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Still in times of countless company shutdowns, I can't help but be a bit sad. Almost everyday now I hear about more and more watch companies laying off people, with a few that will inevitably shut altogether. It is sad to have those easy targets you like to abuse go away all together. Loss is always sad, and I have to admit nothing is reassuring about any company having to close down. Perhaps in the future, when the economy is better, the Pontiac car brand will raise from the dead like Jason in all those Halloween horror movies.

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Vintage Pontiac Nageur Wristwatch gold plated 60s Flexible Bracelet
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Mysteries are things you can't unravel in your mind. Knowledge of origin is key to dispelling an enigma, and the pathway to appreciation. You can't have passion for something you don't really understand. I began my love of watches ignorant of what went into making most watches. True timepiece appreciation can only come when you really know what goes into constructing watches. It gives you the ability to evaluate the high quality from the mainstream, and foresight to look beyond the dial.

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Romain Jerome Titanic DNA Tourbillon Steampunk Ala Grande Limited Edition Watch

Romain Jerome Titanic DNA Tourbillon Steampunk Ala Grande Limited Edition Watch

Wow, I did not expect to see something so bold from Blancpain this year. This is a totally new route for their diving watches. At first I was torn about the look (didn't see to be much more than what Invicta could come up with), but then I began to appreciate the more subtle items. Retained are the sapphire crystal tops on the rotating bezel (such a nice feature by the way), and new are the hands, and the face. The hands are really designed for perfect legibility in both light and dark situations, not one or the other which is sometimes the fact. They also remind me of torpedoes. I think that is intentional. The wild looking lume on the face is also fucntion, and not just for show. Somehow, it seems to make the watch easy to read in the dark when you aren't used to simply using the hands.

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Opera is not a dying artform; it's a return to a civilized way of living. For me, watches share the same sense of refinement and elegance. They recreate, beautifully, the gift of time.

Watch Talk with David Pittsinger : Opera Singer - Broadway Star - Watch Collector ABTW Interviews
Pittsinger's 1950s Omega Tank Watch

If I wasn't a prior fan of the Watchmen graphic novel, I might have thought that this was the perfect "watch" superhero movie. Come on "watch men." It would have been too good to be true with heroes like "The Human Main Spring," "Clockimedes," and the "Chronographer."  Villains might be the "Tickler," "Quartz Madness," and the "Asian Counterfeiter" (I did just humor myself there).  They call Watchmen the most "celebrated graphic novel" of all time. That may be true in some circles, but I prefer to think of Watchmen as graphic novel that celebrates the comic genre. Writer Alan Moore and artist David Gibbons said it was "unfilmable -" but it wasn't, and they did, and they did it well. If you haven't seen Watchmen

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Ralf Tech WRX Perlage Dial Diving Watch Wrist Time Reviews These are hardcore diving watches at heart. Water resistant to a healthy 400 meters, that 47.5mm wide watches have a very thick 6mm sapphire crystal that is doubly coated with anti-reflective coating. The cases are chunky with a completely protected crown, and large bezel that can be operated with gloves on. The styling of the watch is pure function without being ugly. I like the large Super LumiNova covered hands and widely separated number markers. These are going to be great for low light usage. You'll noticed that the line offers various color treatment that are white, black, blue, or orange. These are for style or underwater visibility. There is an available rubber strap, but the standard strap is a high quality stamped leather strap with a deployment or buckle clasp. With nice looks and fair pricing (even though they have a silly name), I am going to give the Ralf Tech WRX diver watch line my aBlogtoRead.com Seal of Approval award. Now they just need to have wider US presence an English language watch website.

For a more sporty dad or grad, try out the Tissot T Race watch. Tissot is a great brand for a solid, democratically priced watches that last a long time. A watch like this would definitely transition from interview/boardroom to happy hour/sports night. And at 5, it really is a perfectly priced gift.

A Watch Gift Guide for Dads and Grads Watch Buying
Tissot Race Chronograph

Piaget limelight

Time Tutelary One Watch Winder Review: Affordably Gets Job Done Without Fuss Luxury Items

Orient Racing Automatic CFT00004B Power Reserve Semi-Skeletonized Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Three versions of the watch will be available. In titanium with an all black version with DLC coated titanium. There will also be a pink gold version available. Combining DLC coating and titanium is an excellent combination of materials as DLC is very hard and scratch resistant, while titanium is also very hard, but light. The three models are the A1047/1, A1047/2, and the A.5006/1. My choice pick is the A1047/1 with its dark tones and potent red seen between the spinning turbine blades. The natural rubber straps are secured with matching titanium butterfly deployments. Also notice that the Perrelet signature on the sapphire crystal is likely applied to the crystal itself. Look for the Perrelet Turbine watch collection to be available soon around October 2009.

