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The majority of new "fashion" brands we see fit this mold. The watches themselves can be fun or stylish, but aren't anything to dedicate a cool technical article to. So how do people sell them aside from just their looks and price? Often they associate the watches with a cause. I have seen a number of these in the last few years being associated with everything from environmentalism to providing watches to doctors in third world countries. The latter company made the amusingly wild suggestion that "thousands of people are dying each year because of lack of watches." Boy, if only that were true it would be a real industry boom, no?

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The height is noticeable. Despite that, the angled lugs and beveled bezel keep it very wearable. It's 13.8mm high at the bezel, and tops out at 15.8mm at the center.

Omega achieved a design that not only withstood the depths, but was able to, time and time again, remain underwater for very long periods of time. It sported unique features such as a more or less one-piece case, easy to grip safety bezel, and secure crown. It was arguably the best diving instrument of its time. It was also very expensive. As a professional instrument it actually sat more or less at the top of the Omega product line and was extremely expensive even considering its professional-use market. Nevertheless, the watch was a hit with pros and consumers alike. Yet Omega needed to make excuses for its looks.

For a retail price of about 12,900 Swiss the Revelation R03 Chronographe RS is by no means a cheap watch. Factors such as the special polarized glass system and highly detailed case, as well as the Dubois-Depraz movement probably help justify the price. I look forward to seeing the piece hands-on and think that Revelation has a lot more they can do with the glass technology in the future.

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The full name of this watch is the Richard Mille RM 053 Pablo Mac Donough. According to Richard Mille it was Mac Donough who had the idea. Mac Donough is an Argentinian polo player, and "partner of" the Richard Mille brand. I guess he pushed hard enough to have this watch made. In all titanium, the RM 053 is meant to be like a case of armor, putting the dial out of the way, and protecting it. Yes, it still has a tourbillon.

As a hard-duty or serious sport watch, the Reactor Trident feels like it is up to the task. It certainly has a good enough track record to trust it as much. This is also probably one of the last "beater watches" you'll ever need if you prefer an analog versus digital watch. Overall I am impressed, and the value is there with a retail price of about 0 for this version of the Reactor Trident Digicam on the rubber strap.

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Cacheux 8 Watch


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Aside from color changes and being a limited edition - there isn't anything revolutionary about the HM3 Poison Dart Frog. It is another way to enjoy the great looking HM3 Frog, which remains such an iconic and distinct MB&F timepiece design. MB&F likes to point out that unlike the actual yellow-banded poison dart frog which is mostly found in Venezuela, this watch will only be found in Singapore. I did a cursory check of frog species in Singapore and didn't find any whose coloration patterns would lend themselves well to a luxury watch. MB&F's local authorized retailer, The Hour Glass, will be the sole place you can pick up an HM3 Poison Dart Frog watch. MB&F has limited the production to just ten pieces and they will be priced by The Hour Glass at 129,400 Singapore dollars each.

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Let me share with you a few of the words that Graham uses to describe its newer Chronofighter Oversize GMT Black Steel watch collection. The name itself is long enough as it is. Let's see here, according to our friends at the British Masters this watch is "chic, gutsy, dogged, classy, undaunted, a milestone, magnetic, skilled, extra sensitive, faithful, and a backslider." Wow, that sounds like rock band made up of a KGB spy, an ex dictator turned psychologist, Alexander the Great, and a criminal who was formerly an arch bishop. I had to look up "backslider" by the way. No, it isn't a cool way of falling down the stairs. Apparently it is a religious term for a "saved" person who has fallen into sinned. Oh Graham, you dogged backslider you.

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The Linde Werdelin SpidoSpeed Gold is limited to only 100 units in its initial run, which will be available starting later this month. The base SpidoSpeed Steel carries a price tag of ,000 USD but, with gold being gold, the new SpidoSpeed Gold will carry a price tag of , 500 excluding VAT. I think that there is a considerable group of buyers (myself included) who shy away from gold watches because they are fearful of the flashy or even cheesy image that they may project while wearing a gold timepiece.  I am a big fan of the original SpidoSpeed and this new gold version proves that when it's done correctly, gold can be a fitting platform for a modern and aggressively styled sport watch.

The black Batman version of the Diesel watch comes with a specially textured rubber strap that emulates the look of the Bat suit. You'll see that the dial is "phantom style" with black on black colors - though it is still legible. The Bane watch has a riveted brown leather strap to go with... what ever it was that he was wearing (bullet proof vest combined with a airplane jump harness?) in the movie.

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The nerd in me loves this, but is starting to realize that the Tread is no longer a nerd watch. With a smaller size and improved wearing experience, the Tread 2 opens up the concept to a whole new world of watch lovers that can enjoy the electro-mechanical belt system concept. Now with more color options as well.