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The Richemont executive countered almost slyly, pointing out that their hesitations about taking the upcoming brand less than seriously might not be merited. Having no stake in the new brand, they nodded their head seriously and mentioned that the Ralph Lauren pieces would be serious watches. Everyone there seemed to be curious about how it would go.

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Hamilton went and made the case of the Hamilton Khaki Navy Pioneer interesting as well. The limited edition version is 46.5mm wide in steel, and has a great looking coined edge bezel and attached lug structure. I like the looped lugs with the case style as well as the light brown leather strap. It looks very handsome on the wrist. Inside the limited edition version of the watch is a manually wound Swiss ETA UNITAS 6498 movement. Hamilton uses a decorated mid range version of the 6498 that can be seen in the case when you detach it from the strap module.

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The last two models are in the Harry Winston Midnight Limited Edition Shanghai ladies collection. Here the appeal is in the dial designs. Each of these two models draw inspiration from a traditional Shanghai (and Chinese) residential architectural structure called a Shikumen. These buildings are highly coveted in modern Shanghai and are kept intact as much as possible by the local people. The design of the dials on these two watch mirror elements of the structure's overall layout, as well as aesthetic elements found in many of them.

Inside of the RGM 801 Aircraft is their in-house made caliber 801 manually wound movement. At first glance you'll notice the excellent finishing of the beautiful mechanism. Most of the watch's value is in the movement and RGM does not let you down. Distinct from Swiss movements, the caliber 801 feels inspired from old pocket watch movements. It has 19 jewels and operates at 18,000 beats per hour. According to RGM, you can get it in a rhodium or gold plated finish. The large blued screws and red synthetic rubies are a highlight of the movement's design. Price for the RGM 801 Aircraft watch is ,400.

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Citizen discussed little in terms of how the Eco-Drive Nova watch actually works. Set on display with accompanying videos, they instead preferred to show off the concept and let us guess for ourselves. The watch itself comes in black or white with a large dial, integrated strap, and large domed sapphire crystal over the face. An impressively sized crown is included to remind you that it is indeed a timepiece.

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If I have any negative feelings about this watch is that the gold links will scratch.  Mine did, ever so slightly after I wore it the very first time.  Of course, this proneness to scratches is one of the consequences of wearing a gold watch (the material is relatively soft, compared to steel) and since I love the look of the watch so much, every blemish is accentuated in my eyes.

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Clever business practices allowed Jaquet Droz to gain access to high families and royalty. I believe his first major audience was with the Spanish court and royal family. So impressed were they with his work that he was able to fund months (if not years) of work with their orders. Jaquet Droz knew that the perception of his skill and ability to impress was key to his success. In order to do this he would create wonderful performance pieces meant to add value to his more standard creations. This is where the androids came in.

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The enamel dial on the gold model is lovely with its shine and deep black color. While the standard model is more utilitarian and true to the Speedmaster theme, Omega wanted to dress up the gold and platinum versions a bit. Other than those minor differences, a review of this model should apply to any of the new Omega Speedmaster Co-Axial Chronograph watches.

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According to a few people at Jaquet Droz, the Grande Seconde has always been a controversial piece for them. Some people love it, and others don't. One issue some people have had is that it doesn't necessarily fit into the brand's current DNA. There is nothing wrong with that. Some of the coolest watches around don't necessarily fit in the aesthetic DNA set forth by their brand siblings.

Of all of the world's many thousands of hotels, very few ever become an icon for the city or country in which they are based. Consider Haiti's Hotel Oloffson, Dubai's Burj Khalifa (as seen in MI4: Ghost Protocol) or the Bellagio Hotel of Las Vegas. These are hotels that have become international set pieces and back drops that make up part of the visual mindscape that many people have for locations that they may have never visited. Some hotels are so longstanding that they can become a pillar for global tourism in their area. Singapore's premiere example of this is the Raffles Hotel, which will soon be celebrating its 125th anniversary and will mark the occasion with a series of specially engraved Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso watches.

"First of all, sorry for the long wait for the review, I was very busy lately, and also wanted to spend some time with the watch so I could write an honest opinion about it. In the two months since I got the watch, I enjoyed it very much.

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When it comes to using bits of historical aviation equipment in the physical construction of a watch, it would seem Bremont has some competition, and from Germany no less. We have showed you watches from Bavaria Crono in the past and today's watch features a handmade dial which uses original metal from the last known Fock-Wulf FW 200 Condor. The Condor was a very advanced (for its time) commercial airplane and is known for being the first airplane to travel from Berlin to New York without stopping.

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The dial color choice is in tribute to the legendary (in France) French Foreign Legion and the olive drab coloring they utilized for their uniforms. I think you'll agree that a March LA.B AM3 is not the first watch which comes to mind when imagining military-inspired limited editions, but I think they have pulled it off nicely and that this limited edition has a distinct appeal that still works within the aesthetic of the AM3 line up. The AM3 Legionnaire will be available exclusively through Collete for €2490 (~30 USD) and with only five units being produced, it's safe to say that March LA.B has guaranteed a high level of exclusivity for this truly unique and cool version of the AM3.

Mastercard Paypass uses a technology called EMV which is the result of a collaboration between Europay, Mastercard and Visa. This contactless payment system is not NFC (Near Field Communication) based but rather relies on its own platform. The watch-borne side of the equation is a small chip that is powered passively by the vendor's reader and then communicates via RFID in a similar manner to credit cards that have the modern "chip and pin" system. Unfortunately, the Watch2pay relies on a connection to a Mastercard prepaid account and not a traditional credit account. Not only will this account need to be pre-loaded with funds, but the Watch2pay can only authorize payments of up to . Larger purchases or scenarios where a Paypass terminal is not available will need to be done with the included traditional Mastercard Prepaid card. The upside is that you can use the watch as a sort of pre-paid gift card gift.

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Shelby partnered with David Yurman for a special limited edition version of their Revolution sport watch called the David Yurman Revolution Shelby 1000 Limited Edition. Actually there are two versions of the watch. One is strictly limited, and the other will have a "limited production." The cool watch gracefully embodies the spirit of the Cobra and the famous sport's marque. Other brands such as MARCH LA.B have worked with Shelby before. This one however is specially made for the Shelby 1000 and the 50th anniversary of the car maker. At the same time it can live alone as a cool Shelby Cobra themed chronograph.

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Watches are relatively new for the brand and their watch collection falls under the Nero Uno family. Which is also the name of one of their most popular writing instrument collections. The timepieces are nice, and positioned as good looking entry-level luxury pieces. Here, I explore a collector's set that includes a Nero Uno Automatic watch, Nero Uno roller ball pen, and Nero Uno cuff-links. The set does come in a really nice presentation box. As an interesting note, according to Montegrappa's CEO, matching sets like this for men's items are particularly popular in the Middle East.

This version of the V Series watch is the V3, also called the V3 Phantom. Watches like this have black cases, black dials, black indicators, and black straps. Pretty much everything in some shade of black. What LUM-TEC did was use a tinted sapphire crystal over the dial to create the black-on-black look. A nice touch is how the sapphire crystal over the movement on the caseback has the same tinted effect. As I mentioned above, while the dial is all dark tones, it is still very legible. A high point is the lume. LUM-TEC produces their own lume called "MDV" (Maximum Darkness Visibility), which glows brightly after being charged by light. You can see how all the indexes and hands are lume coated - even the thin seconds hand.