maybe. Who knows. This concept is interesting in theory, but I personally wouldn't have left it in the design. But then again, I have to keep reminding myself that this is art dammit! Not just a watch.  So who am I to criticize?

This is a hell of a F.P. Journe watch from about 2004-2005 and really resonates with me because it epitomizes what I like in the brand. Some of their other watches just feel like too little for too much, but this Tourbillon Souverain came out when the brand was smoking hot, and everyone was paying attention. An earlier F.P. Journe's Tourbillon Souverain was released before this model, but this watch added a lot to the timepiece and refined the looks of the face. Aside from looking cool, this timepiece has a ton of interesting things going on inside.

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We also talk about TAG Heuer's recent big PR fiasco, who blew the whistle, along with how TAG is dealing with it. We talk a little about chronograph watches, their history and how they work.

Romain Jerome Titanic DNA Chéca Is Melty Face Watch Watch Releases

It is important to mention that in addition to Project X Designs not being associated with Rolex watch company, they also offer their own warranty. Meaning you do not send Project X Rolex watches to Rolex for service, but rather direct to Project X. This is good news because it coincides with their high quality of customer service. Getting your watches serviced can be a frustrating endeavor, and Project X seeks to keep the process quick and painless. No more waiting 8 months for your watch to be sent back to you. More details about service and the Project X warranty is of course available on their site. More in the future on these new Rolex watch modifications from Project X Designs.

IWC Wins Reader Voted Best Luxury Watch Brand On Luxist

IWC Wins Reader Voted Best Luxury Watch Brand On Luxist


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Mr. Jones Watches “The Accurate” Is Reminder Of Your Impending Demise

Mr. Jones Watches “The Accurate” Is Reminder Of Your Impending Demise

Longio SG3824E Automatic Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

The interesting screws all over the case help emphasis the tool like function of the watch having more water resistance. I like both the rubber straps and metal bracelets equally. More than a few times playing with the watch I have been tempted to get it - very appealing watch when all the elements are taken together. The images you see are from that is an authorized Tag Heuer watch dealer. They have been taking watches are photographing them in 360 degree angles - so you can see the watch from all side. These are images of the watches themselves. Not mere marketing shots. They have the whole line of Tag Heuer Aquaracer watches available, and you can visit the site to see the whole line and compare them.

Graham Chronofighter Oversize Titanium SAS Watch Is Big, Contradictory, Camouflaged

Graham Chronofighter Oversize Titanium SAS Watch Is Big, Contradictory, Camouflaged