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"Operation Guide 5262" (which you can download here) is the user manual for the Casio Edifice EQWT720DC-1A watch. Casio doesn't actually list the manual by model number, but by some less intuitive module number. The reason for that is likely to do with the fact that the same watches may have different model numbers in different countries. At least Seiko does that. Just another of those Japanese watch maker curiosities that we like to mull over. The operation guide is about nine pages long with rich details and pages full of diagrams and instructions. That is what you'll need to study in order to use this watch. I would like to say that you can pick up this and many other multi-function analog watches and use them intuitively - but we aren't there yet. At the same time, the feature set and options are very robust and the little things you can do with the watch are impressive. For instance there is a feature to let you swap the home and local times if you like. But again, good luck trying to figure out how to do that on your own.

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I got a special chance to not only view the Writer in Switzerland, but also to see how it works. The three automatons all still operate, and are maintained by skilled professionals. They really don’t seem to be as delicate as you might think from such old machines. The Writer is an android style doll that sits at a specially made desk. Aside from being sized for the doll, the desk is rather standard. All the magic is in the Writer itself. A stack of gears placed in the Writer dictate what it is able to write. According to Jaquet Droz, the Writer would be equipped with a custom gear stack for each royal family it visited - being able to deliver a specially tailored message to them.

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The appearance of the dial is really one of those things that either inspires you or deters you. Some days I found that I really wanted to wear the bright red dial and other days I felt it was just too bright. It did seem like an interesting piece to have around for days when it felt right for the wrist. How often those days will come are totally up to your own personality. I do have to say that the watch does get a lot of attention. Nothing like a flashy bright red watch dial to catch a person's gaze.

Shouldn't the name of this watch be the Gucci "G-Time" versus "G-Timeless?" I mean of course I get what "timeless" means, but is that really a term you want as the name of a product that should not be "less time?" Perhaps I am thinking about it too much, but I really do feel that this little "minor" detail does matter when it comes to subconscious consumer perceptions about products. It isn't even timeless either. This dive-style watch looks to be squarely set in circa 1995 with its bold primary colors. Oh, you have got to love the Italians (and their flag). As much as I joke about it, I still do quite like this timepiece as a fashion watch. It is just sorta 'fun.'


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Chopard Classic Racing SuperFast Watches With In-House Movements Hands-On Preview Hands-On

Dubey & Schaldenbrand Grand Dome Watch Hands-On Hands-On

Titanium has been around for the last two centuries, mostly in labs. In the last century methods to extract titanium in industrial amounts were developed. Until recently it has been used exclusively as an aerospace material, and it is slowly penetrating many markets, including watch industry. It is prohibitively expensive for many applications, with a price around 50 times of plain carbon steels. Still its price is much lower than precious metals.

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On the rear of the watch you'll see a relief of none other than a Big Boy locomotive. Interesting how Ball felt the watch needed to have "anti-magnetic" on both the front and rear of the watch. It's like the watch is reminding you that you can go tell magnetic fields to "suck it." Over the dial is a sapphire crystal and the case is water resistant to 100 meters.

The biggest "cultural" difference between the Bremont Supermarine 500 and the Supermarine 2000 (aka S2000 - no, not like the Honda) is the little text at the bottom of the dial. The Supermarine replaces the old "Swiss Made" with simply "London." Does that mean the S2000 is not Swiss made? No. Instead, it shows that Bremont has come a long way in its ongoing journey to be a serious British luxury brand. It wants people to know that it is English through and through, and will eventually lead to movements made in the UK as opposed to Switzerland.

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By James Stacey

The Sea Of Time Artwork By Kyle Bean

The Sea Of Time Artwork By Kyle Bean

Timex Intelligent Quartz Tide Temp Compass & Perpetual Calendar Watch Reviews Wrist Time Reviews

While these movements aren't revolutionary in terms of technicity or function, they are made by Chopard. The brand can finally claim to have in-house movements in their more mainstream offerings, and if all goes well, these movements will be used in the majority of the Classic Racing collection. Of course it is impossible to ignore the shadow of ETA, who has been reducing their supply of movements to non Swatch Group brands. So Chopard is not only ensuring a source of movements for their watches moving forward, but is also providing an additional source of value for their customers. Look out soon for Chopard Classic Racing SuperFast watches with new in-house Caliber 01.01-M and 03.05-M movements soon. Prices on these pieces are ,280, ,690, ,190 for the 18k rose gold cases, but will be less when the steel models arrive.

Auction Watch: Christie’s Harry Winston Opus Collection Results

Auction Watch: Christie’s Harry Winston Opus Collection Results

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Bulgari GG Gefica Hunter GMT Moon Phase Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Graham Chronofighter Oversize GMT Black Steel Watch Watch Releases

It isn’t a wild concept watch or something you want to wear only when you feel like a weekend military pilot. This version of the Bell & Ross BR 126 is just a sexy daily wear that is a little bit retro, and a lot of bit sexy. Comes on a strap or new metal bracelet. Beautiful.

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Hidden day/night: engraved and hand painted

The next and least expensive of all the Golgo 13 Seiko watches is the Golgo 13 Air watch (Ref. SBDL011). Seiko also sometimes calls it the Golgo 13 Sky. This is based on popular Seiko pilot watches and again is done in black and red. The case is 43mm wide and has a rotating slide-rule bezel. On the metal bracelet, this is one of the most handsome version of the standard quartz Seiko pilot watch. Inside is the solar powered Seiko quartz caliber V172 movement. It has the time, date, chronograph, and alarm. The Seiko Golgo 13 Air watch will be limited to 500 pieces and price is 63,000 Yen.

The Timewriter II Chronographe Bi-Frequence 1000 will be a limited production watch - of just 36 pieces. The case is 47mm wide in 18k white gold. It might take a bit for the boys in Villeret to get it primed for commercial production. As I mentioned, the watch will be part of Montblanc's highest-end production of watches that are made in the Villeret facility. It is pretty darn cool and for the privilege to own this little number it will cost just a tad over 5,000.

RLH Event: Watch Lover Meetup In New York City May 2nd

RLH Event: Watch Lover Meetup In New York City May 2nd

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Speaking of Brown Safe, this article is supposed to be about their Chronos units. A range of high-end safes meant for those with a lot of watches and jewelry to keep secure. Brown Safe currently works with American Orbita to outfit the Chronos with a customizable amount of watch winder modules. The Chronos also can include all manners of shelves and drawers for jewelry and other smaller items. One cool option is the watch carousel, which is a vertical stack of winders that rotates for you to find your watches as though you were browsing for greeting cards.

Written by James Stacey

HourTime Show Watch Podcast Episode 117 – Brazillian Watch Wax

HourTime Show Watch Podcast Episode 117 – Brazillian Watch Wax