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All of the above elements come together in a very appealing package with a distinctly special wrist presence (perhaps unsurprisingly, given it's a Patek). Thanks to the accessible size of the case and the design of the bracelet, comfort is excellent and you certainly won't forget that you're wearing a Patek, much less a steel Nautilus. For those of you reading this and feeling as though you prefer the 5980 chronograph, it's time to call your dealer because the 5990 is going to replace the 5980, ending its eight year production run.

While the 8X82 still has the "one-touch" operation that allowed for a remarkably easy use of the GPS function, it now also incorporates a 6 hour chronograph, a decision which necessitated the use of a tri-compax dial layout. It will take some extended on-the-wrist time to judge how the new watches perform in terms of readability and wearing comfort on a day-to-day basis, but what we can already say is that despite this modification, the dials on the Seiko Astron retained their superb three-dimensional look and depth. Speaking of aesthetics, let's see what else did Seiko manage to achieve during these two years since the Seiko Astron's 2012 debut.

Different Rolex models are more, or less popular, in different parts of the world. In the United States, the Rolex Cellini has certainly been among the least popular Rolex pieces because the US is primarily a sport watch or at least casual watch market. The Rolex Cellini is very distinctly a formal dress watch, that in the US has been mostly over-looked because our dress watch market is dominated by Rolex Datejust and Rolex Day/Date watches. Not to mention the fact that in the US it is completely acceptable to wear a Rolex Submariner with a suit. So where has Rolex taken this new Cellini family?

It can be argued that mechanical watches possess more charm, but electronic watches are certainly more accurate, affordable and functional. In this post we cover what is, in our view, the top 10 most technically important electronic watches.

So in addition to watches like the Autodromo Prototipo Chronograph and Veloce, Autodromo also offers sunglasses and driving gloves. These happen to be the Autodromo Stringback Driving gloves, and while they aren't cheap at 5, they are instant winners in my book for warmth, comfort, and offering finger dexterity. Putting them on and enjoying the experience made for a good beginning to learning about the brand and reviewing the Autodromo Prototipo Chronograph collection.

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Citizen Eco-Drive Promaster Aqualand BJ2128-05E Depth Meter Watch Review

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Swiss Made Mechanical movement Soprod A10-2 "Execution Top"
Automatic winding 25 jewels
Custom decorations Blue screws and Rhodium plated finish
42-hour power reserve when fully wound
Fine tuning "Assortment Chronometer"
Shock protection Incabloc
Adjusted to five positions

47mm wide in a steel case, the Son of a Gun is more industrial than it is luxury in terms of construction. The bezel has an insert (either copper or 18k red gold) that is meant to look like cross-hairs, which has ended up being a rather successful hallmark feature of the collection. The large case is simple, yet distinct and feels nice on the wrist. While there is a hand-made feel to the entire timepiece, it has a very demanding and actually fun appeal to it. It doesn't at all feel like something perfect and incredibly refined such as something would you have seen come out of Rolex, but it feels much more personal and authentic from an artistic perspective. That is probably because it is exactly that - more like time telling art than a purist time telling tool.

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Geneva-based AkriviA is one of the more recently established independent haute horlogerie brands with a foundation that goes back to the now defunct innovative BNB Concept movement maker and designer. Being an independent in the world of modern watch making means the brand in question is not related to luxury groups or major watch manufactures. While there are a number of trade-offs to be made - such as lack of vast financial and technological resources - one of the major advantages is that their engineers, designers, and watchmakers are not bound by the strict and heavily moderated design philosophies that exist at larger more established brands.

It did the job, and helped pull Rolex through to the other side of the quartz crises, where it emerged in an era that had begun to embrace the mechanical timepiece as a nostalgic luxury. From there, Rolex went from strength to strength, carried by its unique heritage and unprecedented marketing techniques. Some may say the Rolex Submariner is the by-product of an enormous advertising spend, while others might say it's a legend of its time, and both would be right. As its incredible residual values, massive media exposure and huge popularity demonstrates, when it comes to dominating the market, little else comes close.

As of late, world timer and GMT watches have really captured my attention, and I've had the pleasure of checking out quite a few different ones from different brands as well. While I still think I prefer the tried-and-true method of a secondary GMT hand, there is something alluring about the use of a world city disk that allows you to see the time in any of the main 24 time zones around the world at a glance.

