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The Guardian case is made from an inner body with attached lugs and a cap style bezel that goes over the entire body. The construction is very solid and the case is water resistant to 100 meters. For ergonomic purposes the crown is located at 10 o'clock. An interesting aspect of these watches is the crystal. Most people don't think about it, but sapphire crystals are rather expensive compared to mineral crystals. Due to the diameter of the case, SISU watches utilize some of the largest sapphire crystals around. I believe that SISU needed to special order these and it is a compliment to the brand that they stuck with sapphire despite the high expense of these large crystals. The crystal is of course AR coated.

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Keeping You On Time: Central Watch In New York City

Keeping You On Time: Central Watch In New York City

I hope these help you to use slide rule watches more effectively (like the Breitling Navitimer recently reviewed here).

Omega Speedmaster Replica Introduces Online Video Manuals

It just wouldn't be a Speedmaster without a tachymeter (tachymetre) scale bezel. Not that I would ever use it, but it is good to know that some things don't change. The bezel does help frame the design of the watch well, and offers a little piece of utility that people might have once used "back in the day". A little retro love never hurt anyone.

One watch he pointed out to me was a gold-toned Invicta. He didn't know much about it aside from the fact that it was a gift. He proudly wore it enjoying its large size and loud-style that complimented his own unique fashion sense. On the other wrist was a watch constructed from a mix of steel and wood parts. Few watch lovers are brave enough to "double wrist it," yet fashion bravery is nothing new or unwelcome to Flavor Flav.

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I covered the Antoine Martin Perpetual Calendar watch in detail here. You can see that the Tourbillon Quantieme Perpetual uses the same large 46mm wide case - which of course implies that the same basic aesthetic theme is used in this even more high-end piece. While the Perpetual Calendar opts for relative symmetry and expansive free space on the dial, the Tourbillon Quantieme Perpetual is about packing as many large elements on the dial as possible. Actually, rarely do you ever see so little space dedicated to the perpetual calendar displays. Gotta love how it is packed in there so neatly.

Ball specially designed the watches to harken to design elements on many BMW cars both inside and outside of the vehicle. Curves on the case represent the same design ethos as the sharp yet deliberate lines on the outside of today's BMW automobiles. You can look at the unique lug angles as well as sides of the cases which on some models is meant to look like the front grill of a BMW. The steel cases will have some contrast finishing as well which ought to look quite nice.

The watch is part of a relationship between UK-based watch brand Bremont and The National Museum of the Royal Navy in Portsmouth, England. The final piece will be unveiled in July 2012 during an event aboard the ship. This is the second Bremont limited edition watch to contain parts from an historic military machine. They did this first in the Mustang P-51 timepiece covered here.

The New Cartier Ballon Bleu Replica Men’s Collection

LAST CHANCE: Tissot T-Race Watch Giveaway

LAST CHANCE: Tissot T-Race Watch Giveaway

While the Slyde is still a high-end item, it is not only watch industry insiders who are excited by the device. When I debuted the watch to the world back in January of 2011, the video with Mr. Hysek senior presenting a prototype Slyde was extremely popular. This showed me that people who don't necessarily wear watches are ready and eager to get devices back on their wrists. Still, the Slyde is a polarizing watch. Some people think it is the next best thing, while others seem to simply disagree with it from an aesthetic or conceptual standpoint. Having said that, it is likely one of the most mainstream items HD3 has ever designed. So enough about people's perceptions of it, what do I think and what is it like to wear and use?

New versions of the Reflex watch have LED lights that dance around before displaying the time. The system makes things like that possible. Reflex wants using the watch to be, as much as possible, a mini spectacle. You better have that to show off if you are donning a bright color snap bracelet with lights on it and you are an adult. Almost to the point of being silly, these watches are still fun. If they were less expensive they would be perfect gifts for people at a party so that everyone could wear one.