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The quartz chronograph movement is likely a Ronda, as Xemex has been known to use their movements in the past. The functionality is simple and straight forward, but it is the interesting design direction for Xemex that interests me. The entire watch is focused around the asymmetrical case, with a lot of it leaning toward the pushers. This concept is not new (though it is for Xemex). Asymmetrical cases like this have been showing up since the 1960s. In the 1980s, Seiko was playing with similar designs a lot. This watch features a lot of those ideas with the Xemex twist. Frankly, the design is not a Xemex as it could be. The logo, seconds hand, and hour markers are pretty iconically Xemex, but the rest isn’t. For instance, parts of the case and the main hands of the watch remind me more of Panerai than Xemex. Few companies other than Xemex can pull off this bold of a yellow face, which is also luminescent. The face is also available in white and black, in addition to the yellow. The strap is rubber with a steel deployment clasp.

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Patek Philippe Nautilus

The newest AskMen.com watch review by me is up. This time it is on an unusual suspect, a TW Steel watch - a maker whose claim to fame is being in the business of 'big watches' (literally). The TW 1 model is part of the "Canteen" collection. It was not until I was almost done with the review that I realized the reason for the name. It has to do with the protective diver's crown. Read and you'll see if you still don't get it. Being so used to what the crown is actually for, it took me a while to realize it. Goes to show that the people in marketing at TW Steel are either not big watch aficionados, of can think outside the box really well.

This is a good article to read for anyone who has an interest in design classics as well as a bit of history behind them. Watches are a range of items that have many classic designs. These designs fit into two areas, ones that are classics because they look good, and others because they function well. The best designs do both. I wrote this article as a preview of a new line of books from Phaidon Press, and covered just five of many modern design classic watches that will be featured in the upcoming books.

Inside is a modified automatic Valjoux 7750 movement. In addition to the Diapal system, the seconds dial has been removed and a GMT hand has been added. The Diapal version has a different colored dial than the standard 756 watch without the lube free movement. The watch comes on Sinn's high quality steel bracelets a both the 43mm wide case and bracelet are specially hardened tegimented steel. I really want ones of these watches myself someday.

Skagen 355XLSSB Steel Collection Watch Review: Distinctly Danish Wrist Time Reviews

One of my favorite watch makers from a novelty standpoint is Van Cleef & Arpels. There is always a little bit of magic in their watches. In the video, the current philosophy behind the brand's watches is made very clear. Essentially they admit that people need watches less today (than in the past) to tell the time, as we can rely on phones and computers. However, luxury watches are still valued for what they call "whimsical complications." To this degree, art becomes as important as function in a watch - and the degree of creativity imbued in their line up is intriguing.

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Suunto Triathalon Collection t6c Red Arrow & t3c Black Arrow Watches

Suunto Triathalon Collection t6c Red Arrow & t3c Black Arrow Watches

Awesome Ernst Benz Chronoflite GMT Watch Watch Releases

As you may know, Zenith is a brand that I am very fond of. They take risks and have the history to back these risks up. While the trend of women wearing men's watches has been growing, Zenith was one of the first to embrace and encourage this. And, always to be one step ahead, Zenith has also created many designs with a more masculine yet edgy feel for women. Instead of just making models smaller for a woman's wrist, the designs are tailored more to the taste of a truly modern woman.

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Oddly enough, you need to go to Ralf Tech's dedicated watch site, because their regular site has no mention of their watches. Oh, and their watch site is only in French. Honestly, a lot of their watches are really cool, but I am going to focus on just one right now from their WRX line (Subaru is gonna be pissed about that one) of watches. The main pictured watch is awesome because it has a perlage polished aluminum face. There is also a matte polished (is that an oxymoron?) aluminum face version. Perlage polish creates that pattern of overlapping polished circles that is highly reminiscent of high grade machinery. I've never see this type of polish applied to such an affordable watch, and never to a diving watch yet. If we are lucky, this trend will take root and slowly move in on the reign of carbon fiber faced watch that have absolutely saturated the market.

Breitling Airwolf Raven Chronograph SuperQuartz Watch Watch Releases

The movements all start with base materials. That material is mostly an alloy called German Silver, which does not actually contain any silver. The alloy is a mix of nickel, copper, and zinc. It is favored as being durable while workable, and because it oxidizes nicely with a slight yellow tint. The German Silver comes to Lange in round plates or little rectangles, almost everything is based on originating from these plates. If another material is needed in the movement (such as gold) it too comes in some base plate form if it is to be machined at the Lange Uhren.