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While I will be focusing on the steel version, the Tropik was also available in a bronze version with a fixed sterile bezel and distinct dial colors. The Tropik B was released first and has since sold out (as is the case with most of Halios' watches). There will be a new 2014 version of the Tropik B with new dial colors, so if you missed out on the first batch, follow Halios on Facebook to get an idea of when the 2014 Tropik B will be available. The Tropik SS in black has also sold out, but a second production run is slated for Q2 2014. 

Last is the Omega Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon Tron, which as its namesake a implies in inspired by the world of the 1982 science fiction film. Niklas in particular likes the colors and how the traditional world of a timeless design can be combined with modern aesthetic elements. These are all very interesting "watch what-if" versions of the Omega Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon.

Rounding things out (for readouts) you've got a power reserve display smack on top of the 10 o'clock marker. Which reminds me - isn't this watch supposed to tell time as well? It does, though I'll admit it took me a bit to figure out how it was doing so. With the dial as busy as it is, the short blued hands (which are pointed to 8:15) disappear a bit on the dial. Which is a bit of a shame, considering the case is pretty massive (54 x 59mm), so one could hope for a slightly larger handset that makes it easier to read the time.

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As you've probably figured out by now, it's all in the name here: The story behind the Mutewatch's birth is that founder Mai-Li Hammargren was looking for a way of getting up early in the morning without waking her boyfriend with a regular snooze alarm. Its silent ('mute') alarm works by causing the case to vibrate, which should, ideally, keep your partner sound asleep and your relationship intact. Of course, there are plenty of other scenarios where the same function will come in handy, too, allowing you to keep up your own working rhythm without disturbing anyone else in your proximity. For these reasons, the Mutewatch has occasionally been described as a 'time management tool' rather than 'just' a watch.

Unlike most watches, the crown doesn't pull out. Ulysse Nardin opted for a crown with a built in pusher that cycles through functions such as winding, setting the time, or setting the date. There is a crown selection indicator on the dial. As far as I can recall this is the first time I've seen Ulysse Nardin do this. When I saw the Stranger, the music box function was still being tweaked. It worked just fine, but Ulysse Nardin wasn't yet happy with the volume of the sound it produced.

The Runwell Chrono also comes on a rather nice stainless steel bracelet. This changes the look of the watch a good deal, as we're more accustomed to seeing Shinola pieces on leather straps. It looks like they've given the end link a slight curve, which helps to reduce the gap from the edge of the case to where the bracelet starts up, along with leaving the lug attachment flexible (whereas a fixed endlink would not). The 5-link bracelet is polished (just like the watch case), and has a signed deployant clasp that creates a smooth outer surface under your wrist.

Nevertheless, the Hydroscaph is still undeniably cool, modern, durable, and again comfortable. So it isn't as though I am waiting for Clerc to actually fix any problems. But you know, when it comes to wild watches we always want more right? There is one issue I do have though. Clerc uses the same Hydroscaph case for the H1 as it does for its chronograph and other models, such as the GMT (hands-on review here). For those other models I get why the case is on the thicker side - given the size of the movement. While it would have cost a lot of R&D money and perhaps have changed the water resistance, would it perhaps have been a good idea to produce a thinner version of the Hydroscaph for this three-hand version? A slimmer three-hand dive watch would be very much appreciated - especially with these cool looks.

From Garmin's website, this looks to also be a wearable watch coming in at 49mm diameter and 17mm high. The display size is 31mm with a resolution of 70x70 pixels. The display type is transflective monochrome with negative LCD mode. All this comes in at a manageable 82g with a lithium-ion rechargeable battery that will last up to 50 hours in GPS mode and 2 weeks in sensor only mode. If you wear it simply as a watch then you get five weeks wearable time. The watch is also water resistant to 50m and has a USB interface for charging and downloading and uploading data, e.g., firmware updates.

As a manufacture, Zenith does a fantastic job of balancing a fresh modern collection with selection of historically inspired timepieces, for which they have also received accolades. As a die-hard vintage watch fan, I am particularly fond of these lines, and there are a number of beautiful pieces to love from the Captain, Heritage, and Pilot’s collections. Still, it isn’t very often that a modern piece (even one with vintage inspiration) completely takes my breath away– but that is exactly what happened last month when the new El Primero 410 Triple Calendar was presented to me at the Zenith hospitality suite in Geneva.

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