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TechnoMarine Cruise Sport Watches Review Wrist Time Reviews

The G-02 movement performs "one operation per second," which accounts for the watches' One Hertz name. The watch actually runs at a 2.5 hertz rate which  I think is 21,600 bpm. So how does the second hand move only one place each second? Well it is really complex actually. Most watches like this have some type of constant force escapement, but the G-02 does not. It has a complex system of two mainspring barrels that work together to tell the time. Each mainspring barrel has its own gear train, but they are connected to work in unison. So one works to move the seconds hand, and another moves the hours and minutes. Not totally sure though how the seconds operate so slowly (most mechanical watches have the seconds hand tick rapidly at 5-10 times per seconds to make it look like it is sweeping), but here the seconds hand ticks just once per a second. The only true sweeping seconds hand is on a Seiko Spring Drive watch (as far as I know)  - though perhaps on a tuning fork movement (I just don't know enough about those). Anyhow, Gronefeld worked to ensure that friction was really low in the movement to promote accuracy.

Set in a steel case with a nice polished black stone cabochon in the crown, this is a Cartier watch all the way through. The bezel visually integrates into the sloped flange chapter ring right under the sapphire crystal. The steel on steel look is nice, but makes the dial look pretty small. Which it is. A design experiment if anything. Makes for a petite look that is mostly popular with women these days, but still has qualities that many like. The bezel with its classic looking Roman numerals is a little hint that our friend here isn't a pure sports watch. Cartier DNA is still dominant. I love the use of the repeating Cartier 'double C' logo on the dial. Hour markers are applied and covered with SuperLumiNova. Aside from it being small, the sporty looking dial is quite legible. Note the magnification lens over the date window, and that the date disc is black with lighter colored numerals (you know I love that look). Cartier did the same thing on the newer, Roadster S watches (that I reviewed here).

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Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon Magnate GMT Watch Watch Releases

Maurice de Mauriac Chronograph Modern Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

In the end the real question about this watch is "Is it you?". If it is, then there's nothing else to it. For the price point it's a solid watch with good build quality, nothing special but they really made the right choices along the way. Not the best bang for the buck, but still a good choice and good value, IF it tickles you in the right place.

Swatch Celebrates The 2010 Vancouver Olympics: Happy Games, Sporty Friends, & To The Top Watches

Swatch Celebrates The 2010 Vancouver Olympics: Happy Games, Sporty Friends, & To The Top Watches
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WATCH NEWS: Luxury Watch Manufacturer, LVMH, Announces Increased Focus on Women's Watches

Storm does leave the tachymeter scale on the bezel which is only useful when you have a chronograph. This element on the watch is purely for looks. Some people can't forgive that, but I don't really mind in a watch at this level. The look of the Caspa, in its various colors is pretty satisfying. You'll be hard pressed to find a watch at this level with a handsome look like this. Being easy to read is a good side benefit of the design, and should help sway purchase potentials.

The Calibre 1509 movement is actually made in almost all 18k  rose gold (something which is really rare). You can see the very nicely decorated movement in the back of the watch and through the dial. Journe does a great job at the finishing, and always makes his movements deliciously impressive to behold. The dial of the watch has a sandwiched smoked sapphire crystal. He wanted to have the the ability to see the movement through the dial, but not to take emphasis away from the time readouts. So as you can see, the movement along with the discs for the numerals can be seen through the dial, but the time display information really has your paramount attention. Can you see what I mean when I say that this is a sophisticated timepiece, but at the same time F.P. Journe pulls it off so well he makes it look easy and simple?

TechnoMarine Cruise Sport Watches Review Wrist Time Reviews

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Christie's Auctions Three Rare Display Back Speedmaster Professional Watches

VicenTerra GMT-3 Watch Watch Releases

The Magrette case shape and dial design that are loosely based items from Panerai and Anonimo are still faring well. Magrette uses a highly domed sapphire crystal over the dial. While legibility is there, it does create some glare and distortion when viewed from angles. My advice to Magrette is to experiment with more AR (anti-reflective) applications in the future and crystals that may help to reduce glare. Though, I should add that when looking straight on at the watch, legibility does not suffer at all.

Seiko Spring Drive SNR005 Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

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Your Chance To Own A Flown Speedmaster X-33

It is this reason that Hublot is such a success, not the only reason, but an essential ingredient. There are plenty of other brands with good designs, but no vocal souls. JCB is the face and voice of the entire brand’s image. There is a little Biver sensation in each Hublot watch, a fact that makes me want one so badly. JCB will never let you forget about Hublot either. Regardless of whether or not you feel as though the volume of limited edition models coming from the brand is humorous, you are continuously left thinking about the brand. Not only that, but so are other people. So if you are a lucky owner of an Hublot watch, you can be sure enough on looking envious people recognize your wrist prize because JCB has made sure they too are thinking about the brand.

The little globe is visible through a few sapphire crystal windows around the case. Which is nice, but I hope you are more or less already aware of what the globe looks like. If this is your first lesson in geography, by all means, please spend your money elsewhere. The Roman number 5 o'clock hour indicator doubles as an indicator telling you where noon (I think) is on the globe. For this reason, there are three times, which is why I presume the watch is called the GMT-3.

