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Jaeger-LeCoultre, among other things, makes damn nice dress watches as part of their Master collection. I am going to be honest when I say that I rarely have use for a dress watch. Whether it is my generation, job, or where I live, there just aren't that many social events I go to that demand a formal timepiece to go with formal attire. In some ways that is a shame, because most of the timepieces for men that I would actually refer to as "beautiful" are actually dress watches. Let's face it, there are many of these available but the ones we love have a particular mix of style, refinement, and class that adds an emotional element to what would otherwise be a wrist tool to go with your suit or tuxedo.

And then there is the two-tone mink fur straps on a crocodile base. My first question is why two-tone? Did Fendi try the Crazy Carats watch on a single color fur strap and decide that it wasn't enough? How did they settle on a black (it is actually deep gray) and yellow along with a blue and red strap as the best options? My first thoughts are to–an actually furry–bumble bee for that black and yellow strap. For the red and blue strap I imagine something out of pure Americana–the Bomb Pop. Shaped like a rocket (and also known as the Turbo Rocket Popsicle), this frozen treat has a red and blue section flanking a middle white section. More or less an allegory for the American flag, I can easily imagine the white being the watch in the middle of this blue and red hairy creation.

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These elements mix well with what is a surprisingly congenial dial. Applied hour markers and hands that are sharply polished offer a bit of bling but don't detract from legibility. The slight shininess of the dial helps remind you that you don't need to consider the watch as just a tool. Citizen is typically good at injecting style in their sport watches, and something like this tool-themed Aqualand model is a great example of that in action.

Well everyone, Google is officially in the smartwatch business with the Motorola Moto 360 and the new Android Wear operating system. Last year, the men and women from Mountain View announced that a smartphone-oriented operating system was being developed specifically for smartwatches after rumors were being thrown around for quite some time. The OS will be called "Android-Wear" and it was now announced at the same time Google-owned Motorola debuted the upcoming Moto 360 Smartwatch. Likely to beat the release of an Apple iWatch device, the Moto 360 will be available for sale in 2014 and for many is the smartwatch they have been waiting for. This comes about a year after many industry insiders even doubted the future viability of the smartwatch industry. About 15 months ago, I knew this was inevitable and even proclaimed as much in a post discussing what an iWatch would be like.

An Evolved Wearable Operating System For Smartwatches

For 2014, Panerai introduced a couple of new "destro" watches, meaning that the crown is on the left. One of them is the new Luminor Submersible Titanio PAM569. I like this watch for a couple of reasons, but mostly because it combines the best elements from previous Luminor Submersible watches. The hobnail dial and ecru lume look great and, quite fittingly, this large watch has a titanium case, which will undoubtedly make it easier and more comfortable to wear, despite its obvious mass. This is one very brash and bold diver watch.

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Rado Integral Jubile

Depending on your outlook it is either fortunate or a shame that the Parmigiani Bugatti Aerolithe Flyback Chronograph watch is not produced from Elektron. Instead the 41mm wide case is titanium with an 18k white gold bezel. You know, they finally made a Bugatti watch that I think goes nicely with Roland Iten's Bugatti belt buckle (only the belt buckle costs a lot more). This is one of the most sober-looking Parmigiani Bugatti watches to-date, and even though it is very much a Parmigiani from a design DNA perspective, there are a lot of unique design elements on the watch and strap.

Jacob & Co. Astronomia Tourbillon Watch Watch Releases

PR: The first quality watch I lusted after was an RAF issue Longines Military watch.

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Patek Philippe watches

While details are still forthcoming (we'll be able to provide a better sense of the watch as the November start of SalonQP draws nearer), we were able to ask the creator of the No. 10, Richard Hoptroff, some questions about both the brand and this new watch.

Topper Fine Jewelers: Northern California doesn't have as many formal work environments as some other areas of the country.  The casual dress in the culture is reflected in our clients' watch purchases.  We do sell some formal pieces, but sport watches that can be dressed up or down sell the best.   Specifically dive watches, pilot watches, and chronographs of various themes are all among our best sellers.

The Longines Conquest Classic Chronograph is everything its name implies it to be: a tri-compax chronograph with traditional design elements, made as part of the brand's Conquest collection and hence styled to represent what Longines likes to call "sporting elegance." We went on to spend some wrist-time with it, as it was the timepiece handed out to the winning jockey of this year's stop in the Triple Crown race of thoroughbred horses. In 2014, Longines continued their long support of professional equestrian sport as the official timekeeper for the Triple Crown. And while California Chrome offered up a disappointing show at the Belmont Stakes, Longines stayed the course, as they have for well over one hundred years.

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As with any watch case forged from precious metal, the Reverso Chocolate weighs noticeably more than its steel counterparts, giving it a substantial wrist presence.  This was the first thing I noticed upon handling it, and it reassured me that even with its soft metal case and thin profile, it was a solid piece that didn’t need coddling.  The weight sits low and evenly when worn, and the cordovan strap pulls it comfortably snug.

Zenith Academy Christophe Colomb Hurricane Revolución Watches For South America Watch Releases

What does it all even mean?!?! Please enlighten me. Thank you!

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Replica Rolex Day Date Watches

While it is true that the Swiss still maintain a certain degree of monopoly when it comes to high complications, the fact is that the Chinese watch industry has made significant progress in recent years. And this year at the Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair, Ariel had a look at Beijing Watch Factory’s Wu Ji “Infinite Universe” Bi-Axial Tourbillon, which they claim to be China’s most complicated watch.

MB&F Legacy Machine LM1 Xia Hang Performance Art Watch Hands-On Hands-On

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Replica Tudor Lady Sub Watches

BEST FROM: aBlogtoWatch & Friends December 20, 2013 ABTW Round-Ups

What does that mean? Well, it first means that consumers are more likely to dismiss obnoxiously negative comments if they aren't supported by facts and civility. Alternatively, it suggests that comments which are negative but are also made with politeness and respect for the product can increase the likelihood of reader purchasing or desiring that product.

Christopher Ward C9 Harrison 5-Day Automatic Watch Review & Debut Wrist Time Reviews

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Buccellati Watches Hands-On In Milan Hands-On

While this watch is certainly one that has all manner of "gee whiz" factor going for it (and one I'm rather happy to see coming to fruition), there are plenty who would prefer a more, shall we say, traditional, watch. If that's you, and you'd still like to support development of the Cesium 133, they've got some interesting deals there as well. Well, one now at the time of this writing (the Bathys Lunar level is all snapped up). For 5, you can pick up the Benthic Ti with one of two dials.

Bathys Cesium 133 Atomic Clock Watch Now On Kickstarter Watch Industry News
The new case

The 44mm wide case is made in tegimented titanium. Tegimentation is a Sinn process that is meant to harden metal. So in reality, the hardening process is going to make the titanium case a lot more scratch resistant than most other titanium watches. Just as on the EZM10, the Sinn EZM9 has a sapphire crystal over the rotating bezel, which not only looks good, but is another element to vastly help reduce signs of wear.

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