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Gucci G-Timeless Sport Watch Watch Releases

The crystal is domed sapphire, which is super difficult to photograph. The caseback also includes a sapphire window to appreciate the movement:

In total, the Rolex Deepsea Challenge is able to go down to 12,000 meters, which is 39,370 feet. The world of science still hasn't answered why this is necessary, but we think it is really cool (don't we? I know I do). Even with its large size most people want to wear this. I think it is amusing how Rolex produced a special long bracelet to strap the Rolex Deepsea Challenge to the robotic arm. What was Mr. Cameron wearing on his wrist? Mere humans only get regular Rolex Deepsea watches.

Two Speedmaster Professional Watches With A 45 Year Age Difference

Hublot model reference is: 701.OQ.0180.RX and the retail price is GBP £32,300

I normally don't cover boutique openings (so I am not likely going to start now) but in conjunction with the opening of their new Shanghai Pavilion boutique, Harry Winston released not one but five new limited edition models. None of these are novel per se mechanically -but offer some very beautiful interpretations of things we have seen from the brand as of late.

This is one of those analog/digital hybrid models that are popular with a lot of people. The Japanese quartz movement powers analog hands for the hours and minutes, while a small LCD screen offers the rest of the information. Let me say that the screen is very small - and if you have vision problems you'll not likely be able to use it. The screen is used to access all the watch's functions. The timepiece has the time, world time, five alarms, chronograph, calendar, and full calendar. There is a lot of stuff for a little screen. Anyone familiar with using Casio digital watches will be able to use this one pretty quickly.

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As for the MikrotourbillonS, its automatic movement contains 439 components and measures 35.8x9.7mm. It contains 75 jewels, the aforementioned twin barrels and two tourbillons, providing power reserves of 45 hours for the watch and 60 minutes for the chronograph. The 45mm diameter case ensures water-resistance to 100m, though only a profligate madman would want to dive with a watch this costly.

It is my opinion that there is a Casio for everyone. Not only are there a lot of Casio watches available at any given time, but at least one model looks good on pretty much everyone. For this reason I really think that most people need to have at least one Casio watch in their collection. They make good beater watches, are hip and stylish, and are a passable way to wear an inexpensive watch in a setting were plastic just isn't ordinarily acceptable.

Romain Jerome Space Invaders Watches Hands-On Hands-On

Omega Speedmaster Skywalker X-33 Solar Impulse Limited Edition

This is the latest watch from UTS Munchen. We've written before about UTS, it's basically the obsessive engineering of Nicolaus Spinner. Do you really need a watch that resists pressure from over twelve thousand feet of water? No, you do not. Do you want one? You just might.

The metal in the case mostly takes the form of bridges, which are titanium. They are DLC coated which make them stronger and darker, and of course help to reduce friction even more. For the escapement parts Cartier used innovations from the ID One. There, an adjustment free escapement was developed. This means that once you put it in the case you don't need to adjust it for accuracy. This uses Cartier's DRIE machining technology, and a material they like to call "carbon crystal."

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The UR-1001 could easily be mistaken for the world's most expensive computer mouse, especially with the dangling chain and its almost too ergonomic shape that just fits under your hand. Alas, the buttons don't work and I don't think it is USB operated. That technical oversight might make this mouse awfully inept as a computer peripheral, but it does make for a really cool high-end pocket watch! I first wrote about the UR-1001 here where you can go for lots more details and tech specs.

The Rolex GMT-Master II reviewed here is the two-tone gold and stainless version.  It uses Rolex's famous oyster case at 40 mm and it weighs in at 160 grams.  The weight is due in part to the gold material and to Rolex's usage of high-grade 904L steel which is forged completely in-house and is supposed to be highly polishable and very resistant to corrosion.  The gold is solid 18-karat which is also used in the bezel and the dial markers.

In glorious episode 104 we discuss Movado's strange celestial watches, the Bovet Cambiano watch collection, Eterna's cool movements and sometimes tepid designs, as well as the RLH watch lover event series.