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Vostok Europe makes the Anchar relatively durable with the case being water resistant to 300 meters. That and some other features such as the rotating diver's bezel help make it a true dive watch. However, I believe the piece doesn't have a sapphire crystal. But the mineral crystal it uses does have AR coating on it. On the rear of the case is an engraving of the Anchar submarine - which was designed in the 1960s.

Vostok Europe Anchar Diver Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews
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With a starting price of about ,000 (up to the mid ,000 range for the gold models) the H1 sits in a very interesting price zone. Most people expected the price to be much higher, say over 0,000. The price is still totally out of the question for most people, but it does give the wealthly, versus the ultra-rich a better opportunity to own and enjoy a highly exotic watch. Myself, among others, are enjoying what the H1 offers in style and poise, as well as technical innovation. Perriard promises more and more complication in the future, so I anticipate that the H1 is going to be their entry level model for the years to come. Usually brands like this start with an ultra-high flagship model, but getting the tech right was likely the most important thing for HYT to begin. I really like what they are doing and CEO Perriard's passion for the product certainly sweetens the deal. Look for HYT H1 watches in select retailers soon.

Richard Mille RM039 Aviation E6-B Watch

Richard Mille RM039 Aviation E6-B Watch

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A glorious addition to the Spitfire Chronograph watch collection for 2012 is the new metal bracelet. Boy does it kick ass in terms of features and quality. It is a rather simple design on the outside, but does frame the look of the watch well. Solid in its construction, the deployment has a nicely made micro-adjust system and solid milled and decorated clasp. If you opt for the steel version of the IWC Spitfire Chronograph, I highly recommend you get the bracelet as well as the alligator strap. Why both? Well you don't need them but here is my thinking: The IWC pilot watch look has always looked sweet with a black or brown alligator strap - and you don't want to miss out on that look. At the same time, this bracelet is nice enough to want to wear at least half the time.

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How is the Tank watch like a tank (doesn't that sound like something Lewis Carroll would write)? Hard to say for sure. Some say that the shape of the watch was said to look like a tank. Other people say that the watch is supposed to look like tank treads. Others say the shape is less important than the fact that it was a French way of honoring American tanks that helped secure victory in World War I. And still others argue whether or not the tank was designed to honor American or French tanks. It is a fascinating little mystery and one that I enjoy as it shows even huge brands like Cartier had humble beginnings (with equally humble record keeping departments).

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According to Chopard, there is a new factory next to where they make L.U.C movements, that will be used to make other not as technically complicated movements. Movements such as the Caliber 01.01-M and the 03.05-M which are contained in these three new SuperFast watches. The cases aren't new, and the overall style of these new for 2012 watches remains true to the existing SuperFast collection. Two of the pieces are about 45mm wide, while the three-hander is 42mm wide. You either love or don't love the case with its bulging screw bays and engraved vertical trenches on the side of the case and dial. The crown and pushers are coated with vulcanized rubber, and who doesn't like that little steering wheel in the crown? For 2012 the Classic Racing SuperFast watches with the in-house made Chopard movements are only available in 18k rose gold. I am told that next year steel cases will likely become available.

One watch he pointed out to me was a gold-toned Invicta. He didn't know much about it aside from the fact that it was a gift. He proudly wore it enjoying its large size and loud-style that complimented his own unique fashion sense. On the other wrist was a watch constructed from a mix of steel and wood parts. Few watch lovers are brave enough to "double wrist it," yet fashion bravery is nothing new or unwelcome to Flavor Flav.

The LM2-AD uses the same case as the LM2 predecessor, which was an internal-bezel diver with an ETA 2824. The Fricker-style case is titanium, coming in at a mere 67g for the watch itself despite its 44mm by 15.8mm size. At 52.6mm lug-to-lug, this is a modern sports-watch size, with a spectacularly clear domed sapphire crystal that spans 42.4mm all by itself. The double dome and inner anti-reflective coating combine for some of the best off-axis visibility I've ever seen on a watch:

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Only sales success will really prove anything, but I think they got the design and branding right. Verbally indicating that "Bulgari made this watch for Maserati" sounds good. Though the watch itself should speak those words in a much, much lower volume. I once had a seasoned watch industry executive tell me that the key to killing a co-branded watch was to place both brand names on the dial. While that is not a universal rule, it seemed to make sense. Bulgari must have had that same conversation.

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