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Omega Speedmaster Mark Series on Speedy Tuesday

Bremont pairs the U-2 watch with its calf leather strap and a NATO style fabric strap. They did a nice job with the buckle - nice elegant look that feels to thematically match the case lug design (at least to me). This buckle is in polished steel while the case is black. Again, this is a prototype watch - so I am not sure the exact buckle that will be on the final pieces. There will be at least 150 of these watches available to the general public. As well as another version that is toned down a bit (no DLC as well) that should be less expensive, and more widely available. Price for a model like this should be in the ,000 range. A great limited edition timepiece with a design that won't  disappoint, function that won't fail you, and story that is fun to tell.

While it was perhaps smart for Eterna to salvage the KonTiki Diver by exporting it to Porsche Design, it means that the watch is not something entirely new from Porsche Design. Call it recycling, or reusing, or simply rebranding, it doesn't really much matter if you like the watch. I hope that the retail price reflects the position of the watch though in comparison to the Eterna. While the Porsche Design name is worth more on a watch then the Eterna name, this is a slightly down-graded watch, so if they charged more than the Eterna KonTiki Diver, it just wouldn't feel right. Look for the Porsche Design P'6780 Diver watch this summer.

Assuming the size does jive with you, then you'll be happy to hear about the rest of its details. The bezel is polished steel, while the rest of the watch is in a satin finish. Sapphire crystal with very good AR coating, and the environmental resistance that Sinn watches are known for (suitable for low pressure environments, OK between -45 t0 80 degrees Celsius, and water resistant to 100 meters).

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Omega Speedmaster Grey Side of the Moon

Bid now Casio Dee & Ricky G-Shock GA110DR-1A Watch Watch Releases
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Casio Dee & Ricky G-Shock GA110DR-1A Watch Watch Releases
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Casio Dee & Ricky G-Shock GA110DR-1A Watch Watch Releases
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Breguet Type XX Aéronavale Limited Edition Watch For 2010 Watch Releases

A few days ago the plastic bottle boat successfully made it to its location in Australia. I believe the voyage took over 3 months. It was not likely an easy ride... as the Plastiki was the epitome of bare bones accommodations.  Amazing that it was able to sustain 6 people for that long. I am really curious about being able to ask them questions about the trip. I am sure they are all loving each other after being so close for that long. The leader of the voyage was Daniel de Rothschild, who was likely nicknamed "dirty Daniel" somewhere along the way, given that the Plastiki has no showering or cleaning facilities on board.

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Rolex Daydate Replica Exhibition

People tend to be very impressed with the Modern Chronograph, and I think Maurice de Mauriac is going to have a hard time keeping their boutique feel as their popularity grows. That is a challenge for them, but their watches are very impressive, especially for the price. Value conscious fans of Swiss watches will appreciate that the Modern Chronograph, as configured here goes for about ,600 - even with the rose gold bezel. The collection starts at under ,000, and gets up to about ,500 in all gold. Oh, and for those who enjoy the look, you can get a Modern Chronograph with a white or black diamond studded bezel.

My IWC Da Vinci Ceramic Chronograph Watch Article On Announcements

The first of the three models is the Ananta Automatic Chronograph. This is likely to be the most popular of the three models. It features one of the highest quality and best featured mechanical chronograph movements on the market in this price range. Inside the watch is the Seiko caliber 8R28 automatic movement. This movement is used in a few other Seiko watches (such as the Phoenix Brightz), but almost none of those are available in the US. One exception was a limited edition of 200o piece Seiko Velatura watch (ref. SRQ001) that has the 8R28 movement in it. Though it came out in 2008 and was priced higher at ,800. Thus, if you want this cool movement, you'll basically need to get it in this watch (unless you are in Japan!). The piece is available in two versions. With a black dial and bezel on a black crocodile strap, and one with the Ananta's awesome metal bracelet with a steel toned bezel (in steel of course), and a steel toned frame around the chronograph minute counter (opposed to a black one). The look of the watch is very handsome, and you will love the depth of the dial. The tri-compax chronograph subdial array is a traditional look, and it has a diagonally positioned date window between 4 and 5 o'clock. The sharp katana hands have lume on them, and there are lume squares applied on the watch flange chapter ring.

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IWC Replica Schaffhausen Portugieser Chronograph Rattrapante is back!

You have to understand that this isn't merely a red tinted or colored sapphire crystal, the actual crystal itself has that red color to it. On the edges of the crystal you can see the rich red tone, and the dial itself is hued in red a bit as a result of the red lens. Of course, the hands and hour markers that are already red have enhanced colors due to the red sapphire crystal.

See Tissot T-Touch watches on Amazon here.Tissot Sailing-Touch Watch Watch Releases

Tissot Sailing-Touch Watch Watch Releases
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Tissot Sailing-Touch Watch Watch Releases
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Tissot Sailing-Touch Watch Watch Releases
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